looking back since you started playing


  • Ztyle
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    "Nerf Dooku counter attack it's way to OP"
    usually followed by the comment
    "Dooku the Noob slayer strikes again"
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  • You need lumi lead, counselor and another healer to be viable in the arena
  • Ultra wrote: »
    CG when will you fix Teebo's stealth bug!

    Omg, I forgot about this. Did they ever fix it? Lol.
  • I’m running the best characters in arena:
    Luminara (L)
    Qui gon
    Royal guard
    Darth Sidious
    All maxed out at level 70, gear 7.

    Also, arodium packs.
  • Also the reason I like this game is because it doesn’t take much time to play. Just a few light side and dark side battles and cantina and then I’m done for the day. I wonder if force awakens will impact the game at all..
  • mesa176750 wrote: »
    Mace Windu's shatter point is OP.

    This. Definitely this.
  • Coming soon™ or "August"
  • Here's two for the price of one...
    Having completed my 7* Clone squad, being really frustrated that the zMaul team in the final Galactic War battle took out my entire roster.
  • Strubz wrote: »
    My first arena team was HK-47 lead, IG-88, IG-86 with QGJ for dispel and Luminara for heals. I thought I had it all figured out :smile:

    Also originally if you remember, there was no such thing as protection. You only had health. I remember when protection was first added I thought what the heck, this looks so cluttered and I can't figure out how much health the enemy has left.

    Right?? Protection threw me off for a while. And when mods came out and I saw the difference between modded and un-modded characters I thought “there’s no way they could make something this OP”.
  • Oh yeah, people haaaaated protection when it first rolled out. Imagine if we had known about *bonus* protection.
  • HK22
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    Whoa, I can get extra shards of Scarif Rebel Pathfinder from the store using ally points, neat. (Not bronziums, but a special promotion pack)

    Talia being the damage dealer on my CW Chewie team.
  • HK22 wrote: »
    Whoa, I can get extra shards of Scarif Rebel Pathfinder from the store using ally points, neat. (Not bronziums, but a special promotion pack)

    Talia being the damage dealer on my CW Chewie team.

    CW Chewie, Talia, Jedi Counselor, Ahsoka Tano, and DN are clearly the best toons in the game. They are making up all of my arena right now! (Feb '17 shard here)
    I'm that one guy who did that one thing! Maybe?
  • Damodamo wrote: »
    What’s the one/few things you look back at and laugh about saying now..my faves..

    Danger zone teams are literally the best thing..
    Cls is the end of every other toon
    Bb8/jtr are pointless and I’m not farming for them

    Anyone else?

    *laughs at this player's short-sightedness*
  • Remember when you couldn't accurately tell your ship's survivability in game?
  • Ultra
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    The best controversial topics are dividing the playerbase against itself by platform wars

    Android gets Wedge Ship and Apple gets Biggs ship for free

    Android gets a 7* K2 with 500 crystals

    Forest Moon Apple Exclusive event
  • Soon I'll be able to make some progress in arena.
  • Why would anybody farm Old Ben.
    I don't have time for mods. They don't matter much anyway.
  • BalecGonJinn
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    twstdbydsn wrote: »
    I’m going to farm my favorite movie characters and who cares if they’re good in game....

    You get that Rose Tico!! :P

    Ha! Not only no...she’s sitting at the bottom with no gear or levels...my mistake was Mace and Fulcrum. At least Fulcrum is cooler now with Yoda. I did do good by working Ashoka and Asajj.

    My most “stupid” thought was...I need them all activated. And then I can level them up for for GP and then I can gear them at least to the level of number of stars...yeah. Quit that when kotor came out.
  • LukeDukem8
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    Looking back I would not have spent one dime on this game, since now anyone who spent $300 last month to get Revan can walk up to the #1 spot in Arena (even with crappy mods.

    Could have saved myself a lot of money if I had known this was the direction the game was going.

    In the spirit of the thread "I will only spend $50 this month..that should be fine"

  • "Grievous is so hard to get, he must be awesome."
  • “Let the tournaments begin”
  • Fives5555
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    I won’t spend any money. I’ll be 100% f2p
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