Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    People of this galaxy and any other far far away
    The guild SCW guild recruiting 10 to 15 active players.
    open to form merger/alliance with a smaller guild
    We are an active but chill guild with some spot left which is seeking some fresh recruits. The only requirement is to be active motivated and being able to follow clear instruction on TB/TW.
    GP 80mil
    - Contact me to join guild (here or in chat game ally code 754-429-963) - discord chess#1439
    - Discord recommended but not mandatory.
    - Raids
    Rancor Heroic 24h join period three time a week
    AAT heroic 24h join period three time a week
    STR tier VI until we've raised our member count.
    - TB/TW
    30 to 33 stars in TB and great win ratio in TB (do not remember losing since I joined a year ago)
    - Requirements
    - ideally GP above 1.8m
    No mandatory farming, no mandatory squads. though CLS, JTR (revan ??/?!/!?!?!?!) etc are always welcome.
    600 raid tickets ideally but if you cant for whatever reason no worries
    We do not boot people because they are weak, but because they do not follow instructions or do not participate in TW or TB without warning.
  • World Ord3r black.
    180m gp.
    Lstb 44
    Dstb 46
    All raids on farm 20:00gmt

    Seeking to merge with another guild similar to us, hoping to create a hsith tb/ tw orientated group and a hsith tw relaxed group.
    We currently have 50 players, with around half fully participating in tw, rest not so much/ not keen on tw.
    PM me if interested in talking and lets see if we can help each other out.
  • Absolution is looking for new members / merger

    25 active players

    70 million GP

    Running raids as often as possible with goals to run HSTR ASAP

    Lost some players in the last month and looking to rebuild

    Low stress guild with long term players looking for active members to grow our ranks

    contact me in game with ally code 618-986-168

    or on discord at GoingPostal#9139

  • I'm putting out feelers for a possible merger with a comparable guild (~220M GP, independent, international) that is interested in maintaining 2 strong, high GP guilds, but 1 will be TW focused and the other will be TW casual. Both guilds would continue to perform at a high level in all other aspects of the game including raids and TBs.

    We currently have ~35 very committed TW players but we have 5-15 that are more sporadic in TW. Our players GPs range from 3.6-5.4M. We're not looking to dump our low GP, the split would be based on the individual players level of interest/dedication to TW.

    We have a great group and are not interested in kicking anyone to the curb. If this sounds like something your guild would be interested in discussing further, please message me with discord. User name: DRGrizz#4843.
  • Hello

    We are looking for 5-15 active players for our guild.

    Our guild is mostly UK players and is currently around 90Million gp. We do haat, hpit and tier 6 sith.

    We are looking to fill our current slots of around 5 and would be willing remove players not contributing. We want players who want to hit up all ls/ds battles and not just mass deploy squads. Players who follow orders and actually want to try win on t.wars. Players who enjoy talking, sharing ideas and helping each other. Improving and updating your rosters regulary is something we encourage, building teams for twars and heroic sith (revan, c3po, jtr etc)

    If you are interested please private message me on here. We are not interested in joing another guild or becoming part of a multi guild. Just looking for like minded players who may be disillusioned, disbanded rebuilding or who fancy a change of direction.

    Many thanks and good luck
    SithHappens, 202M GP

    We are looking for 15+ players. Big group of 15, but feel free to try if you have a group of 6-7 or more, and we'll fill with more groups.

    SithHappens recruiting a big group! Looking for OP players wink come join a friendly, yet competitive international guild!

    About us:
    - 202M GP.
    - All Heroic Raids.
    - LSTB: 45/45, DSTB: 47/48.
    - International guild, raid times rotate.
    - Competitive players and knowledgeable in all areas of the game ;)


    - 600 daily!
    - swgoh gg profile and communication is must (discord must)
    - 2.5M mil GP (will consider lower if it fits)
    - Full participation and communication in TBs and TWs.

    Raid calendar:

    Join us in our discord channel for more info - , or contact me: SidiousIsPikachu#5768
    TW/GA Counters Bot - | Discord: SidiousIsPikachu#5768

    Our guild sits currently at 30/50, mostly because of instability, obsession with HSTH, and guild infighting.

