Casual Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Plazas completas
    Gremio: Comandantes Mandalorianos
    PG: 136 Millones
    Plazas disponibles: 2-3
    Horario asaltos: entre 21:00 y 22:00 (UTC +1:00 Madrid)
    Foso heroico,Tanque heroico y Triunvirato VI, en breve haremos nuestro primer intento
    Pedimos jugadores nivel 85 con un PG de 1.5 Millones o superior
    No pedimos cantidad mínima de tickets diarios.
    Tenemos grupo de Telegram para coordinarnos, aunque no es obligatorio.
    El perfil de nuestro gremio en es el siguiente:
    Si estas interesado o tienes alguna consulta contacta conmigo, mi código de aliado es: 344-965-781
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  • The Force Weilder Order. Guild I just started with my bros. No level or GP requirements.
  • Binxy
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    Guild-Name: Brotherhood of the Darkness
    Guild-GP: 126m
    LSTB: 40+
    DSTB: 40+
    HPIT: 8pm GMT (on farm)
    HSTR: 9pm GMT (on farm)
    HAAT: 10pm GMT (on farm)
    Ally Code: 493-799-258
    Discord: Binxy#9448

    Brotherhood of the Darkness is a fully heroic guild and is recruiting TB/TW focused players with a minimum GP of 2m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    UK evening raid schedule. Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested
  • hive_electric.jpg
    Come join us in the Hive of Scum and Villainy where we have a guild for every type of player! Let's find the right fit for you today!
  • Guild: Doom Bears on SWGoH.GG

    Fluffy Doom Bears is a casual 15 million GP guild looking for more players. Heroic Pit and Heroic Tank are on farm and we're doing tier 6 of the Sith Triumvirate raid.

    Our payout is at 1830 Mountain Standard Time (0130 UTC)

    You'll want to have at least one 7* character in order to join the heroic raids we run but it's not a requirement. We have a 24 hour hold on both heroic raids to ensure people have some time to join. The Sith Triumvirate raid starts as soon as the tickets are available.

    We're currently getting eleven or twelve stars in the Territory Battles but will undoubtedly be achieving higher numbers with more members.

    The guild discord is here though we generally talk via in-game chat.
  • Join shazbot patrol!!!
    Our guild is 57 million galactic power and growing!!!
    We are looking for active daily players
    with 1 million galactic power +
    We run Heroic AAT and Pit raids.
    We have completed Tier 6 Sith raid and are gearing up for heroic.
    Our raids follow this schedule:
    HAAT & HPIT both start @8pm est.
    24 hr join period, FFA starts @8pm est following day.
    Sith raid is currently tier 5 while gearing up.
    For pit raid, if you have a 7☆ raid han claim no more than a “0".
    For Haat, if you have a 7☆ general kenobi don't place in top 3.
    Once everyone in guild owns these @7☆ we can do true Ffa.
    Our goal is 22,000+ raid tickets daily.
    600 tickets per member daily isn't required but a constant goal.
    We want active players, we have a maximum member inactivity limit of 6 days.
    We can extend inactivity rule for real life, just let an officer know.
    Join Our discord it's linked here
    say hello and an officer will be with you shortly.

  • EE8
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    Bounty Lords 2B: a brand new casual guild

    Feeder guild for competitive, PvP focused guild (farm ALL heroics, 85% TW W/L)
    500 daily tickets requested
    Daily, active players only
    Discord required
    SWGOH account highly recommended
    Get in on the ground floor of a new guild focused on growing more casual players and fun! HPit and Haat viable.

    Access to advice from 3+ million GP players!

    Contact me on discord at E.E.#4848
  • Hey everyone, I’m an officer for my guild Chanel 4 News Team. We are a low key, casual but committed group of players.

    Recently purged some inactive players and looking to fill up to 8 spots currently at about 102K GP

    HPIT and HTank on Farm and completing T6 of the Ruth raid in about 48 hours. Hoping to find a few good players to get to help us complete the Heroic sith raid.

