The relevance of speed in galaxy of heroes

As I've been playing now for about 2 years(?) give or take I've always been a little confused about mods and their effectiveness. First it was all about speed and being able to attack first and deal the most damage whereas more recently since the chewie legendary event potency is more important but with all of this craziness I'm lost on what's more important. While I am familiarizing myself with switching mod sets I'm still not sure what is most important when it comes to getting the most out of mods. I tend to aim for speed and whatever is recommended by the mod selection option for each character but I feel lost at times. Any recommendations as to what I should focus on?


  • I think speed is obviously king but its nice to build up a mod inventory of different sets with high speed primaries for when theyre needed for certain characters. Bounty hunters potency crit damage for others etc
  • It really depends on both the character and the scenario you are modding for. And with a few notable exceptions, speed is always good. We're just getting to a point that the other stats matter too - a random collection of mods selected only for speed secondary stats may no longer be the best route to take.
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  • Speed is life.
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