New 7-day crystal package

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edited December 2015
It's unimpressive. Basically half as good as the 21-day one was.
If they had kept offering the 21-day one I'd have bought it continuously. This one, well, maybe. It's only 5 bucks. But it's not nearly as tempting.
Really, I am having a hard time even motivating myself to buy crystals at this point. I'll be at hard cap by the weekend after this one, and a few extra energy refills won't change that. I refuse to buy lottery-ticket chromium packs. And shipment shards are severely overpriced.
I can get into the top 10 in PvP but rarely the top 5 because they are dominated by serious $$$ players.
So what is there even for me to spend crystals on?
EA is not doing a very good job enticing people like me to give them money.
Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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