Casual Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Lothal Ghost Crew is looking for you. We're looking to increase our roster for more frequent raids and TW participation. We're casual/active style guild, most of us get our 600 every day, but not the end of the world when life and work get in the way. As long as you like to play the game regularly for fun, you'll fit right in.
    For better or worse, we're not a super high power guild at about 20mil GP. If you're a newer player, you'll still be able to make a difference and feel productive but get the rewards for higher raids. If you're a more advanced player but just don't play as intensely as you used to (or you're up for helping us run HAAT and such), this is also a good place to be.
    We use in game chat, share gear, run raids as often as we can and are happy to help newer players find their way. US EST based.
    Ally Code 565-672-741 or 171-856-898
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    Come fly with us!
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    A KYO Menace

    We're looking for people to come join us and crush HSTR, TW, and TB. We're 40 people right now (we broke off from our HSTR farm guild a week ago and created a new guild) and currently running at 75 MM GP. We're a relaxed group of adults that get our stuff done. We're mainly recruiting HSTR ready people only but exceptions can be made because we are running a lean HSTR so everyone needs to contribute. Below are the guild guidelines.

    *600 tickets recommended
    *participation mandatory for all guild events (score >0 except Rancor/Tank)
    *follow directions in TB/TW
    *At least one HSTR team for phases 1, 3, or 4
    * required
    *discord required
    *Raid times are 1-3 MST

    If interested, come stop by our discord or hit me up in game 318-667-362
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    Do you have 1.5-3.0 gp?
    We have 49 members with 125+ mil gp and a 2.5 mil average gp.
    You must have one of the following: JTR, C3po, Night sisters-(high level), Chewy, Revan, or Dark Revan
    All Heroic raids
    Heroic rancor-8pm EST
    Heroic AAT-10pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid-9pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Consistently win TW(we have lost 1 TW in the history of our guild)
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm EST
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    Aerogator wrote: »
    Calamitous Intent is seeking active members.

    Guild activities on US Eastern time zone.

    Heroic HAAT & Rancor raids, 24 hr. Join period for both.
    Sith raid Tier 5

    Current raid start times: 

    Rancor - 11am/6pm E (4pm/11pm UTC)
    HAAT - 12pm/7pm E (5pm/midnight UTC)                                           

    Discord & encouraged.

    We recently completed a guild merge to create a HSTR guild. So we offer mobility up to the ally guild when you get squads ready.

    The plan is for our original members to come back as they complete the farm (or if they tire of the grind) & wind up with 2 HSTR guilds.

    Looking for active players to earn tickets & participate in Territory Wars and Battles.

    Aerogator#9975 (my Discord).
    My ally code: 321-755-675

    Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops.

    Hola soy Pils, me gustaría que los miembros de tu equipo se uniesen a nuestro gremio, que te parece?
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    Jedha Rebels:

    - Looking for 5-10 Players
    - Completed our First HSTR yesterday, next starts tonight 1800 EST
    - Need HSTR ready players to reduce the time it takes to complete
    - GP isn’t a factor, teams are
    - HSTR starts 1800 EST / 1100 NZT
    - HAAT starts 2000 EST / 1300 NZT
    - Hpit on Sim
    - 31LS / 33DS stars in TB
    - Win all even match and slight disadvantage TW battles
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    Amadala Guard

    - 181mil GP (was just 196mil)
    - 4 spots open
    - We beat everything except the last star in Darkside Tb
    - East Coast Guild
    - Laid back, everyone knows what they’re doing in here. Great atmosphere
    - Almost everyone in here is 4mil+

    If interested message me in game
    ALLY CODE - 519 - 355 - 155j
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    Do you have 2.0 mil gp or higher requirement??
    We have 49 members with 125+ mil gp and a 2.55 mil average gp.
    You must have one of the following: JTR,or C3po, or Night sisters-(high level), or Chewy
    All Heroic raids
    Heroic rancor-8pm EST
    Heroic AAT-10pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid-9pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Consistently win TW(have only lost 1 in the history of the guild)
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm EST
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    LRI - Figli Di Dathomir

    Gilda italiana

    -111M GP

    -LS TB 32*

    -DS TB 38*


    Cerchiamo 15 giocatori attivi per eliminare i nostri inattivi, se siete interessati messaggiatemi qua o su discord a MincaMinca#9981
    Looking for 15 active player (possibly italian!!) to weed out our inactive, if interested pm me here or on discord at MincaMinca#9981
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    Dented Helmet is seeking to expand!

