Galactic War issue

I was using level 54 phoenix with 4 stars each, level VI gear some 2 dot mods. It does ok against similar level squads. Not much squad wise, but the best I have so far.

Today I get on the 4th node, the 2nd silver node, and get up against a group with every character being level 74 and geared to at least 9 (vader was @ 10) and each modded with 4 and 5 dot mods. The 7 stars were Palp, Ezra, Hera, and Kanan with vader being a 5 star character, the only non 7 star in the group.

They come out and one- two shot each of my squad. Done before I can attack once. Is this kind of disparity in matchmaking "working as intended"? Why would I ever get put up against a group like that who is 20 levels higher than me? There should be a way to re-roll an opponent in the GW, even if its only a 1 time per day thing. This is ridiculous as it is now.


  • Sewpot
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    Go on with a different squad so you can try and kill one or two enemies. Then go in with your Phoenix team and finish them off. That’s how I use to have to play GW.
    I would make about 5 teams. Go as far as I could with my best team. Then when you hit a hard team send in a weaker team to gain a foothold.
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