I need to transfer my profile from one google account to another

When I first started playing SWGOH I didn't have my own google account and I had to use my mother's. The problem with this is that when you have two google accounts on one phone Google Maps gets confused about which account is the main account. I can log out of my mother's account on Maps which temporarily fixes the problem but whenever I launch SWGOH it logs back into my mother's account. This is a known issue with Maps that Google has indicated they don't intend to fix. I need to transfer my SWGOH account from my mother's account to mine, or else I'll have to stop using my SWGOH profile.

Is there any way to do this? Can support help? The two email addresses include our matching last name, so it should be clear that I'm not trying to sell my profile or do something else shady.

If not, can I find a friend with an iPhone so that I can use the transfer process to move my profile to the iPhone and then use the transfer process a second time to move my profile back to Android but on my own account? Any help is appreciated.


  • Kyno
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    The only way yo do this now is through Facebook. (I believe)
  • The facebook thing is annoying, not sure why they decided to make things harder after only starting to support moving things fairly recently I guess people selling accounts but still). Anyway, you could likely use an android emulator on a pc or mac assuming you access to one of those.
  • I have tried a PC emulator but I'm not a huge fan plus I want to have it on my phone. I am still unclear on what the FB process is could someone explain?
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    This is my other account that was logged in on my phone.
  • thomssi
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    Yeah I meant using the emulator just for the transfer instead of a friends iphone which probably means you would need to open your facebook on it as well, not to use going forward. Sorry, not sure on how the facebook transfer works though.
  • Ok so I did the link to new device trick and it worked thanks for the help hopefully Google or CG fixes this problem in the future.
  • The Facebook link thing?
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