    We are looking to absorb another guild with a similar story and similar stats.

    Our Stats:
    Guild GP - 78.7M (Ranging from 2M-4.6M)
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    Tier 6 STH
    600s Required

    Ideally, we would like to find another guild that would join us. In doing so, this guild would jump to doing HSTH and coming in with over 40 *s in TBs, and probably extremely difficult to beat in TW...INSTANTLY! I know that there are other guilds that are just as frustrated as we are...LETS WORK TOGETHER!

    We will offer officer spots to all officers and leaders from incoming guild.

    Also interested in joining an alliance if there is an alliance wanting another guild.

    Find me at DarkHelmet#5092 and we can discuss details.
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    Galaxy Warlords is looking to absorb 5-10 players from AUS/NZ/Asia Timezone. Hsith on farm, 46 TW wins, great TB rewards, independant guild, competitive, 600 tickets daily. Flexible on GP requirements and willing to help you grow, looking for loyal and friendly people to join our family. Every members contribution is valued and important. Message me here or on discord montanz#0049
  • Fearless Leaders is looking for 7-8 members to merge into their 100 million gp group! Eastern Timezone, but raids are rotated to accommodate the world wide member log. The guild is active casual, having fun but LIFE COMES FIRST! Did a little spring cleaning and may have a few more spots available if someone needs a few more than 8.

    Discord is being used, but not required. No activity requirements but this is a passionate bunch of guys! Join the family and have fun crushing enemies in Territory Wars, as well as earning big paydays in Territory Battles!

    We are a small guild alliance looking out for each other amidst the recruitment struggle!

    Leader: Yuckygoo 111-994-947

    Or you can message officer @HK22 and he will direct you. PM us for discord server invite!

    Dont miss out on a great group to join up with!
    WhoVille Sheriff - Ally Code: 244-425-158 -
    Discord: WhoVille Sheriff#3439

    Guild Collaboration Founder: Just Sithed Myself
  • Hello, auch wir die Petzi's Padawans würden uns über neue aktive Mitglieder freuen. Wir sind eine größtenteils deutschsprachige Gilde mit derzeit 54 mio GP.
    Wir hätten derzeit 10 Plätze frei, wenn es eine kleine Gilde/Spielergruppe gibt, die sich nicht trennen und trotzdem weiter kommen will.
    Wir spielen hauptsächlich wegen dem Spaß am Spiel und ohne Zwang. Das echte Leben geht natürlich vor.
    Trotzdem spielen wir sowohl HAAT als auch HRancor und den Sithraid auf Level 6 (das dauert dann aber ein paar Tage ;-).
    Wir holen durchschnittlich 17 Sterne im TB und kämpfen im TW mit ca. 28-30 Leuten um Zetamaterial (und gewinnen es auch meistens).
    Wir benutzen discord, allerdings nur optional, für die, die sich noch intensiver austauschen wollen.
    Falls wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, schreibt mir hier oder ingame 157-812-111.

    Ich hoffe man sieht sich ;-)
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    180+ Million - Masters of ESAD

    Looking for 15 active players that want to compete at TW

    Our guild, MoE, has been around since the first day that guilds were created. Over the last two years, we have grown into a community of four guilds with Heroes of ESAD our top tier elite guild (218+)

    With some recent lack of participation and misaligned players goals, we’re looking at bringing in players that will help Masters take the next step...being a Competitive TW focused Guild. We will use the guidance from our top guild to help expedite our strategy and success.

    Below is information about us, and what we’re looking for:

    * Guild raids are at 12pm EST
    * Guild reset is at 730pm EST
    * 45* LSTB and 47* DSTB
    * 600 Dailey

    What are we looking for?

    * Players with a GP of 3 million or higher
    * Players with a lower GP ok if they’re TW viable
    * Focused on TW and TB

    Open to discussion. Feel free to message me to discuss more. We have a total of 4 guilds, so we can help find homes for any members you may not want to leave out in the cold.