    Tank and rancor with rotating EST start times and 24 hour registration period.

    Ideally would like to have new players with 2 million plus GP but WILL NOT turn anyone away for a lower GP. An active player, eager to participate in all guild activities with an adequate roster would be more than welcome.

    Average 33 stars in DSTB and 30 stars in LSTB

    Discord server available but not required

    Message me if interested or would like to learn more.

    Ally code is 421-233-336
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    UK Galaxy Hunters.

    83,560,000 GP.
    37 active members.

    Very casual guild.
    Non competitive.
    No requirement to spend money.
    No Galactic Power requirement.
    Reset time is 4:30 GMT.

    Guild Requirements:
    Nothing too strict as we are very casual and play for the enjoyment rather than to be competitive. A popular phrase with us is that we want to feel like a family more than feeling like the game is a second job.
    We prefer friendly, talkative and moderately mature players who can enjoy a conversation and take a joke but will not tolerate moody players or any kind of abuse, hate speech or harassment.
    We simply ask that you are as active as you can be and join in raids, territory battles and territory wars as much as you feel able to but you won't be kicked out if you miss some or sit some out.
    Our only conditions for membership are a minimum level of 70 and that you are active no less than every 7 days.
    Inactivity for more than 7 days without prior notice results in a kick unless you're an established member who has been with us for some time and is an active member of our community in chat etc.
    If you let us know you will be inactive for holidays or illness etc, we will keep you in.

    Pit and Tank raids have a 24 hour join period to accommodate people with difficult work hours etc. Both usually take under an hour to finish so you need to be quick to log a score, or you can just sit it out and post a zero by hitting the "Join" button.

    All raids usually start at 8pm GMT.
    Heroic Pit every Friday or Saturday plus one midweek depending how tickets work out.
    Heroic Tank every Friday or Saturday depending how tickets work out.
    Tier 6 Sith Raid on auto start, with no join period. All members are now working on squads for Heroic.

    Territory Battles and Territory Wars:
    We normally hit mid to late 20's in terms of Stars for Territory Battles, with basic instructions to follow placed on each territory by Guild Leader and Officers.

    We have a good win record in Territory Wars and a modicum of strategy is involved, again with Guild Leader and Officers placing instructions for each territory.

    To Join:
    Use the advanced search function in game to search "UK Galaxy Hunters"

    Contact Kandosii via the Forum or add ally code: 872-774-646
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    Casual Aussie Guild vaguely meandering towards heroic sith is looking for new crew. We've had a half dozen or so members retire from online addiction so their spot is yours for the taking! We like level 85 people who'll join in all game modes but it's more important to be laid-back, and no one really polices participation.

    Heroic Pit and Tank are on farm, launched at 7pm AEST with a 24 hour window to join.
    T6 Sith launches as soon as available and is currently a free for all with not even the tiniest slap on the wrist for those who join in for the rewards without beating on the bad guys.
    30-ish stars in Battles, and about a 50/50 win/loss ratio on Wars.

    Come say hi if you're looking for a new home.

  • Lincoln limeys
    UK based guild 53mil h tank and pit. Anyone welcome

    Ewokin and Ewollin
    Is Looking for Active Daily Players.
    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    Sith Tier 5-6

    250 Daily (minimum)
    1M GP (minimum)

    Ewokin and Ewollin
    Is Looking for Active Daily Players.
    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    Sith Tier 5-6

    250 Daily (minimum)
    1M GP (minimum)

  • Belgian New Order looking for five people. Made up of western European and US players. Fairly casual but everyday players wanted. Friendly and engaged, we're active on Discord (

    Hpit, Haat, almost Hsith
    98 mil guild
    Wanted players above 1 mil power
    Raids start late morning PST
    No requirement on tickets

    We have about 8 Revans, 17 JTR's

    We're open to join so come check us out.

