Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Thanks for the offers. I’ll try to get a consensus and let everyone know
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  • Hey Nate. I messaged you in game. We just went through the same thing and are looking for a merger. Let me know your thoughts.

  • The Bloodmen are a tight knit guild looking for a guild or 10-20 Active members that can merge to help us continue our long TW win streak.

    Player requirements are level 85 and at least 1 mil GP.

    We require that you must join the discord server

    Please pm me or the other recruiters if your interested on discord.
    @doobie sock @Wandering in Wycombe @ace @Lionpride97

    We wreck HPIT and HAAT and will soon be able to simulate HPIT. Working on getting more people to help us knock out HSTR even faster than we do now.

    Our raids reset roughly around 9 pm US-EST. Like I said before about TW we have been on a win streak since early 2018, LETS KEEP IT GOING.

    Participation is key for the guild to thrive. Everyone needs to get their daily raid tickets and contribute in guild events.

    If you will not be able to play for an extended period of time we do accept that (peoples lives are more important), but if you are inactive for more than a month without telling us you will be booted.
  • Hey :)

    We are looking for a merger.

    Here is some information about us
    42 Mio GP
    37/50 members
    Ranc Hc , Tank hc, Sith 6

    Please contact me 567-858-228 :)
  • Krath Academy could take up to 15 players. If we need more space, we also have Krath Brigade. Plenty of room to grow into a larger alliance.

    Active guild
    35 members
    50m gp (~1.5m average)
    HPit and HAAT
    Tier 5 STR

    Make 600 tix and join TW.
    Check us out on discord:
  • Come Join the GSF Alliance!

    The GSF Alliance is a small 5 guild alliance that is looking for 10 - 20 players!
    GSF Alpha: 204m GP GSF Omega: 180m GPo GSF Gamma: 161m GP GSF Delta: 130m GP
    GSF Phi: 80m GP All guilds run HRancor 3x a week and HAAT 2x a week, with a 24 hour registration period.

    Also, most guilds share the daily reset time at 8:30pm eastern, with Delta at 10:30pm eastern. Raid times vary between guilds, please let us know what times you would prefer!

    The Alliance shares a discord server and movement between guilds is free flowing based on performance and daily contribution, so as your roster progresses you'll have the opportunity to move up, and if you need to take a break we have a place for you as well! We merc within alliance to give everyone the opportunity for Traya shards!

    To join, check out our discord server (

    WE ARE...


    All Heroic raids on farm

    45/45 LSTB - 47/48 DSTB


    Top 40 in TW Worldwide

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    3m + GP (Exceptions possible)

    TB & TW focused roster (see below)

    - Pheonix

    - Rogue One

    - Imperial Troopers

    - Bounty Hunters

    - Nightsisters

    - Quira Scoundrels

    - Arena teams for TW & GA

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 828-156-268

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus or @Ewok Officer upon landing)

    LOWER GP? ask about joining another one of our other guilds !!!

    Mergers available into our other guilds for small groups and new players, leadership positions available.

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people or treat any of our guilds as feeders.

  • Skyblades_2019MAR03.jpg

    Skyblades. Looking to merge with a smaller guild of 15 - 20 players. Single players also welcome.

    Laid back guild with mostly long time players.

    Ally code 112-921-691
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    Merger Resolved
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  • A 197MM GP guild is looking to get a second guild going. One to be relaxed, more for casuals. Another for more active players (especially PvPers).

    If you’re interested, send me a PM and let’s talk.
    Member of ‘Thugs in White Armor’
  • MazK's League of Scoundrels is looking for a similar guild to merge with ours.

    We have about 25 active players with a pretty strong core of about 15.

    65m GP.

    We run HPit, HAAT, and T5-T6 ST.

    We have a 24 hour waiting period for HPit and HAAT. We usually open them up at 8 p.m. EST.

    We have a pretty good track record with TWs. We don't win them all, but we have a solid strategy we try to stick to.

    We are a pretty casual guild, and life happens, so don't worry about missing a few days.

    We are looking for another casual guild with anywhere from a handful to 25 players to merge with ours. Individuals are also welcome, of course.