    We are a casual guild looking to grow. We have very little rules, we just ask for respect, camaraderie, and that you are mostly active.

    We run the Heroic Pit Raid and just recently began the Heroic Tank Takedown. (Both have a 24 hr join period)

    We are currently having trouble meeting the territory war requirement of 25 players to join, that is why we need YOUR help!

    We also would love to cycle through the raids quicker, and we can only do that with more players and more participation.

    Please help us grow! Our GP is at 42 Million but we have room for at least 20 more members! That GP can rise VERY QUICKLY.

    If you are interested, just join! Our level requirement to join is 60+

    Search "Dented Helmet" in game.

    Thank you!
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  • Elliot
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    Still looking for a guild?

    Message me in game or on Discord
    Ally Code 416-786-691
    Discord: PHILTH#2893

    We are actively recruiting and looking to grow.

    Currently we have 37/50 with 51M GP.

    UK based guild.

    1M GP Minimum.

    Any questions Ill be happy to answer.

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    No Requirements at all to join. Just looking for players who want to play in a guild with no daily ticket, donation, or player requirements.

    Very knowledgeable players to help out with strategies and development.
  • DocDoom
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    The Zefiro have a rare vacancy! One of our members retired from the game, darned that RealLife thing.

    165m GP, 45* last TB, all heroic raids on farm. Based in Eastern US time, we attack raids at about 8:05p after a 24-hour join.

    Laid back but active, all we ask is that members participate. We won't micro-manage you, but offer all the guidance you ask for.

    Interested? Contact DocDoom#3475 on Discord, or ZefiroGuild on Facebook! Please have at least 2.5m GP (lower numbers will be considered if you have a "lean-n-mean" roster with the key squads powered up).
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    Looking for something more serious than casual but not hardcore? We’re a fully heroic 46 person guild with 95 mm GP. We’re all working adults with a bunch who actually work together and/or are related. Chill atmosphere, advice if you want, and organized guild events. Raid times are 1-3 MST (good for UK). Hit me up if you’re interested on discord or in game 318-667-362

    A Kyo Menace

  • SeisDose_612
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    Ewokin and Ewollin

    UK Based Guild
    with players from all over the WORLD!!!

    We currently have 6 spots open and Looking for Active Daily Players.

    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    Sith Tier 5-6 (clearing T5 in 2 days we will be moving up to T6)

    250 Daily (minimum)
    1M+ GP (minimum)

    Contact: LINE - seisdose612 or InGame – 279765955

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    Legends of Light
    Heroic Sith completed in 16hrs.
    120M GP needing to replace 2-3.
    Raids at 7pm p, 8m, 9c, 10pm est.

    We need players ideally with 2.5M++ GP and HSTR ready RJT/JKR/NS teams to maintain momentum. However, daily players are also welcome.

    Semi-casual, no hard tix requirement, daily activity and TW, TB participation are requested.

    TW 50+ wins, double zetas. TB 30++ stars.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server with your profile.

