Who to put with Han, OG Chew, and VanChew

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I'm currently running CLS Han OG Chew R2 L3 with decent success. Usually start my climb in the 80-120 range, can get into the top 20 by targeting anyone who doesn't run Revan. But into the top 20 it's usually a wall of Revan so I'm looking for something that can beat Revan at a decent clip, which my current team cannot do.

I just got my VanChew to G11 and thinking of trying him out. Assuming Han and OG Chew are also on the team, which of these options for the other two spots might work the best?

-CLS Nest
-Qi'ra L3
-Qi'ra Nest
-Qi'ra CLS


  • Tbirds01
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    I’d say Qi’ra L3 partly because I’ve tested them and L3 is an awesome underrated tank. Qi’ra is also underrated. I couldn’t say CLS though because I don’t have him. I’ve seen people use Qi’ra, OT chewie, raid Han, L3, and Nest. So no vandor, but you still have a full scoundrel team. I feel like against Jedi nest is mandatory because of her special and basic that ignore foresight, and her dispell on her basic for taunt and tenacity up.
    Just my few cents.
  • TVF
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    I don't think a team without Vandor works against Revan unless you have some other way to deal with mark. When I've tried a few different combos without Vandor, Chew or Han always get marked (or Thrawn if I try him). And then it's over.

    A fast R2 with smokescreen leaving Nest exposed works okay-ish but it doesn't last long enough. And the Revans in my top 20 are over 300 speed so even my 297 speed R2 isn't fast enough to go first anyway.
  • Honestly Ive thought about running a no leader team: RHan Chewie Vandor L3 and Zaalbar. Mess with Zaalbar mods so he and Han should be Guarded. Zaalbar with crit and stun immunity will be nasty and the team may be unkillable. May not have enough damage though.

    The other option that is not listed that may work is Qira and Thrawn.
  • TVF
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    I thought about Thrawn but Van can't revive him. Whenever I use Thrawn he gets marked. Then he dies.

    EDIT: I just realized he can't revive CLS either. So maybe Qi'ra and Nest?
  • VonZant
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    My Nest is only 5* and I havent used her yet. You would not have a tank though. Maybe since tanks dont matter as much against Revan that would be ok.

    I put in my no leader team with a g10 6* Zaalbar. Will see how it holds. I'm at 52 now.
  • I feel that it would be better to go either full rebels or full scoundrels (nest can still be great in either team though). CLS, Raid Han, OG chewie, R2 and nest is probably a bit more viable arena-wise but scoundrels with vandor and L3 is not too shaby either.
  • All aboard the Chew Chew train. Get on board.
  • Run qi'ra and l3 with han and og chew.
  • BrakirKY
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    We have a few CLS Chewie squads in my shard, and they're actually more of a threat to my Jedi than any Traya teams are because of the sheer damage output. The best ones run CLS/Zolo/Chewie/Nest with either thrawn or r2 as the 5th.
    Which 5th you pick is more dependent on who you usually face in arena. Revan squads don't have any issues with getting around or through taunting tanks, so L3 really won't do you much good. Stealth, however, they can't ignore, and thrawn can be used to control Revan or GMY while you kill Jolee if he's present.

    Nest and r2 are very good at anti-jedi duty because she can dispel foresight and still deal damage on counters. With r2 in the mix, you can stealth everyone except Nest to let her soak up the heavy early damage output from Jedi. They don't have an mass dispel, so they'll have to bash at nest until someone comes out of stealth that can be marked or attacked. One tip if you go this route to is make sure you mod nest to have more effective health/prot than chewbacca so that nest is left out of stealth instead of chewbacca. Remember to add in r2's number crunch bonuse to chewie's stats.

    If you have more sith squads ( Traya or EP lead), thrawn will be your best bet. Using fracture to control Traya or Sion will make it much easier to pull off a victory. It can sometimes be the only way to keep Sion out of a hatred revive-loop that will lead to a timeout.

    I have Vandy g11 and zetad, so if you'd like I can try a couple test battles if you're interested before you zeta him. I have Qi'ra and L3 also ( g11 and g12 respectively ), but I doubt they'll be better than the other options. Qi'ra is pretty squishy and l3 takes a while to get ramped up fully, and you need to overwhelm a Revan squad with damage quickly or they'll be picked apart.

  • TVF
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    FWIW I have no trouble with any teams other than Revan. L3 is vital to the squad beating Traya, she keeps Chewie alive, otherwise he kills himself from all the assists. And if Chewie is lost there usually isn't enough damage output left. With L3 I almost never lose to Traya.

    The few times I've beaten Revan I've done it with the R2/Nest combo and leaving Nest exposed, but it's very hit and miss. And the bigger problem is that even at 297 speed, my R2 cannot go first against most Revans. A Revan at 260 or higher will go first thanks to the +40 speed bonus.

    Oh and I already zeta'd VanChew for TW.
  • TVF
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    Run qi'ra and l3 with han and og chew.

    This is what I'm going to try once I get more stars on VanChew.
  • I came across a CLS/Chewie/Han team with Bistan in the arena one time and it ruined my day. Frenzy gives him loads of turns, which gives Chewie lots of attacks. If you can get Bistan fast enough to go early on in the match, then you can get a lot of damage in right away and get things going. I would run R2 as the 5th in that scenario because...well...it's R2.
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