75 MGP Guild in HSTR Prep Mode

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The Force Within Your Wallet
75 million GP

About us:

- 46/50
- Not part of any alliance
- International Guild
- Rotating Raid Start Times

- 2x - 3x weekly HPIT
- ~2x weekly HAAT

- LSTB 32 Stars
- DSTB 32 Stars
- TW 80% Win Loss Ratio

- Guild reset 18:30 EST
- 1.5 million GP required
- Discord and swgoh.gg profile required
- Focus is on HSTR prep. JTR/ Chex/NS preferred

Guild Overview
Chill guild that has been together mostly since Jan 2018 when most were level 50. We are now pushing to get HSTR ready, we have STR 6 on farm. We are PvP focused and dominate TW. We generally do not make any specific requirements, just want everyone to have fun and work toward a common goal. We have a member that has built some custom bots for TB and TW optimization. Generally a great guild with folks from all over the world.

If your interested please PM me. We’ve got only a few spots left!
Contact: 659-913-473 in game.


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