  • Ewokin and Ewollin
    Is Looking for Active Daily Players.
    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    Sith Tier 5-6

    250 Daily (minimum)
    1M GP (minimum)
  • Running Heroic Rancor 3x a week, Heroic Tank 3x a week, Tier 6 Sith 2x a week. 2+ Million GP preferably

    Hi all, we're currently looking to bring in new members to our guild! Preferably you'll be heroic sith ready and have 2mil GP. We're looking to progress as a guild and move forward with completing heroic sith. We don't ask for much just that you participate in all events.

    We currently have 6 spots available so drop me a message if interested.

    If you want to look up the guild our name is StarDefenders and you can contact one of our members on discord if you need anymore details - KnightOfCydonia#1062
  • Mutiners without fears

    1 space....low turnover of players

    120mil gp

    H raids 7.30pm uk time

    T6 sith opens as soon as we have tickets. Hoping to move to Hsith soon

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • Guild: XD Gaming
    Recruiter: NJO Warrior
    ** Our guild has Discord and if you wanna chat there, add me and we can talk! @NJO Warrior#4762
    Guild Reset Time: 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
    Raids: Heroic Rancor (about every 4 days, 18 hour join time, then free for all)
    Heroic Tank (About every 5 days, 19 join time, then free for all. Normally finished within 4-5 hours)
    Heroic Sith Raid (once a week, every Sunday night at 8:45 pm eastern time, finishes within 2 hours)
    Note: We bring in 10 mercs each Sunday night to help us clear it.
    Light Side/Dark Side TB: 22-24 stars
    Territory Wars: I would say we win about 75% of the time. We use a strategy but not strict if people cannot login at specific times.
    Minimum Player level: Have at least one 7 star character to participate in raids, level 65 to join Guild events.
    We are fun and laid back and looking for about 4 new players right now!
    Officer Ally Code: 915-333-162
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    We are Legends of Old no fancy pics of our guild stats, no alliances and no drama! How can we compete you ask?
    We are an active guild looking to grow that's how!

    We raid constantly, we don’t have a 600 daily ticket rule (though we all usually do 600 daily) we are hard working and give gear freely. We do HRancor regularly, AAT and tier 5 sith raid. 12*TB everytime(low due to low player count) and we are long time 3 years+ players that lead it.

    No discord or 3rd party chat

    We have lost several ppl do to inactivity and would like to do TW next round.

    Please help, your our only hope!

    Drop me a message if interested.
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  • dLow
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    Mandalore Prime
    Brand new guild looking for people to join us. Accepting new, alts, basically any type of player to get this off the ground.

    US/PST times
    Guild reset: 12:30 AM
    Current GP: 13M
    FFA Heroic raids (once unlocked):
    - PIT: 4PM
    - AAT: 4:15PM
    - STR: 5:00PM

    At the moment, just need tickets to do raids and we will carry anyone thru heroics once unlocked.

    Message me with your ally code and I’ll send you an invite in the game.
  • KingTommy23
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    Amadala Guard

    U.S EST Guild

    - 165mil Guild (was 190mil 2 weeks ago)
    - Looking for 1-5 players
    - One open spot although we wanna replace 3 1mil GP players we had to take in for bodies after a few retirements happened at once
    - LS TB 44/45* (shud be back to 45/45 again after the next one)
    - DS TB 45/48* (shud be back to 47/48 again after the next one)


    •ALLY CODE 519-355-155
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    **The Casuals Guide to the Galaxy**

    So I’ve decided to branch out for those casual players that want to play the game at their own speed without the heavy pressure of Active or Elite guilds require.

    But all players are welcome be you a veteran of the game with an alt or a veteran looking to lay low for a while or a complete noob to the game. All are welcome! join us to enjoy the game, chat and have fun.

    To any alliances or big guilds or guys with alts all is welcome here even if your hoarding or just want some where to dump your alt or if your a player taking a break because real life sucks at the moment.

    Haat on farm from a regular merc
    Hpit starts tonight
    And tier 4 sith for the lower players to get rewards .

