Change in Lategame

This is to all the people who already reached max. lvl and play in the lategame.

Are there some some changes for some chars that turn out really good/bad in the latgame, who were bad/good in the early game?

There are a few chars i would like to know specific:

Sidious - is he still op in the end of the game, or are there some counters for him
Greedo - i think his dmg is really good in the lvl 50s
Savage Opress - i really hope, that he can compete in the lategame
Luminara - still leveling her to switch for Barriss Offee (i nearly put everything on her, but i don't think that she is very useful after the nerf :/)
Ackbar - seems like a valid counter for Sidious, but nothing else good with him

Are those chars worth it in the lategame?

Im not a native english speaker, so please be nice. :)


  • First off, we're all good people here so there are never stupid questions!! As for your endgame setup, I'd advise you look at alternatives to use so you can swap out Greedo, Savage Opress and Ackbar. These characters don't have all the tools others do and you may have difficulty with other teams that have better synergy. Here's some characters I'd look at if I were you....
    • Boba Fett
    • CT-5555
    • Asajj Ventress

    These guys listed above will give you some more diversity on your team and are easily farmable if you're F2P like me and they can be swapped around as needed so don't abandon the three mentioned above, just have some choices. Nobody in this game can simply pick the perfect 5 Characters that will work in all occasions. Have farmable choices, that's my most important goal.

    You also may want to watch Captain Phasma as well since he's a free gift and farmable in Galactic and in mission shards so he can be a good choice but let the rich folk buy him first so they test that for you before you upgrade him....
  • Thanks for the fast answer.
    I am currently not playing Greedo, Savage and Ackbar at the same time.
    But im not sure if i keep lvling Greedo or Savage. Just the stats say Savage.
    His Physical Dmg is sooo high.
    Is there someone who has experience with Savage in the lategame, is he worth the lvling?
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