    If you're interested, my ally code is 224-392-581.
  • Amadala Guard

    U.S EST Guild

    - 165mil Guild (was 190mil 2 weeks ago)
    - Looking for 4-7 players
    - One open spot although we wanna replace 3 1mil GP players we had to take in for bodies after a few retirements happened at once
    - LS TB 44/45* (shud be back to 45/45 again after the next one)
    - DS TB 45/48* (shud be back to 47/48 again after the next one)
    - Most players are 3.5+


    •ALLY CODE 519-355-155
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    Updated post below.
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  • LRI - Figli Di Dathomir

    Gilda italiana

    -111M GP

    -LS TB 32*

    -DS TB 38*


    Cerchiamo nuovi giocatori per sostituire i nostri inattivi. Vorremo arrivare ad aggiungere 12/13 alle nostre file, quindi siamo disponibili anche ad accordi con piccole gilde in cerca di fusione, se siete interessati messaggiatemi qua o su discord a MincaMinca#9981
    We're looking for new player to replace our inactive. We'd like to add 12/13 to our ranks, so we're also available for arrangement with a smaller guild looking to merge, if you're interested PM me here or on discord at MincaMinca#9981
  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse Krypton Jedis


    HPIT, HAAT, T6 Sith !!!

    Strong in both LS & DS TB's

    58,000,000 m GP

    Competitive in TW 95% win ratio

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    1m + GP (Exceptions possible)


    -JTR & BB8 TEAM

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 665-777-517

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus upon landing)

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people around or treat any of our guilds as feeders.
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    Acient Order is looking to fill 5-6 slots.

    Building HSTR teams should be a priority.

    119Mil GP

    Will do HSTR once we fill our ranks back up, currently do T6 STR easily.

    No 600 rule, we are fairly casual just ask that you don't contribute zero.

    PM me: "Zax_01" (forums); Ally Code: 272-259-942 (in-game)
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    We're looking to fill 10-12 spots in our guild. We left our old HSTR farm guild and started a new guild. 37 people 71 mm GP. We’re looking for daily active players with at least one HSTR squad ready to contribute.

    Why choose us?
    We’re an adult guild committed to being drama-free. We’ve got some long time players that can offer as much advice and guidance as you want to grow your roster. We get that life happens so just communicate and it’ll all work out. Guidelines are below. Let me know if you're interested

    - 600 tickets
    - participation mandatory for all guild events (score > 0 except HAAT or HRancor)
    - follow directions in TB/TW
    - one HSTR squad ready to contribute
    - required
    - discord required
    - 5 day inactivity* = kick
    * unless you notify/post in vacation

    Raid times are 1-3 MST

    My ally code: 318-667-362 or msg me on the forums. Happy hunting.
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  • We are looking for 7 to 10 players with 1.5m or more GP

    Tw and tb participation
    Daily activity

    Here is our guild:

    My ally code: 429-536-541

    My discord: Presence#8626

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    Merger successful, please remove post.
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  • Legends of Light

    Can absorb 5-7 players.

    117M GP at 45/50, EST time zone

    Close to HSTR completion. Need few more RJT/Jedi/NS teams for final HSTR push. Last one ended with P4 Sion at 50%. 3M GP players have good chances to break top 10.

    Active, but no hard tix requirement, great group to gear up with. Booting only for extended inactivity. To merge with small group up to 5++ persons. 2M GP preferred, but daily player welcome.

    TW 50+ wins, double zetas. TB 30++ stars.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server. MTFBWY!

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    Wraith Squadron is currently looking for a guild to merge with ours or a group of players looking for a home. We currently have about 20-25 active with 41 GP, HPIT and HAAT on farm, T4 Sith Raid. We've been around for 2 years and recently had some players leave to join a different guild, so we are looking to rebuild. You can contact me ( Sev ) via my ally code: 121-598-221
  • It is not my fault is an EST guild looking for a group of about 20 to join us. Mix of levels is ok. Individuals welcome.

    63million galactic power
    We run HPIT, HAAT, Sith T5/6.
    We usually hold our own in Territory War.
    We only require activity within 3 days and run an inactive list for breaks. (Life happens)

    Message me in game or on [email protected] Mal Ti#5709
  • **Gaming Geeks** is a looking for 5 more active members to join us, or merge with our clan.

    We recently merged with another guild, and have 5 slots still open.