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    Tainted Outcasts
    Looking for 5-9
    JTR teams preferred.
    Discord a must
    Ally: 213-928-797
    Hit me up for specifics.
    Looking for solid group of 5-8.
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    Savage Oppress guild ( is recruiting active players.
    • General Info:
      • We have a great core of active players, but need more to grow together
      • Good camaraderie and friendly people, active guild chat
      • Leadership actively guides guild events, and provides general guidance for player development
      • All members share tips to help each other improve
    • Level:
      • Preferred level: 80+
      • Minimum level: 65
      • Average Member level: 85
    • Galactic Power:
      • Preferred GP: 800,000+
      • Minimum GP: None
      • Average Member GP: 1.8M
    • Activity & Participation:
      • Preferred activity level: At least daily, and participate in all guild activities
      • Minimum activity level: Will be kicked if inactive for extended time (7-10 days), unless communicated
    • Raids:
      • HPit / Rancor raid on Heroic, about 3x/week (launch time rotates 1pm, 4pm & 8pm EDT).
        • Rule: Members with 7* Han unlocked "join only", to help those farming Han shards get him quicker.
      • HAAT / Tank raid on Heroic, about 2x/week (launches 7pm EDT).
      • Sith raid on Tier 6, continuous (about weekly)
      • Heroic raids have 24-hour join period
    • Territory Wars: Win rate about 67%-75% (29 Wins as of 6 April 2019)
    • Territory Battles: 20* (LS) - 23* (DS), and always improving
    • Guild reset time: 6:30pm EDT (10:30pm UTC)
    PM me here or send ally request (Wood Davers Train, Ally # 952-981-843)
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    Third Order ( is seeking Active Players looking to Grow and Develop. We currently are sitting at 69 million GP. We have a great core of players will to help and guide others. We currently have room for 14, willing to absorb/merge with smaller guilds.

    Required lvl 65 - Prefer 85.

    HPit & HAAT Raids

    Tier 6 STR - Currently building teams for HSTR.

    We haven't tracked the GW, but we win more often than not.

    TW - get around 25 stars.

    No Ticket Requirements.

    If you are interested please look us up or you can message me directly, Ally code - 242-318-165

    Thank you,

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    Petzis`s Padawans suchen Verstärkung. Wir sind eine englisch und deutschsprachige Gilde, die in erster Linie Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Unsere 56 Mio GP starke Gilde spielt den HRancor, HAAT und den Sithraid Level 6 sowie Tickets dafür vorhanden sind (Startzeit ist 6 p.m. UTC), mehrmals die Woche. Wir kämpfen im TW um Zeta Material und gewinnen eigentlich immer (mehr als 20 Siege!). Es ist jeder willkommen, der das Spiel genauso mag wie wir, ohne es zu ernst zu nehmen (das wahre Leben geht vor ;-).
    Wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, kontaktiert mich hier oder Ingame (157-812-111)
    Ich hoffe man sieht sich.
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    Siege Battalion 100 mil GP Guild
    Garz Hunn 599-922-333
    Some have Discord but we use in game chat.
    UTC -7
    HPit, HAAT & Tier VI Sith Raid sometime V to burn tickets
    HPit and HAAT every 2-3 days, Sith Raid every 4-5
    Territory Battle about 27-29 stars and War it’s hard to say with the changes but maybe 60/40 on wins
    Player Level 85 and would like a min of 2.5 Mil GP but don’t hesitate to ask to join.
    We have 4-5 position open

    Come try us out and if you don’t like move on.
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    Do you have 2.0 mil gp or higher requirement??
    We have 49 members with 129+ mil gp and a 2.6 mil average gp.
    You must have one of the following: JTR,or C3po, or Night sisters-(high level), or Chewy
    All Heroic raids
    Heroic rancor-8pm EST
    Heroic AAT-10pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid-9pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Consistently win TW(have only lost 1 in the history of the guild)
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm EST
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    Rogue1 - 146MM GP guild looking for a motivated 2-3 million GP player! Guild payout at 8:30pm EST / 12:30am UTC.

