Shards from data cards.

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This may sound like a silly question but how do the shards work for chars you already have?

Last night I got 25 shards when previously the conversion has been 12. Does it have to do with the star level of the char you draw? Ie. If I draw a 4 star shouldn't it be 80 (or at least more than 12)?


  • If you draw a 4* Toon and already have that 4* Toon it'll convert to 32 shards
  • I had two characters in my last 8's pack opening and I already had both of them. Ayala(3*) was converted to 25 shards, Snow Trooper(1*) was converted to 7 shards.

    So - it could be worse than just a shards.
    Royal Guard, IG-86, Geo Soldier give you only 7 shards as well.
  • scuba
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    You lose shards in the conversion. 1* are not so bad it is only 3 shards it gets worse above that.
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