Sell shards of unwanted characters

Please consider allowing the selling of shards of characters that are unwanted. I was looking forward to finally getting rid of unwanted character shards in lieu of character shards I need/want.


  • Exactly why should I have to Max out and Ewok Scout to be able to then sell more shards of his that I had to farm. It takes too much time and energy to actually use this so called shard shop.
  • i agree with you totally! It must be possible to sell not wanted characters. Perhaps i think it must be a possibility to deactivate unwanted characters to sell the whole unwanted characters.
  • +1

    even with the possibility that a toon I don't use now becoming a necessary part of an event team (or similar) I'd still opt for "selling" them for shards in the shard shop and/or credits
  • +1

    Only way to make the shop relevant.
  • Rie_Fu
    33 posts Member
    There are characters (no matter how many stars) which I'd exchange even for a single shard of a useful character.
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