Star Wars Resistance



  • I wouldn't think any of these characters will come unless the show gets big, which I don't think it is yet. I'd love to see the characters though. I'm ready for new episodes. Leaving off where they did is not cool haha.
  • Roken_Fett wrote: »
    Finally caught up and watched the latest episode:

    Still a pretty good show. Geared younger, but still pretty good. The FO actually seems menacing in it. I wonder how long until these toons enter this game. Not to give CG any ideas, but I assume they are coming. I want at red TIE Intercepter and the Red pilot guy. I'll also take the golden trooper, Pyre. Pretty sure that's his name.

    Did Phasma have to miss ALL THOSE SHOTS? Did she? Where did she learn to shoot, ON A FARM? :smile:

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