Crystal purchase error?

before reading this; i play on an iPhone 6s

so i dont really know what category this belongs in, but i made this account so i could try and get some support. i purchased the 3rd anniversary deal (3500 crystals for 19.99) but i had to verify my payment methods in my app store (even though i had the money in iTunes credit). so i verify it, go back into the game, and it didn't go through. and now every time i press the "19.99" button to purchase the deal, it doesn't do anything, it doesn't even bring up my touch id verification. i've tried restarting the app multiple times, it's done nothing. I've even tried restoring purchases and it doesn't do anything. can i get some help with this?


  • Kyno
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    You will need to go through EA Help by using the in game 'Help' button in the settings menu.

    You can also try Answers HQ, but that is less direct.
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