Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    **NOTE: We are currently FULL and running all heroic raids, however check back with us as we may get an occasional opening. STAY TUNED to the fastest growing guild......ORPHAN**

    We are a fairly active guild and we're looking to grow and advance. Fun is our top priority and we do our best to make all guild activities fair and rewarding to all members.

    Friendly and willing to partake in conversations on the in game chat at least. Discord a plus.
    *Must contribute towards Guild Tickets daily
    *Must partake in Guild Events

    Raids launch 9pm EST (GMT-5) with ZERO damage for 24 hrs. This ensures eveyone interested can have an opportunity to join the raid.

    Other Information:
    Contact me through SWGOH in game chat ally code 524-487-514 or on Discord: Igod#0762

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    We are on the cusp of HSTR. Just looking for a few players to make our final push.

    Here is some info about us.

    New Jedi of the High Ground is a guild filled with experienced gamers. We run HRR @ 6pm cst (3 times a week) & HAAT @ 8pm cst (2 times a week). Currently running tier 6 Sith raids (2-3 times a week), progressing nicely. We are on the cusp of HSTR. We all participate in TB & TW. Currently getting 36-38 stars. It's a great chance to grow, learn and help others. We have 120+ mil gp. I'm fine tuning and turning this guild into a great one. We are a very chill guild, but organized and hard working. Very active. No drama. Our main goal is to have fun!

    We average 27-28 thousand raid tickets daily. We are a very team oriented guild. Growing very quickly. The only rules are 24 hrs joining period, try for 500-600 raid tickets, and be active in all areas of the game to the best of your abilities.

    Here is our discord & my ally code if you are interested.

    Discord JediMaster23#4029
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    We've got 30 or so active members and we're looking to fill out the rest of our guild with players looking to get stronger. We're very active on the gear donations.

    Guild: MazK's League of Scoundrels

    -Message my ally code 269-746-596 if you're interested in joining.

    -Guild Reset Time: 6:30PM EST

    -Raid Tiers: HPit, HAAT, T6 Sith Raid

    -We typically get around 18 stars on light side TB and 20-21 on dark side TB.

    -Participation requirements: We're just looking for active players to help us build towards heroic sith raid, but we're understanding ppl have obligations and we don't enforce any 600 raid tickets/day requirements. Just participate on mostly a daily basis and give us a heads up if you can't.

    -Minimum player level/GP and character requirements: preferably 80+, but we don't have restrictions and we'll help you as best we can to keep leveling you up if you're at a lower level.
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    Hello Everyone!! We are an active USA guild looking for active players.
    Our guildname is 51st Rancor Patrol Battalion
    We are currently at 115+ mil GP of 41/50 players
    HAAT/HPit/SR T6 - close to heroic sith
    What we are looking for:
    - 600 daily tickets
    - participation in all guild events
    - Level 85
    - 2.5+ mil GP
    - Has JTR or CLS (we would prefer both)
    - We recommend Discord but we also use in game chat
    - If you won’t be able to play for a couple days let the officers know
    - Follow guild orders
    - Most of all have fun!
    If you are interested in joining our guild leave me a private message here, my ally code 166-982-321 or join our recruitment room on discord
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    * OS TEMPLARIOS BR is recruiting
    * 93M GP;
    * Fulfills our requirements and wants to join our guild? Feel free to contact me!
    * We are a Brazilian based guild, UTC - 3 (actually - 2 due to daylight saving time). Our raids take place at 11:00 PM (HAAT), 12:00 AM (HPIT) and 02:00 AM (Sith Triunvirate, right now tier 6 and preparing for heroic), GMT time;
    * HAAT twice a week, HPIT tree times a week and Sith Triunvirate tier 6 once a week;
    * Last DSTB 30 stars and last LSTB 28 stars
    * 46 victories on TW - can't even remember the last time we lost it lol;
    * Minimum of 400 tickets daily, participation in Sith Raid and TB is mandatory, participation in TW is optional, but once inscribed is mandatory;
    * We look for players with a minimum of 2M GP and teams for Heroic Sith Raid, such as JTR, NS, Chex Mix among others
    * Participation in our WhatsApp group and profile on are mandatory;
    * Feel free to contact me here or on Discord: Joamil#5020
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    Mutiners without fears

