The Republic: Fun, Yet Coordinated Community of 11 US/EU guilds up to 45 LS/47 DS

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The REPUBLIC is a vibrant, game-leading community with a rich history. We are a family of 11 guilds with diverse rosters (all farming hSTR). We welcome players of all backgrounds and ages from around the world. We are regular leaders in HAAT and HPit raids and are consistently growing in our TB and TW performance.

Tired of losing TW? Tired of not getting enough stars in TB? Want an Active Guild which farms sith heroic? Do you want to be in a progressive guild where the members help one another improve? Do you want to know all about new game content as it comes out? Do you want to reap the rewards of being a part of a winning guild? Stop by our discord server and have a chat, some of our guilds are even on the top 100 in TW and TB. We are a fun and helpful community which strives to keep every member happy with the progress.

Our minimum requirements are:

1. minimum of 2.8 million GP

2.The toons needed for LS/DS TB and toons required for heroic sith.

3. profile

4. discord account

5. 600 tickets per day

6. Fun and friendly attitude

Guilds in The Republic:

Naboo (US) 190+ 45LS/47DS

Jedha (US) 180+ 44LS/47DS

Korriban (US) 180+ 45LS/47DS

Mandalore (EU) 180+ 44LS/47DS

Corellia (US) 180+ 44LS/47DS

Kessel (US) 170+ 43LS/45DS

Endor (US) 170+ 44LS/46DS

Scariff (APAC) 160+ 43LS/46DS

Dagobah (US) 160+ 43LS/46DS

Ahch-To (EU) 150+ 43LS/46DS

Csilla (US) 150+ 43LS/46DS

If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of, and thrive in, visit us at and let us know!

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