Ackbar/Ezra Haat solo mod requirements

Does anyone have a good idea what the mod requirements would be for the Ackbar/Ezra/CLS/BB8/Hoda team would be (or more specifically, speed requirements)? Also, is it doable without getting ackbar to G12 (retreating instead so he doesn’t waste any assists)? For reference, don’t have any G12 pieces for Ezra, have 3x for CLS, and no G12+ for anyone.


  • Let's say 250speed/3700 physical damage on cls/ezra 37 and 290 speed on hyoda bb8.

    I think you need ackbar but i dont know.
  • My ezra runs 247 with 3300 damage. Cls was 275 with 3700. Bb8 286. Hyoda 279. Ackbar was around 170 speed, 3300 damage - i forget exactly what ackbar was because i stole some mods after i solod it.

    It took me quite a few tries to get enough speef and offense on the team. You definitely need ackbar in p2. I was doing 10-15% less on runs i tried escaping him on. The run i finally pulled off the win on he died on p2's enrage but everyone else lived. I had another run where i enrahed in p3 and wiped. I did find p3 to be significantly easier without ackbar. But yeah you need him to get enough ID's in p2. My ackbar is g11, just missing the stupid golden ball stun gun piece.
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