    1 space...looking ideally for upwards of 2mil gp

    109.5mil gp

    H raids 7.30pm uk time

    T6 sith opens as soon as we have tickets (looking to move to Hsith soon)

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

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    I’m the leader of the guild known as CF, we go by that mostly cause our real name is hard to say! We are looking for 2 members who want 1st / 2nd rewards in HSTR to come join us and get their l00t!

    About us:
    103 Million GP
    HAAT, PIT, HSTR Farm, new to HSTR so want some people to come in and help us get better experience, in return they get good rewards.
    35/36 TB Stars
    Good TW Record
    EST/CST/PST Friendly
    Participation is mandatory

    Feel free to message me on here, or also join our discord!
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    Krakens Revenge
    178M GP

    Looking for 1 more player!

    If you are looking for a group that is active in game and also on discord we are that group. We like to keep a fun discord environment while also maximizing in game results. We have a good mix of FTP players and PTP players. We have knowledgeable players who are willing to help answer any questions. If you are looking for a group that will complete future end game content then come join us.

    We are looking for
    - 3.3M+ GP (exceptions made for whales)
    - Top 25 in Arena and Fleet
    - Active on Discord
    - 600 tickets a day this mandatory

    About Us
    - 45 Trayas; 18 Revans
    - Fully Heroic Guild
    - Near Perfect TW record
    - 47 DSTB (86 IPD)
    - 45 LSTB (100 ROLO)
    - Raid times 10:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M PDT (alternating schedule)
    - Guild Resets at 6:30 P.M. PDT

    If you’re interested please send a link of your profile, with your time zone and why you left your last guild to me via direct message on discord (MikeB#1326)

    You can also jump on our discord server with the below link.
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    **The Aluminum Falcon
    GP - 162 million**

    Hello there!

    We are looking for a few new members

    We have all Heroics on farm and our goals now are to
    a) make our Heroic STR runs go more quickly
    b) keep improving our TB scores
    c) improve our TW wins

    A little about us:
    LSTB - 44 stars
    DSTB - 46 stars

    Raid times:
    6pmCST - HSTR (FFA, goes down in about 2-3.5 hours)
    7pmCST - HPIT (one team, wait 20 minutes to post solo)
    8pmCST - HAAT (FFA, goes down in about 30-45 minutes)
    All raid are 24hr join period/0 damage

    What we are looking for in a guildmate
    - someone experienced in the HSTR or who has the teams ready and is looking to move up to an HSTR guild
    - someone who can do their 600 consistently
    - someone who has the required toons to do DS and LS territory battles and can go 4/4 or 6/6 past phase 5
    - someone who can run both offense and defense and be an active participant in TWs
    - someone who has a sense of humor. We are a bunch of goofballs who enjoy the game (even while griping about it)

    If this sounds like you then by all means come on over to the 0otini family discord server and ask for me (CHO YANG) or any TAF Officer. We look forward to meeting you.
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    Guild name: Raw Talent 150mgp All hraids on farm 9pmet raid times Independent guild Looking for 2.5mgp with teams geared toward hstr 600 tickets more often than not and participate in Tb/tw.
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    Spaceballs - 144 M GP

    We're an easy-going and semi-competitive guild. We frequently win at TW and have scored 38/40 stars in LS/DS TB. We are farming all Raids on Heroic

    Below are some of the guild guidelines that we have posted:

    * All members should do 600
    * Discord is mandatory,
    * Create a profile on and link your account

    Territory Wars
    * Joining is a must!
    * Follow the instructions for D
    * Must score above the character "Comb the Desert"

    Territory Battles
    * Minimum, deploy GP
    * Must score above the character "Comb the Desert"

