Players Looking For Guilds - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Thanks for all the prompt replies, you've given me tough choices! Good luck to all finding/growing guilds.
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    Guild found

    Very active player looking to grow and farm remaining legendary toons. I have GMY, EP, Thrawn, and working on r2. I have low gp but a lot of 7* and do very good in rancor and str. Tw and tb i try but my roster is still small but i am good for taking out at least one team
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    5.28 million GP, every character G12 except droideka who I am working on 7 starring currently.

    Looking for a TW focused guild. A TW focused guild!
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  • Hello,

    my ally code is : 797-756-153

    Galactic Power

    Galactic Power (Characters)

    Galactic Power (Ships)

    Fleet Arena Battles Won

    Squad Arena Battles Won

    Normal Battles Won

    Hard Battles Won

    Galactic War Battles Won

    Guild Raids Won

    Guild Tokens Earned

    Gear Donated in Guild Exchange

    I am a returning player, took a little break because of work. I am looking for a guild with HSIth raid farm ( since my traya is 40/100 shards away from 7*) and are doing well in TW.
    I am active and contribute well. Got all the legendaries unlocked, ( JDK revan will be unlocked next month) and will conitnue to improve

    If you want a strong active player, seek me out
  • Looking for Active guild that does all raids on Heroic primarily my current guild has refused my suggestions to get us there so I feel its time to move to a stronger one that can help me continue growing. I'm a daily player and do pay occasionally. Only thing I don't do is Discord.

    Ally-Code: 425-552-585
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2,796,367
    Character/Ship GP: 1,594,939/1,201,428
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*:
    Number of 6*:
    Number of 5*:
    Average Arena Rank: 565
    Type of Play: F2P, P2P
    Time-zone: currently in Kuwait timezone; will be stateside in 2 months back in Idaho (i'm military)
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    Hey all, I've received a bunch of replies that I'm going to go through now. Thanks to everyone for responding!
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    Guild found thanks
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  • Ally Code:798-335-747
    Galactic Power: 887,954
    Character Power: 557,451
    Ships Power: 331,104
    Gear 12:1
    Gear 11:4
    Average Arena: 850
    Time Zone: EST

    I took a break from the game for awhile and have picked it back up and I'm consistently playing now again and moving back up in arena.
    I'm working towards sith and and am looking for a guild to carry me in heroic sith for traya shards.

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    We have had many offers. Thank you for them. We are currently not searching for more.
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  • Ciao! Cerco gilda italiana per fare rancor V e triumvirato IV
    Attiva tutti i giorni quasi sempre 600 tagliandi (ma preferisco che non sia obbligatorio)

    Galactic Power:389.000
    Character/Ship GP:156.000
    Player 79
    Number of 7*:1
    Number of 6*:8
    Number of 5*:7
    Type of Play: (F2P
  • Version7point0
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    Thank you for all the messages.

    Highlighted a couple of preferences so at this point no longer looking. Thank you again.
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  • Hey I’m a casual but daily player looking for an active guild that produces >25k raid tickets and does Hpit and Haat raids ( ofc HSTR is a plus)

    I’m currently in a guild but it hasn’t been progressing much lately...

    Ally-Code:486-893-937 link:
    Galactic Power:533,684
    Character/Ship GP:329,272/204,412
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*:18
    Number of 6*:1
    Number of 5*:10
    Average Arena Rank:1062
    Type of play:F2P
    Time-zone:GMT+8( but I’m fine with Eu/Us timings)

    Looking forward to any replies
  • Radra
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    Thanks for all the lovely chocolates and flowers (which I'm not refunding btw), but I jedi-mindtricked myself into a nice guild already.

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  • Cyberfiend
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    ****Found A Guild*****
    thank you all

    LFG that farms HSTR
    Active Daily Player 3million gp

    20million dmg on 6* Str
    Have Nightsisters, Chexmix, and JTR teams. Working on Revan and Chewie

    Have discord, Cyberfiend #4179

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  • Ally-Code: 779-695-536
    Link to
    Galactic Power:887,342
    Character/Ship GP:481,182/406,160
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*:23
    Number of 6*:8
    Number of 5*:12
    Average Arena Rank:2207
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT

    I play daily since I joined in Oct 2018, am looking for somewhere to call home, also a little guidance with regards to what I should be aiming for to better myself for the sake of the guild.
  • My guild is falling apart. Looking for options. 3.6M GP. Profile at:

  • I’m a Level 79 Player with a pretty solid 7 star Jedi, and an almost 7 star rag tag secondary team. I actively produce 600 daily raid tickets. I’m looking for a guild running raids that award General Kenobi shards, as I have not unlocked him yet. Comment if you have an opening!
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    I'm a chill guy, very dedicated, redditor, whale

    Looking for a helpful guild with HSTR on farm

    Just peaked 2mill+ gp (can farm required characters if necessary)

    Thank you :)

    ***i have found a great guild thank you for all the replies***
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  • Looking for a european based HSITH (or VERY close to being one) guild. Guilds with less than 120 million GP have no interest.

    We are a 4-5 players that are looking for a new home. Our current guild has stalled, and we want to move on.

    We range from 2.8-3.7 mill GP. Are active players, doing 500+ raid tickets pr day. Our current guild is pretty relaxed, and we do prefer a none military discipline type guild.

    Pit should be on SIM, and raid launched should be no later than 21.00 hrs european time (Denmark/Germany).Preferable between 18.00-21.00 hrs.

    PM me if you have any questions, or are interested in having a few new members.
  • Fetch
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    ***Found a guild. Thanks to everyone who reached out.***

    Player looking for a guild that has officers who run a tight ship and aren't having an existential crisis over whether or not to play a mobile game.

    Really looking for a guild well-organized in TB/TW...not 15 players pulling the other 35.

    I'm a dedicated player. Time zone doesn't matter to me. I've run east coast, west coast, Europe , Aussie, etc.

    Ally-Code: 116-393-537
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4,660,122
    Character/Ship GP: 2,802,395/1,857,727
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 164
    Average Arena Rank: 25
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: Pacific
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    EDIT: Found a great guild! Thank you all for the consideration and good luck!
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  • BOT
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    Looking for guild for my active alternate account 3.8 mil GP. Must be running all raids on heroic. No issues getting daily battles in. Guild should be well organized but not so over the top that people forget it’s a mobile game. If I sound like a good fit shoot me a PM.
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    Guild Found! You've all given very tempting offers :) Thank you to everyone who messaged
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    Thanks for all the messages! I've found a new guild now. Cheers.
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    MI CODIGO DE ALIADO 514-692-931
  • se escribe Habla con H y este es el canal equivocado este es para jugadores buscando gremios no al revez
    MI CODIGO DE ALIADO 514-692-931

  • Si0n
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    Discord: Sion#5474
    Line: alexantoniu

    Found a guild. Thanks for your messages.
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    OMG So much response.
    Thank you all for the interest.
    I need to read all the messages and get back to people.
    This is why I love the universe and the community.

    Need a new guild. Lots of drop off in my last.

    3.3M GP
    2.1/1.2 toons/ ship
    F2P active but not always hitting 600 coin and that doesn’t bother me
    solo HPit, solid HAAT, tweaking HSTR

    I want a casual guild that wants to grow but isn’t freaking out about Revans of any flavor.
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    Guild found
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