    **36mil gp**
  • Do you have 2.5-3.0 gp?
    We have 48 members with 120+ mil gp and a 2.5 mil average gp.
    You must have one of the following: JTR,or C3po, or Night sisters-(high level), or Chewy
    All Heroic raids
    Heroic rancor-8pm EST
    Heroic AAT-10pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid-9pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Consistently win TW(we have lost 1 TW in the history of our guild)
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm EST
  • UV_
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    Join the Soldiers of Light!
    Guild GP: 135M
    Guild GG:
    International guild, seeking 2 new colleagues.
    We are casual and committed, playing the game for fun, enjoying our team and helping each other.
    HSTR, HAAT and HPIT on farm.
    2 openings, need players above 2M GP.
    600 raid tickets/day required and participation to Guild Events. Discord is optional, in-game chat recommended.
    Come and play the game with us!
  • Gaming Geeks is looking for around 10 more active members to join us, or merge with our clan.

    We regularly do Heroic Pit, and 5th tier Sith and Tank.

    Looking for active, casual players to have fun. We are not like the other aggressive clans. We just ask that you join us in the fun!

    Message me if you have any questions!

    Ally Code: 921-626-719
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    Come join us in the Hive of Scum and Villainy where we have a guild for every type of player! Let's find the right fit for you today!
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    Gremio: Comandantes Mandalorianos
    PG: 135 Millones
    Plazas disponibles: 2
    Horario asaltos: entre 21:00 y 22:00 (UTC +1:00 Madrid)
    Foso,Tanque y Triunvirato heroicos.
    Pedimos jugadores nivel 85 con un PG de 1.5 Millones o superior
    No pedimos cantidad mínima de tickets diarios.
    Tenemos grupo de Telegram para coordinarnos, aunque no es obligatorio.
    El perfil de nuestro gremio en es el siguiente:
    Si estas interesado o tienes alguna consulta contacta conmigo, mi código de aliado es: 344-965-781
  • MajorParbury
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    Hello swgoh fans! Our guild is looking to grow with easy going and active players!
    *Remnant Restored Guild*
    We have a nice little community with a core group of guildies that have been playing for 1 to 3+ years. We maintain a positive and respectful environment and everyone has a voice. We are looking for members that usually login daily and signs up for raids and TW, but we all have lives and missing a day or going camping is not an issue. Please note we also warmly welcome members with no lives.

    We are in for the long run. We don’t have a lot of rules and players are free to decide their teams and actions.
    We welcome newer players with support, advice and generous donations.
    More senior players will see they can make a real difference in the events and influence the guild. Our strongest members are almost 4 millions GP, with an average of 2 millions GP. (Guild total 65 mil.)
    We almost always win Territory Battles, were are now earning Kenobi shards in the heroic HAAT and are in tier VI in the Traya raid.
    We have waiting period in our raids to allow everyone to participate, most raids are held around 8pm eastern time.
    Are you interested? You can join us directly (Remnant Restored) and see what we are about or can message me in chat (MajorParbury 425-262-128).
    Have a great day.
    Logic is a systematic method of coming to a wrong answer, with confidence. -Empire programmer #4255
  • Rebellion clan 17
    52M Casual Guild

    Rebellion clan 17 is looking for a new members, a casual but very active guild. Perfect for new players leaving starter guilds behind or for anyone who wants an active guild, but without rules on how you should play the game and required characters to farm. We're a friendly and relaxed bunch with some old timers as well as a handful of new players willing to answer questions you might have and willing donators.

    Looking for members who login daily and can participate actively, but also recognizing that we all have busy lives and missing a guild event or raid here and there's no big deal.

    We do the 24hr join timer Heroic Pit and Tank both on farm every couple of days, T5 Sith Raid. 7:30pm EST/23:30 reset UTC. GP 52 million, with some 2M+ members. Room for a new members.

    Treat others with kindness and respect, join TB / TW, let us know if you're going to be away and have fun!

    To join:

    Search in-game with advanced search function for Rebellion clan 17 - needs both "Rebellion" and "clan" to show up or send me a message with any questions.

    UN: KagoOgak/AC: 971-662-366
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