    * Starts whenever we have enough tickets at 10pm EDT
    * 22hr join period
    * Opens 5pm EDT, free-for-all
    * Rancor ends quickly (~7 mins)
    * Tank ends in approx. 35 mins
    * Sith ends in a few hours

    * No **, except @**
    * Remember it's a game and we are all real people with lives
    * Have fun!
    * May the Schwartz Be With You

    If you're interested, join us on Discord at and we can chat. My handle on there is "Barf".
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    Come join the Hive where we have a guild for every type of player!
    We’ve got an active community of player with guilds in both the US EU and an international guild that works together to help everyone advance.
    The Hive has it's own server full of useful resources and banter too!
    There are 4 HSTR guilds and 3 progression guilds with different play styles
    Come by the catina today!

    Contact AJ#0507 on Discord or message me here
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    Welcome to Talisman! We are an ACTIVE PROGRESSION guild.

    What does this mean? It means this is a guild for players who are actively playing and growing their rosters. Members of our guild have goals of being hSTR ready! In order to support this goal, we have rules for our players:

    *400 tickets daily
    *Attacking all open raids daily (even if it’s just on auto)
    *Participation in each phase of TB
    *If you join TW you are required to participate
    *Staying up to date on guild announcements in Discord

    Join us in The Hive of Scum and Villainy where we have alliance resources and the ability to transfer to higher guilds once you are ready!

    STR tier 5 launches automatically when tickets are generated
    HAAT launches at 5PM CST with a 24hr join period
    Rancor rotates launch times at 4PM and 9PM CST with a 24hr join period
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    Who's gonna get us to a full guild with 50 players?
    Who's gonna join our guild and fill those last two open spaces?

    Who are we?
    Well...this is Echo Base Squadron

    We are an active UK based guild looking for daily players.
    Currently we have 48 players and a GP of over 90 Million.

    We have a mix of players with different experience (mostly level 85 tho) but we are helping each other grow as individual players and together as a guild.

    What we are looking for:
    - Level 85 (minimum required to join)
    - Over 1M GP
    - Have JTR or CLS (preferably both)
    - If you don't have JTR and/or CLS yet, willing to collect them.
    - Take part in all the guild events
    - Get your 600 daily tokens each and every day
    - Join our Discord server
    - Have or willing to create an profile
    - If you won't be able to play for a couple of days, tell the officers. We've create a special discord channel for that reason (#holidays)

    We offer:
    - Regular Heroic Rancor and Haat Raids with a 24 hour join period, starting at 21.00 UK time
    - Sith at tier 6 starting at 18.30 UK time
    - Players that will help each other with advice and donations
    - Two advisers (independent from the guild) who not only help plot out guild strategy but also advise players on team and mod setups
    - An active Discord server including guild rules and channels for team- and modsetups
    - Regular cleanups on inactive players
    - Cleanups of players that don't participate on guild events
    - Warning/cleanup system for players who can do the daily 600 tokens, but won't (we have an absolute minimum of 400 tokens each day)

    We use in-game chat but prefer discord ( )
    Take a look at our swgoh profile:

    Drop me a line if you want to know more or just feel free and join our Discord and guild.
    My allycode is: 693-852-446

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    WE ARE...


    All Heroic raids on farm

    45/45 LSTB - 47/48 DSTB


    Competitive in TW

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    3m + GP (Exceptions possible)

    TB & TW focused roster (see below)

    - Pheonix

    - Rogue One

    - Imperial Troopers

    - Bounty Hunters

    - Arena teams for TW & GA

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Willing to use LINE

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 828-156-268

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    LOWER GP? ask about joining another one of our other guilds !!!

    Mergers available into our other guilds for small groups and new players, leadership positions available.

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people or treat any of our guilds as feeders.

