Hondo & Zillo Beast

These are just some thoughts for the devs, but I know my guild and I would love this. We want Hondo and the pirates in the game. We have tuskens, why can't we have pirates?
Also an idea for another raid is a Zillo beast raid. I personally would've thought this would have been released with TCW last season but I think it needs to be done. Battling such an iconic creature needs to be in the game SOMEWHERE.


  • I would be down for both. This would also be a great opportunity to start putting in faction specific raids. This could maybe be Galactic Republic.
  • There is of course a really long list of characters and beasts that could be added to the game. I am a huge fan of both the Zillo and of Hondo though.
    Maybe instead of saving tickets to launch the raid we could get a special one that auto launches for your guild like an event and we have a limited time to figure it out and drop the creature.
  • I personally searched for Hondo on this forum to see if he was available in the game. I would love to see Hondo in the game as either playable a Scoundrel/Pirate Faction or as a Raid Boss. His character loyalties are always switching, him being an enemy raid boss encounter makes a lot of sense for both dark and light side. He's one of my favorite characters as I wade through my first time watching the Clone Wars series. I see so many others that would make great additions to the game as well.
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