Possible change of inventory

Is it just me or has the fleet, guild event and guild store not seen any new content added to it in a while? Since the release of the solo toons with young han in guild store I have yet to see anything really worth buying from most of these stores. Fleet store has become a zeta farming location whereas guild and guild event stores are more or less just filled with mostly outdated toons. The dev's may have ended new content for squad arena, cantina and galactic war stores but come on show the other stores some love.


  • To be frank, they shouldn't of stopped adding people to the arena, cantina, and GW shipments. The ONLY thing those are even good for now is getting gear in the shard shop. I'm still holding out hope they will add something new in those at some point.

    But yeah ship shipments have become dull. After I saved up 100k I started buying only zetas in there.

    All shipments should have a refresh done to them.
  • They claim it’s to provide new players with useful assets. Pretty funny the help the offer requires them to do nothing. The game is tailored to maintain the happiness of the elite clients. If new people show up and hit the top, without investing 10K it upsets those who have.
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