HAAt Solo possible ?

Hi Guys ,

short question..is the HAAT Auto Solo possible with this Team ?

Commander Luke Skywalker
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Young Han Solo

If yes with which Gear Levels ?


  • There are links in there I believe to the mods used and Gear requirements.
  • Great ! Thanks a lot !
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    Ackbar (L), BB8, hYoda, CLS and YHS can solo hAAT, P1 & P2 manually and P3 & P4 in Auto.
    There isn't much need to count the attacks on Grievous in P1 as long as most of your attacks are made by CLS.
    They all have to be very well modded though. ;)
  • Not a complete solo but you'll get the idea. This was my final run for needed GK shards. I hold back in HAAT as I have a 7* GK now. I let my Guild grab more.

    Started HAAT with 10% left in Phase2, completed Phase3, and Phase4. Watching zVentress take down the Tank with one attack...PRICELESS!

    Leader: Grey Area 51
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    I don't think auto solo is possible yet. You can solo the whole thing with a team, and you can auto p3&4, but p1 and mostly likely 2 will have to be manual. You could probably whip up a team that can auto p1, but they wouldn't have the stacking damage to get through p2, even if such a team weren't liable to counters in p3.

    My guess is we will need to see a new toon or two before the whole thing can be done on auto.
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