Where can i get a custum made plaque?

Im looking to buy a darth nihilus lightsaber. I have a place to get the saber from, and i can find a case. The saber is not a master replica, but it would be nice to get a plaque that looks like one. Also there is someone who is selling a saber that doesnt look like nihilus saber, but he still has a plaque that looks like a MR plaque. He isnt willing to sell just the plaque as far as i know, and the saber doesnt exactly look like nihilus. I asked where he got the plaque done, but he said it was a while ago and he forgot.

I attached the picture of his plaque (the guy who is selling the plaque), and that is pretty much EXACTLY like i would like mine to look like (except without "artist proof: 1/1").


So does anyone here know where i can get a custom done plaque exactly like that?


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