Range trooper and shoretrooper a good combo?

I am in the process of building up my imperial troopers as part of my empire level up project for territory battle/war. Shoretrooper serves as a healer while range trooper offers protection recovery. Are the two troopers any good together?


  • Dwinkelm
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    I don’t have a strong IT squad, but last time I looked around the forums, general consensus is that the Protection Up from Range Trooper is plenty a defensive buff, and most are favoring additional offense/support from other IT and Empire characters instead of having Shore Trooper in there
  • Vendi1983
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    I'm building the same team. Snow, Range, Shore. Purely for TB etc.

    Works excellently in the few events I've been able to test. Plenty of assists and counters. More than makes up the damage difference. And you can't counter a counter or an assist so there's that going for Range too.
  • Jabba
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    You don’t need Shore I have max Troopers use a lot in Tw for NS sometimes Bounty Hunters too. Veers lead Range Trooper Snowtrooper Starck DT . Mine are extremely fast been fortunate with my mods I kill NS in under a min BHs in 2 mins end with full health on everyone .
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