LF Fleet Shard Mates: bazza, LuTniX, Fortti, Molla, no one, Achillias, Auni, Nevur Vuusen, HTJ

Not sure if there is a discord group out there, but I am looking for my fleet shard mates. If there isnt one, maybe we can start one up. My game name is JaviB OG.

Name - Guild
bazza - Guards of the old republic
LuTniX - Polish grand masters
Fortti - Imperio barbosa
Molla - 4PDA Jakku
no one - Galaktyczni zbojcerze
Achillias - dark order austria
Auni - Titans of chaos
Nevur Vuusen - Jedis grises
HTJ - ArchSithCode
ProSith 2121 - Polish wing
Eugeal - iCloud
Belargos - BRG Hope
Zoltan - Lightsaber kings
Cockish McChode - Scruffy nerd herd3rs
Dem Allende - La tribue
Chewbaccanator - American astromechs
Prophet - Dutch elite


  • Some new additions to the top players:
    Alexei Jr - Hells Angels MD
    mw - Yodaphone
    2xDaddy - Ballerbruder
    Dinger Bell - All welcome crazy donkey (weird name huh)
  • I recognized Lutnix and Fortti while scrolling through these posts!

    I'm (obviously) Zoltan in game, just cracked the top 10 for the first time in a while (#5!). Too many Hound's Teeth up here.

    As far as I know there isn't a Discord for our shard, though I haven't done much searching. Not really sure what I'd use it for.
  • Congrats on reaching #5!
    The goal is to work together and make sure that we don't screw each other by beating us while we are close to our payouts.
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