Galaxy of Heroes’ 3rd Anniversary Gift

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Three years ago, we started on an amazing journey with all of you that, thanks to you, continues to this day. In honor of this momentous occasion, we will be sending all players the following rewards on 11/24 as a thank you for playing. Onward, Holotable Heroes!

Anniversary Gift:
  • 20x Zeta Materials
  • 16x Omega Materials
  • 1 Million Credits
  • 1x Mk 3 Carbanti Sensor Array
  • 1x Mk 3 Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuff
  • 20x Mk 2 Pulse Modulators
  • 50x Mk 1 Bonding Pin
  • 50x Mk 1 Fusion Disk
  • 50x Mk 1 Control Chip
  • 50x Mk 1 Fusion Coil
  • 50x Mk 1 Amplifier
  • 50x Mk 1 Capacitor
  • 3x Clone Wars Chewbacca Shards
  • 5x Wicket Shards
  • 10x Raid Han Shards
  • 10x General Kenobi Shards
  • 10x Traya shards
  • 1 Title (Holotable Hero)

Chest of Crystals Bonus:
For a limited time, get 25% more Crystals in the Chest of Crystals bundle in the Store! Limited one-time purchase.

Happy Anniversary!
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