Players Looking For Guilds - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Thanks for flood of responses. Found a guild, gl to all.
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    Hi there! Looking for an active guild that does all of hAAT / hST / hPIT

    I just activated my hoarder account in the most recent shard and am consistently placing rank 1.
    I am level 58 as of now and am extremely active (max tickets) and would love to be in a helping guild!
    Running bastilla (lead) / ezra / old ben / GK / ashoka atm but trying to build and improve my roster and raids would help with that greatly

    I also have discord! UK timezone but am very flexible so this should not really be a problem

    Please PM if you are willing to accept me :)

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  • Dowtman
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    Found a guild, thanks for the interest all!
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  • nncshadow
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    Have found a guild. Thanks for the invites
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  • roencaco
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    Thanks for all messages.
    *****Guild found*******

    Hello Very active player, looking for an active Guild. with good communications and strategies.

    Ally-Code: 665-473-427
    Link to

    Galactic Power: 2.2M
    Character/Ship GP: 1.2M/1M

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  • Oberon_Calad
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    Ally Code: 167-644-574
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2,494,734
    Character/Ship GP: 1,480,441/1,014,786
    Player LV: 85
    Number of 7*: 91
    Number of 6*: 9
    Number of 5*: 19
    Average Arena rank: 220
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time zone: WAY

    Would prefer a newer guild, who I can help build up. Not usually active in chat, don't won't to bother with a discord server either.

    Edit: Found a Guild, thanks for the invites from everyone.
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  • Skillsnshet
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    *CLOSED*Looking for a new guild something casual or a noob guild to help out in. Expect 600tickets 5/7 days of the week and my participation in events(80% of the time). I personally don't even do GA mainly because I don't want to have to think about it. The less stuff I have to think about when I play the happier I am playing. Honestly dont care about getting traya to 7* so if your doing sith teir 6 im fine with that. Mainly want communication and people that actually talk. Just want to go back to the casual fun star wars game i fell in love. My swgoh
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  • Garazeb72
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    Thank you for all the offers, but have found a guild.

    Ally Code:858-147-729
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 3,570,031
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time zone: EST preferable

    I'm looking for a active guild doing only heroic raids...especially hsith and actively involved in TB and TW.
    I can guarantee my commitment to the guild.
    Strictly not using Discord.
    Left my previous under performing guild due to lack of participation
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  • Skyy12
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    Hello there! Looking for an active guild in TB and TW with hPit hAAT and T6/hSTR if possible ^^ Here are all my informations
    Ally-Code: 728-586-434
    Link to
    Galactic Power: around 1.2~ish
    Character/Ship GP: 630,107/513,717
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: Depends on the roster I'm rocking, but around 600
    Type of Play: F2P :)
    Time-zone: I'm from France so UTC should be fine ^^

    I am also using Discord, you can contact me here Roddouz#6076. I'm also a very active player, doing my 600 tickets daily. I know I have a quite low roster, but I am really looking forward to improving my characters as fast as possible with nice teammates who would give me pieces of advice :).
    Thank you for reading peace out ;)
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  • Snakerabies01
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    Looking for active guild
    1.6 mil power and 600 daily will participate in all things.

    Found guild thank you for all the inquiries
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  • Very active player looking for guild.
    3.5 million GP
    Been playing 18 months
    Squad arena rank 225 to 100
    Ship arena rank 1
    Farmed a lot of characters for Territory battles. I have a 7 star
    B2, Gamorean, Royal Guard, Krennic, Lobot, Holdo, URoRRuRrR, Rose, Wampa, Hermit Yoda, Sith Marauder, tusken raider, young lando, L3, Grievus, sion, range trooper, Tusken Raider, Lando NF, Sith fighter, B28, Anakin ship,xanadu, IG 2000, Han ****, 6 star Palp Shuttle, 5 star ebon hawk.
    I can complete all conbat waves and special missions on Dark Side TB
    I am 2 waves short (Phoenix and Rogue 1 final wave) on Light side but can complete all special missions.
    I have a JKR team, A P1 JTR squad, NS, Will be ready for DR, C3po next round.
    I make 600 tickets EVERY day. I participate in everything. I want to join a guild with high participation.
    I would join any GP guild. Not looking to be a big fish in a small pond that looks to take first place in every raid. I'd also join a higher GP guild that has an understanding that we have outgrown the raids and has a system in place to balance out rewards.
    I am extremely active. I'm sure others say this but I have aspergers and I never miss anything as far as participation. I have a clue when it comes to Mods but am always grinding to get my Inventory as fast as possible. I've won my Grand arena twice and never finished last. Like I said, I would consider and level guild as long as it makes tickets and has active members.
    I am PST but would consider other time zones.
    Ally code is 181-679-453
  • Darth_Kathrak
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    Found a guild. Thanks all

    Extremely active player looking for a guild that runs two HAAT a week.

    Ally-Code: 558-135-634
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  • Gogi
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  • Flk
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    Found guild Thanks.
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  • Forcechokemedaddy
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    Have found a guild now, thanks to all who made contact.
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  • Morgoth
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    LF Heroic Sith Guild.
    European Time Zone.
    3.3 mil GP
    JTR Squad Ready. No Revans yet.
    Arena Top 100 with CLS, Fleet top 5.
    Mostly F2P, daily active.
    I participate in TW, TB, GA.

    No more message please, thank you.
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  • Metallicat79
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  • Hi, new player here. Level 47,doing phoenix squad, looking for a real guild to call home? Starter guild I'm in doesn't have a raid going.
    I'm very active, F2P always get raid tickets.

    Lost out twice on raid rewards after automatic promotion [very annoying].
    Looking for somewhere active so I can grow quicker.

    Ally code 743562219

    FatPat is me in game.

    I'm in the UK if that helps or matters.

    Hope to hear from somebody soon. Message me in game or here. Cheers
  • Tjizzle
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    Found a new home thank you guys for all the quick answers

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  • Sukkerfar
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    Found a guild, thanks a lot
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  • Found a guild, thanks a lot
  • DarthJar18
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    I found a guild. Thanks for the offers.
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  • soqhraz
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    Hy all, Lf a HSTR Guild for my Alt.
    - 600/daily
    - lvl53 (top 20 arena, f2p)
    discord : Bazthic#1424
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  • Looking for a guild doing at least Hpit and preferably HAAT for my alt. It is 220k GP. I am focusing Revan but will not be able to get him this time around. I contribute 600 tickets daily all the time and I would also like a guild that monitors tickets to make at least 26k+ tickets. Message me here and I can send you my discord.
  • 585-527-841
    Recent but "Very Active player"
    Looking for a new guild level 5 raids.
    Main is Full Phen
    Gear 7
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