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    WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse Ascension

    HPIT, HAAT, Tier 6 Sith (2 days)

    Strong in both LS & DS TB's

    112,000,000 m GP

    Competitive in TW 95% win ratio

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    1.5m + GP (Exceptions possible)


    -JTR & BB8 TEAM

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Willing to use LINE

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 533-533-537 (Leader)

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people around or treat any of our guilds as feeders.
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    KnightsofRenUK are a casual friendly guild based in the UK that has decided to start actively looking to make progress through the Raids, TW & TB and take everything a little bit more seriously. the majority of our players are level 85 and experienced so we are here to help if you need it

    We are short of 25 people for TW due to inactive players over time which is why we have decided to actively start recruiting, we currently run the HRP, 6*AAT and 3*ST raids

    Ideally we are looking for players lvl 85 with 1M+ GP but exceptions are possible if you are actively looking to progress through the game

    We want you to be active daily making as much progress as possible but we appreciate somethings are more important and are not a dictatorship so feel free to drop me or my recruitment officer a message.

    Officer spots are available to people who contribute to all aspects of progression

    Guild Leader - Dante Ren
    Ally Code : 289-943-681

    Recruitment Officer - DarthPlagus
    Ally Code : 195-455-944

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    12 Parsec Kessel Runners

    Join in fellas! We are an active group but we need more players. Looking for people who can contribute on a daily basis, participate in Territory Wars and Territory Battles and laugh at my jokes. We have 59GP but really we are looking for people who will contribute regularly and we arent too bothered about your existing level.

    We run HPit, HAAT and Tier6 Sith raid.

    Come on in water is fine...
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    Guild Name - 501st Strike Force
    Raid start times - 8PM and 9PM EST
    Guild reset is 6:30PM EST
    Medium level guild - looking for active players with more that 800k GP.
    80 Minimum level
    Must produce 600 tickets
    We use discord for communication. We are part of a 4 guild alliance so there are allot of people to ask questions to.
    We are clearing Hpit and Haat and clearing level 5 Sith Raid every 3 days .
    The alliance we are part of has two guild that are clearing Hsith.

    PM me or in game at 497-793-445
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    The Cloud City Crusaders want you!

    We're laid back, friendly, and respectful. We expect participation, but don't require 600 tickets a day. We'll be able to do a Heroic Sith raid once we have a few more members.

    We're based in the US, UK, and EU. We require Discord. Contact me there at Dirt Nader#9241
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    sl84t wrote: »
    12 Parsec Kessel Runners

    Join in fellas! We are an active group but we need more players. Looking for people who can contribute on a daily basis, participate in Territory Wars and Territory Battles and laugh at my jokes. We have 59GP but really we are looking for people who will contribute regularly and we arent too bothered about your existing level.

    We run HPit, HAAT and Tier6 Sith raid.

    Come on in water is fine...

    what is your ingame ad
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    Vietnam Hero Group
    123m GP
    * About us:
    <3 All heroic raids (sith,rancor, aat) starting time: ~02:00PM UTC (09AM EST) (07AM MST) (06AM PST) ,~24h for joininng.
    <3 Guild reset activities time: 11:30AM UTC

    * Requirements for new members:
    - Have profile ( better if u have discord acc)
    - 600 tickets/day (can be less if u notice about absence).
    - Have time to do TB, TW.
    - Gain over 1.8m GP (can be less if u gain high rank in arena/fleet).
    + Top100 arena or top20 fleet, or have teams for TB.
    Thanks for reading.
    DM me if u are interested
    My ally code 598-661-688
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    We want you in the Acient Order!
    Guild name: Acient Order
    PM me: "Zax_01" (forums); Ally Code: 272-259-942 (in-game); or reply to this post!
    Please include GP and experience with raids/TB/TW in messages and questions you may have
    Guild Raids: HRancor, HAAT, and Sith Tier 5
    Current GP: 75Mil
    Activities: active in TB and TW
    We need you active in the stuff mentioned above.
    Prefer your Galactic Power be 1Mil or greater and have at least 1 team to help any phase of HAAT.
    Strength in Territory Battles is highly preferred.
    Rebuilding our guild with a strong foundation.
    Join the Acient Order!
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    Noble Shrekk and Friends
    Looking for 10 people
    Hrancor at Noon EST, HAAT at 3 PM EST, 6* Sith

