Palpatine 7* with lvl 66 phoenix

Hi all. I'll be getting Kanan to 7 star tonight, and I'll have one night of attempts left at him. Is it possible with my squad and gear levels.

I have quite a lot of health mods available in my inventory, so that's really the only thing I can change.


  • Don’t think so it’s meant to be beat in 3 months not a month because u run arena Phoenix. Was at lv 85 3 months in when it returned and was ready close to 1 month earlier. I didn’t run Phoenix as arena team either so used better rebels so much easier for me than u (only used kanan and Ezra from my Phoenix). My rebels where all g10 besides Phoenix (g8) all lvl 7 abilities the rebels I used in fleet maxed abilities (ackbar biggs) forgot used zeb as last rebel from Phoenix as well. Ur going to be behind because of ur choice in arena team. Most Phoenix realize that once they c ep teams get farmed they will destroy Phoenix u will c soon. I made transition once Phoenix teams began to climb my ranked dropped because u can’t farm jedis to 7* as fast as Phoenix. I think u unlock fleet at 70 suggest u get started on pilots quickly. Kilo Biggs very important I had Biggs 5* at ur stage because I used LS kilo I started farming around this time as well it will give u a advantage on those with no direction when u unlock fleet u can get top rewards in fleet which for F2P is a must to progress u will not get those for a minute in arena with whales there u have to catch. I’m ranked 1 fleet climbed from 50 to the top by mid 70s been on 85 for a few weeks just now seeing top 20. Without the 400 crystals I earn it fleet wouldn’t be top 20 in squad. Vital to ur progression unless u want to wait 2 years before u can compete because people stop playing.
  • @2smooth stop ranting. Please.

    OP unlocked 7* Palp so you're wrong.

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    my bad congrats thought it said 6* ep but enjoy u have a great Phoenix team for late game raids I don’t use my Phoenix will for ships eventually be I focus on what helps me now before later.
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