  • Dany90
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    Hallo zusammen,

    wir suchen eine Gilde/ Gruppe von Spielern, die mit uns gemeinsam den Sith HC Raid angehen möchten.

    GM 42 Mio

    36/50 aktive Spieler

    Ranc HC
    Tank HC
    Sith VI

    TW z.Z. 16 Sterne

    GM und Chars sind erstmal zweitrangig, ihr solltet aber täglich aktiv sein. :)

    Meldet euch gern bei mir unter 567-858-228

  • VanCy wrote: »
    Guild looking for Merge.
    Have 17-20 open spots.

    Only interested in elite players who are looking to farm heroic sith.

    Let me know if your interested and how many players you have:
    Provide ally codes, and discord names.

  • Still looking for a merge. If I cull a few deadlegs absorb your guild, we will be rocking along. Check out defeat was yesterday
  • Due to a number of leavers, and need to cut some deadwood, we are looking for a group 8-12 friends to join us, perhaps frustrated by lack of heroic or leadership in your current guild?

    Sand People are a semi-casual, yet consistently competetive guild. We are looking for new members that will strengthen the team and become new legends ready for the next challenge!

    We are a UK based heroic sith guild starts 8pm gmt - other raids 9pm gmt/bst more or less daily, been around as a guild for over 3 years (day 1 guild) and we are a big family of veteran players with lots of inappropriate banter and fun.

    We are 45* lstb when full. We have a great TW record but not promising a win everytime (we do not rotate players to face easy matchups). Ideally applicants must have 3.4mill plus gp (can be negotiated for the right people ) and must have strong all round squads. 600 a day is a given, but we also know real life rules, so communication is all we ask. So must have discord.

    Contact me Oberon#8288 for an invite. Thanks
  • Guild-Name: TheBountyHunter'sGuild

    Guild-GP: 143m :

    Territory Battle: 33+

    Ally Code: 321-419-688
    Discord: MarcoCalrissian#2125

    Can merge up to 15 players into our guild

    Looking for HSTR, TB and TW focused players with a minimum GP of 2.0m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    UK evening raid schedule. Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message if interested.
  • Crusader of the Galaxy ist eine deutschsprachige auf der Suche nach einer Fusion.
    Wir sind derzeit 36 Mitglieder mit 78 Mio. GM.
    Wir suchen eine Gruppe bis zu 14 Personen, die gerne mit uns voran kommen möchte.
    Derzeit spielen wir Rancor und HAAT auf heroic und Sith VI.

    Bei Interesse bitte melden unter Bündniscode: 895-571-697

    Lg und vielleicht bis bald.
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    *We have successfully completed a merger with another great guild, thanks for the response everyone*

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  • Regent
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    Celtic Rage is looking to add 10 more daily players

    A group of low pressure players getting ready for HSTR. If you’re looking to move a few players give us a shot.

  • Hanfirst
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    Merger completed.
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  • Gaming Geeks is still looking for around 10 more active members to join us, or merge with our clan.

    We regularly do Heroic Pit, and 5th tier Sith and Tank.

    Looking for active, casual players to have fun. We are not like the other aggressive clans. We just ask that you join us in the fun!

    Message me if you have any questions!

    Ally Code: 921-626-719
  • divinehand
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    Thanks all for your interest and time! Merger found!
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    145+ Lords of ESAD (will be back at 160 when full)

    Looking for 10-15 active players that want to participate and be active.

    We are part of a 4 guild community that works and supports one another.
    With some recent lack of participation, including joining raids, we have found ourselves looking to fill our ranks back with active players.

    Guild Info:
    * Guild raids are at 12pm EST
    * Guild reset is at 7:30pm EST
    * 44* LSTB and 45* DSTB
    * 600 Daily
    * Active on Discord (Responding to Tags)

    What are we looking for?
    * Players with a GP of 2 million or higher
    * Players who will complete their missions on time and deploy when order is given
    * Players who set defense and participate in TW

    Open to discussion as well as providing officer(s) roles. Feel free to message me to discuss more. Great opportunity to earn top rewards in raids, TW, and TB
  • Facilis
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    Hello, we are Ragnaröck!

