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Let me paint you a little picture: I’m in a medium to large size guild, 140 mill GP consistently dishing out Heroic pit and HAAT. We have been slowly building up people, finally reaching 50/50 people with JTR and above 2 mill gp. We were going to attempt Heroic sith raid Monday, and the last time we did it we almost got through P3.

All is well, spirits are high, we are preparing schedules and attack times on discord, resting up over thanks giving, ready to give it another shot. Last night, one of the newer members asked about raid times, and a veteran officer with two large accounts impatiently shoots down his question. A small row breaks out in the guild chat, with the new member leaving. I and a few others tell the officer to cool it, and I go to sleep, the guild now one man short, but all seemingly well.

I woke up tho morning to an invite from one of the officers and around 8 people left. Turns out the officer found a new guild, and as a parting gift decided to kick every one that wasn’t an officer. It’s been a few hours and very few people have joined back. In the span of a few short hours, our guild lost over one hundred million GP because of some kid with a bad temper.

I’ve talked with a moderator, and there is currently no way to punish someone for this action. I have both ally codes for the rogue officers accounts, and myself and many guild mates have attempted to contact him. He has declined our conversations, and despite many of us reporting him, there is no way to make him pay for his actions or to prevent this in the future.

My guild will likely never recover, and many people have already confirmed that they are bailing. I’m not refusing that it is time to move on, merely suggesting that some measures be taken to prevent this. Maybe kicking someone can be regulated by the guild leader, or can be minimized to only 5 or so people per day. There is no reason to ever kick that many people in such a short amount of time.

If there is anything that can be done about this, please do so to prevent other happy groups of 50 from going broke. If there is any way to make the officer pay for his insolence, please pm me.

And if you have a Heroic sith guild with about 5-10 open slots, please contact me as well. Thank you fo your time.


  • And I should mention we are called TheRebelion... such a shame that we’ll lose that name
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    Wow. That's an absolutely ludicrous story and I'm surprised they won't do anything about it. It highlights a good reason for there to be a limit on the amount of removals in 24 hrs, much like the Guild-hopping limit.

    Say, remove 5 max and then that particular officer can't remove anyone else for 24 hours.
  • That sucks. Sorry to hear about that.

    My guild just completed a merger and just finished our first HSTR. We have 7 open slots that we would love to fill with some HSTR ready players. PM on discord if interested.

    On that note, during the merger I did kick about 20 people in a day, so there is a need to be able to kick that many people at once. Unfortunately there is no way to legislate against jerks...
  • You could easily have workarounds: if, say, 4 Officers are in agreement you could each remove 5. There's your 20. Very doable in discord or even officer-only chat
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