Why can’t we have a guild bank that we can put whatever we want into it so that the members can withdraw whatever they need?


  • Interesting but feel it would be raided and you couldn't control to whom your gear was going. There's certain members I donate to less frequently because A - they never/rarely donate themselves, and B - their contributions don't reflect their level, so they don't get my gear. Very small percentage and normally if the behaviour persists they're gone but still...
  • I just wish we had a guild gear bank. And then maybe they could ask the guild leader for withdrawal code.
  • New promotion for an officer, to the rank of Gear Teller. You have to contact them and explain who the gear is for. If they disprove you don't get it.

    "But my Bodhi Rook needs a Mk6 Stun Gun for G12!"
  • How would that work though?
    I definately wouldn't bank gear i could use myself and i assume most players won't. Because of that the bank would just be filled with gear no one could actually use.
    Even if guildmembers do bank usefull gear, others would potentially just stockpile the usefull gear out of the bank without banking any, or just useless gear themselves.
    I would much rather donate a gear salvage to a specific guildmember and even then i'm not donating guns/cuffs etc.
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