Where to go from here...

Been playing for a while, mostly flying by the seat of my pants. No special strategy, other than trying to do well in fleet battles...used to be less competition for prizes. Was getting 9th-12th pretty regularly, but now having a hard time breaking top 15 in fleet.

I have a profile on swgoh.gg... ally code: 891-164-241

Arena isn't a priority, although any advice there is appreciated. My hodgepodge team is back and forth 2500-1100th place. Dooku, Boba, Kylo, Bastilla, Vader. Stuns, speed downs, ability blocks keep me relatively competative.

I can clean GW 80-85% of the time with current teams.

I am not a big Pheonix fan, but I'm guessing they should be my next focus? I don't have Palp or Thrawn. After that, solidify a good bounty hunter team?

I have GM Yoda at six stars, should be able to get seventh next time he rolls around.

I have three decent Empire members (Tarkin, Vader, TF pilot), but rest are relatively weak. When would you focus on them to get R2D2? Before working on Pheonix?



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