    119 Mil GP
    Active in TB and TW

    Making push for HSTR
    Easygoing guild, but active

    Ally code: 923-616-342
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    You should only be posting an advertisement once in the thread. You should also only be posting if you're an active guild looking for a player. Responses, questions, etc. should all be taken elsewhere - be it Discord, DM, or something else.
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    Petzis`s Padawans suchen Verstärkung. Wir sind eine englisch und deutschsprachige Gilde, die in erster Linie Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Unsere knapp 48 Mio GP starke Gilde spielt den HRancor und HAAT sowie Tickets dafür vorhanden sind (Startzeit ist 19:00), mehrmals die Woche. Den Sithraid probieren wir derzeit auf Level 6, das dauert aber dann ein paar Tage ;-). Wir gewinnen unsere TW regelmäßig und im TB erzielen wir durchschnittlich 16 Sterne. Es ist jeder willkommen, der das Spiel genauso mag wie wir, ohne es zu ernst zu nehmen (das wahre Leben geht vor ;-).
    Wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, kontaktiert mich hier oder Ingame (157-812-111)
    Ich hoffe man sieht sich.
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    Why join a Guild when you can join a Community?

    TNR Mace Windex is Recruiting
    We are one of the games oldest guilds in the second oldest alliance in SWGOH and we’re looking for active but chilled recruits to inject some fresh blood into the guild.

    About us
    • 170m GP Guild
    • 35 TW wins and counting
    • Raid times at 11am UTC (6am EST) and 8pm UTC (3pm EST)
    • Daily guild reset is 3:30 UTC (10:30pm EST)

    What we're looking for
    • 600 tickets a day
    • Good participation in TW and TB
    • Comms on discord
    • Minimum of 3m GP (lower considered if good roster)
    • Be awesome!
    • Have fun!

    Contact me on Discord if you're interested or want to know more! Chuey#8192
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    THE SENATE is an alliance of guilds that supports players at all levels of play. We are a community of resourceful, experienced players who strive to grow and develop ourselves and our peers to achieve great things! Whether you are a new player looking to get guidance on how to develop a solid roster of Heroes, or an experienced player hoping to reach a higher tier of play with like minded individuals, we support guilds at all stages of the game. As a community oriented alliance, The Senate strives to be a welcome environment where players can feel free to dive into deep roster strategy, or just kick back and joke around with fellow Senate members. The Senate is a place where you can feel like part of a thriving group, and a place to call home.

    We are currently looking for players anywhere from 500k to 4M+ GP, for different guilds with different goals! Our top guild is completing HSTR, with tight entry restrictions. All guilds have HAAT on farm, of course.

    The following requirements apply to all guilds:

    * Have a Discord account and be active
    * Have a profile
    * Participate in all guild activities - TB, TW and Raids!
    * Earn your guild tickets daily; 600 required for some guilds, 500 for others
    * A fun and friendly attitude!

    If you want to be part of an ever-progressing, friendly guild that competes hard and whose members help each other improve as best they can, THE SENATE is the place for you. You will also receive updates and information on all the new content and best strategies in the community. If you want to come and join us to reap the rewards of being in a strong and vibrant, successful guild, come join THE SENATE!

    Come say hello in our Discord server and see what we can offer!

    See you on the Senate floor!

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    Brotherhood of Ben

    We had a few people move on to HSTR guilds in the last week and are looking for some people to come fill us back up! We are a pretty laid back guild that doesn’t require too much beyond consistent activity (no more than three days off without alerting an officer) and joining/participating in raids

    32m guild strength, 37 members Heroic Pit w/24hr join period (usually starting at 1am UTC/8pm US EST)
    Heroic Tank w/24hr join period (same times)
    T4 Sith w/24hr join period (since we can’t do Heroic and the others are slogs)
    Around 15 TB stars (unsure with a couple player losses)

    Discord is optional, but is always open for questions and has some of the old members still in it to help out.

    Thank you!
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