    We regularly do Heroic Pit, and 5th tier Sith and Heroic Tank.

    Looking for active, casual players to have fun. We are not like the other aggressive clans. We just ask that you join us in the fun!

    Add me if you have any questions!

    Ally Code: 921-626-719
  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse Krypton Jedis


    HPIT, HAAT, T6 Sith !!!

    Strong in both LS & DS TB's

    58,000,000 m GP

    Competitive in TW 95% win ratio

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    1m + GP (Exceptions possible)


    -JTR & BB8 TEAM

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 665-777-517

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus upon landing)

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people around or treat any of our guilds as feeders.
  • Saludos, somos un gremio con jugadores activos diariamente.
    Buscamos otros jugadores, o gremio que se quiera unir al nuestro para poder ser competitivos en la guerra territorial.
    Jugamos en los niveles más altos de tanque, triunvirato, y foso.
    En el triunvirato tenemos norma que cada vez que participamos gane un jugador diferente para que todos podamos tener los mejores premios.
    Quien quiera unirse, que me escriba por aquí o busque warnanuk como gremio
  • Darthddd wrote: »
    Hello there! I’m currently part of a guild called Maximize Fireball (23.6 M GP) and we’re looking to grow. We currently have about ~20 active players with a variety of GP’s.

    We run heroic Pit and heroic Tank. I’m able to solo both of those raids by myself. We also run tier 5 of the Sith raid where I also do most of the damage. The rest of our players enjoy the game but either aren’t quite to the point yet of putting up big numbers or focused more on the collection aspect of the game than building top teams.

    We usually get 11-14 stars in territory battle and haven’t been able to do territory wars because of a lack of players.

    We’re a casual guild with no requirements for our players and would like to remain that way so that everyone just enjoys the game.

    If any lower guild would like to join up for free Han and Kenobi shards we’d be open for that.

    On the other hand, if a bigger/stronger guild with greater GP than ours would like us to merge with them we’d also be interested to hear those offers. We do have a couple of players who could contribute toward HSTR.

    We’d rather not split up our current guild, so please no offers that request that.

    Feel free to message me here or through the game itself. Darthddd. May the force be with you!

    Ally Code 793-293-427

    Cuantos miembros tenéis? Nosotros buscamos gente competitiva para poder luchar en la guerra territorial
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    Hello, we are.looking for a group of around 15 people or a merge.

    Sentinels of the Light is a guild that is part of an alliance of 3 guilds.

    We are active and friendly guild, currently working towards HSTR. We are not there yet, but with a group of good players we would be really close. Although we are doing HSTR occasionally with the help from another guild in the alliance.

    We have players from Europe and US so we are rotating raids to accommodate everyone. :grinning:

    If you are interested or have any questions you can contact me here or on Discord Jo2VI#4046
  • SHINING FORCE - We are an active guild looking for a guild merger to take 10-15 players, 2.5M GP or above. Come get Traya shards with us! Our GGP is currently 144 M. We can discuss officer roles for current guilder leader and other officers.

    We have 24 hour join periods in the HSR, Heroic Pit and Tank Raids. Start time for these raids are 4p, 5pm, and 6pm Pacific Time respectively.

    We get about 35-38 stars in Territory Battles. We have a winning record in most Territory Wars, earning 2 zeta materials in most wars.

    We are a friendly and helpful group, but will remove you if you do not stay active, or participate in most guild activities.

    We use LINE for voting and sharing strategy, but it is optional. My line ID is brian92610

    If you are interested in joining us, please send me a note in game chat - my Ally Code is 518-518-222

    Thanks for the interest - Hope to see you in the game!

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    My guild is currently looking for 3-5 new members or a small guild merger. We have HPIT & HAAT on farm and have about 80 mil GP. We are a casual guild working towards heroic Sith.

    All the Officers are PST but we tend to play at all hours of the day/night. We open the raids at 7pm pst once we have tickets. Then 24 hours later we open it for a free for all.

    If interested or just want to know more please feel free to DM me or add me as a friend.

    new WAC order
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    We are looking for 4-8 players to join us. We are working towards heroic sith. Very sociable and helpful guild. UK based. Looking for small group of active guys to join us and keep improving. Average gp is 2m+

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