Kit Reveal: Carth Onasi



  • So he is a good lead for the non Jedi Kotor toons. Carth, Z, mission, T3 and Ordo. 4 people that can apply DOTs with potency, tenacity and crit reduction buffed? Z with 90% crit reduction, healing from DOTS and Basic, and an Auto taunt? May not be arena viable but will be a solid team.
  • VonZant wrote: »
    His lead seems pretty awesome to me. Why do people think its not good? Combo of Phasma and Bossk?
    Disappointed he is not a scoundrel, but I am rusty on KOTOR. Always viewed him as a Han clone.

    Doesnt matter, we have 3 scoundrels that applies DoTs and are OR too.
    Now just waiting CG give HK47 an OR tag...
  • 3pourr2
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    That health though..... :D :D :D :D
  • GA toon. Bonus points for full health. Assist on top of Mission assist.

    Word Up
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