    We're looking for a group of 5-10 players to join our guild, UK (GMT) based but we do have a large contingent of US players that we ensure don’t miss out on raids!

    We are looking to find friendly, chatty and active players, like ourselves, to join a fun guild where we all feel valued for what we bring. We run HC Rancor and HAAT at least twice each week and run the Sith raid on T6 currently, pushing towards HC.

    Our Current GP is 110M. We are not part of an alliance!

    We are active in game chat and Discord. Our chat is generally great for offering advice, goals, strategies and the like... but also humour! We are a mature guild and we have never had any reason to police the chat so no worries there!

    We are we looking for?:
    1.5mil GP or 25 7* Characters as a minimum
    400-600 tickets daily
    Participate in events

    We are fully understanding with people not being able to take part in absolutely everything! All we ask is that you make it known so we can plan accordingly.

    Thanks for taking the time to check this out! If you want to get in touch you can add me as an ally in game - 566-965-413, contact me on discord - Facilis#8849 or join our channel -
  • Guild: It is not my fault
    Galactic Power: 63 million
    Active Players: 30
    Timezone: EST

    We are looking to absorb a small guild up to 20 players. We run HAAT, HPIT, and T5/6 Sith. We’ve been playing together for several years now but need to replenish our ranks.

    Message Mal Ti#5709 on discord for questions or if interested
  • Clark2cr
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    Hello Holotable Heroes!

    Blue Squadron is a semi-casual international guild, mostly in the UK, France, and United States. Currently a 114 million GP guild but some of that is dead weight, that's why we're searching for you! Looking to merge with anywhere between 10-30 members, negotiable. We sim the rancor, farm HAAT, and are just a few committed players away from the Heroic Sith raid, currently running T6.
    34 stars in TB
    7 battle win streak in TW
    Raid times are also negotiable.

    We use discord for communication, require activity in TB and TW, would like for everyone to get 600 tickets a day and most of all like to have a good time! Members range from 750k GP to 4.5 million, we have the experience to help your advanced players maximize their rosters and the room to help your new players grow.

    Message me on here, on discord at clark2cr#0589, or look me up in game 378-147-484

  • Ilinso1
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    Thrawns Wookiee Jar is looking for casual players that want a place to take a break from the busy game.
    We are open to join for everyone and are part of the Thrawns Dark Lord Raid Rekkers alliance.
    We would be interested in taking on a merge if you have a group interested.

    There are no rules, play as much or as little as you like. Your also welcome to join our alliance server if you would like (not required). Feel free to join or ask any questions...

    It may be hard to find in a guild search, so invites can be sent out at a moments notice... Thanks for your time.
    rockwrench69#5717 or
    in game ally code 523-832-131
  • Hello Holotable Heroes!

    Starborn, a guild for meme loving Star Wars fanatics, is currently looking for 10-15 members to aid us in taking the next steps in TB. We are a family who enjoys the banter of a vocal and fun community. Real life happens, just tell us before you disappear for a week...

    We would consider absorbing a smaller guild, we have 4-5 more spots that could be opened in the guild, officer positions as needed.

    Raid Times: EST
    HPit, HAAT 9a launch, 12hr join period
    HSTR 7p launch, 24hr join period

    38-40 stars in TB
    9-1 last 10 TW

    We use the LINE app to communicate and expect you to as well. is encouraged (strongly)

    Expectations, 600 daily raid tickets and participation in guild events if you join.

    Message me here or add me on LINE Dazewalker

  • Looking for 15 players to merge into our guild. Semi-casual no daily ticket quota but daily participation. Hpit 24 hour rule. We want to get in to TW and better TB.

    Drop me a line.

    If you are asking us to join you please don’t contact. If you are looking for a nice guild to merge in to then we are great super easy going no drama been playing together for 2 1/2 years. Officer role to leader.
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