    Tired of being in a guild with strict rules? Tired of being the only one who does anything in your guild? Tired of not getting all those cool, shiny prizes from TW or TB? Give Rogue1 a look! We're a guild made of members who want to enjoy playing this game while not breaking our backs trying to get the most out of it. We've been farming hPit and hAAT forever. We've been farming hSTR so those Traya shards are rolling in. We have 50 wins in TW. We're farming ROLO and IPD in TB. What more could you want? Maybe you're on the fence. How about some guild rules?
    • Raid tickets - You don't have to come up with 600 tickets per day although we love to see it.
    • Raid rules - We have a 24 hour join period and then you can raid to your heart's content!
      • Join our Discord server - Discord is an amazing tool to get everybody on the same page for TW, TB, raids, etc. We theorycraft and help others with their arena teams. Heck...we even talk about whatever comes into our heads because sometimes it just feels nice to sit back and relax.
      • profile - TB and TW can be a massive undertaking so it's nice to know that we can see you have that 7* Ugnaught for platoons. We can even help you out with your arena team or if you want to theorycraft with us.
      • Inactivity - Going on vacation? Real-life issues? Invasive surgery? No problem! Just let us know so we can take your inactivity into account. Otherwise, we'll think you left us.
      • Contributions - Do your best! Not all of us are 4MM GP and we get it. Guilds are built on teamwork and we can't do it alone so give us all you got!
      • Rogue actions - We give out orders in TB and TW to give a general direction. You know you could take that team out in TW or TB. That's cool. You know your roster better than we do so we won't penalize you for it.

      Still on the fence? Feel free to contact me on the forums or Discord @Fettman85#2323!
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    Thrawns Wookiee Jar Guild

    We are looking for new and casual players that want a guild that they can learn, grow and have fun in. We are trying to help players get raid han faster to. We are open to join for everyone (no min gp) and are part of the Thrawns Dark Lord Raid Rekkers alliance.

    There are no rules at this time since we are building a new guild and There also may room to advance as an officer and even move to one of the hstr guild as you grow and acquire the right toons / squads. Your also welcome to join our alliance server if you would like (not required at this time). Feel free to join or ask any questions...

    It may be hard to find in a guild search, so invites can be sent out at a moments notice... Thanks for your time.
    rockwrench69#5717 or
    in game ally code 523-832-131
    Or 138 517 295.
  • Snyder
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    SHQ Elite is a semi-casual guild designed to accommodate a better game/life balance that many of us would prefer. At the moment, we are looking to populate with a few additional members so we can get a little more competitive. We have about 43 members right now and are only really looking for a few more to get us closer to Hsith and have better performance within Territory Battles. Our current GP is ~80M and our core group is made of previously competitive players who got tired of the requirements forced on you to be in an elite guild. It is called a game for a reason, you need to have fun with it!

    Our main goal as a guild is to enjoy the game and not feel like you have to logon everyday and "just go through the motions". We all want to run more raids, but if you need to miss a day or two, that is perfectly fine! With that said, we are still pretty active and raid constantly it seems. We run HPIT, HAAT, and T6 Sith at the moment. I really want to get in a position to get us to heroic sith. Normally, all our raids are set to automatically launch. Our Pit opens at 10pm EST, Tank opens at 1am EST, and Sith runs whenever we have tickets. Both Pit and Tank have 24 hour join policies, where Sith is open as soon as it launches.

    While we are all active we do not force 600 daily tickets. Our only real rules at the moment is wait 20 minutes to post solo damage on Rancor, our users sign up on, and our users be on Discord. We also ask that members TRY to wait for commands to be placed in TB and TW before taking any actions. We understand if you only have certain windows to play though. Please jump on to ask any additional questions as we are pretty talkative and happy to answer.

    Our Discord:

    Message me directly: SŇy∂eℝ #3981
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    Garden Gnomes. (GMT +2)

    New guild, looking for casual players.

    This guild will suit new players looking to advance. I can solo Rancor and solo 2 phases of HAAT, etc. If you have 1 x 7* character to register damage then new players can benefit a lot from the better Heroic rewards.

    No requirements, just have fun and play the way you want to.

    I started the game when it was launched, but then stopped for almost a year... I haven't quite gotten over all the changes since I have returned so I am happy to just play casually and for fun. And maybe pick up some tips on the changes from others.

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