Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Looking for new players to replace a few slackers.
    We need real teamplayers, daily active, participation in all guild events, raids, etc.
    We are a friendly but active guild, always helping each other grow a individual players but also grow as a guild together.

    Take a look at our advert for guild rules and how to get in touch with us.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Hi,looking for new comrades to join our guild.We need active players who can follow instructions.
    Currently guild is 100% romanian players but english speakers are welcomed(pref EU zone) :) .
    Req in image.Customized Discord bot for TBs squadrons.
    Will check roster before guild invite.
    Warning system for under 600 tickets,not joining raids,not following instructions etc/inactive without informing anyone 24h out.
    Discord: CiocanBaros#8767
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    TR Consortium is looking for 2 active players.


    US Based Guild.

    GP: 136,671,593 (48/50 Members) (Average: 2,722,956)

    TW: Win some/lose some.
    TB: 37-40*


    2+ Million GP
    HSTR ready
    600 tix
    Active in all areas
  • PowerfulDarkside is looking for a 1-3 players. We are at 47/50 right now but would like to get a few players who can contribute to HSTR. We are a casual, yet competitive guild with friendly advice and players from 1M to 3M+ GP. We have players who have left that still contribute to the guild on a regular basis and just like to hang out.
    We hope you will check out our discord server: and see for yourself.
    Guild Name: PowerfulDarkside
    Guild GP: 111M+
    Players: 47/50 about
    TB: LS 35 Stars; DS 38 stars
    Sith Raid: Tier VI; We have been doing Heroic Sith almost weekly for the last 5-6 weeks with the help of a couple mercs which has allowed us to grow and practice at the Heroic level. We are expecting to have the HSith on farm in the next few weeks.
    HPit and Haat every 3-4 days Central Time, 8pm/7pm respectively
    GP: While not strict on GP requirements, the average GP is 2M+. Active players looking to grow are more important than GP requirements. We are on track to attack HSTR soon and would love players who can help this goal (i.e. JTR team, NS team, etc.)
    Requirements: 1) account, 2) discord, 3) ~2M GP (depending on HSTR readingess), 4) Contribute in TB's (TW/Hpit/Haat are optional but encouraged), 5) active with 600 daily (life happens, we don't boot for missing).
    Discord Server: We would like for you to join discord as it is more fun for everyone!
    For in-game chat, contact:
    Lars: 985-178-925
    Scorpion: 781-754-238
    Note: to search in-game for guilds, type PowerfulDarkside (one word).
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    SIGM∆ Alliance Beta is recruiting!
    45* LSTB/47* DSTB

    Strong, well organized leadership.

    What we want from you:
    • Always participating in Raids, TB and TW to the best of your ability.
    • 3.5 mil+ GP with all TB toons.

    We look forward to seeing you in SIGM∆ Alliance Beta.

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  • Wir suchen Unterstützung. Sind im Aufbau und haben viel Erfahrung dabei, sowie starke und "schwächere" Spieler.
    Wir machen den Heroischen Rancor, sowie AAT und Sith Raid auf Level 5 sobald die Tickets da sind.
    Wir freuen uns über gemütliche Veteranen und Neueinsteiger und helfen euch gern weiter ;-)
    Wir haben einen Discord-Server, dies ist aber keine Plicht. -
    Adde uns dort oder im Spiel und tritt uns bei, Gemeinsam werden wir stark und immer stärker :-)
  • Guild Name: VIII (spelled viii)
    Guild-GP: 145M Guild-Link:

    Fully Heroic: HPit, HAAT, HSTR

    Discord is in use but NOT a requirement.

    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)


    VIII (or viii) currently has 1 opening for an active new member looking for a fun, friendly and active guild! Current Guild focus is maximizing Territory Battle star counts. We usually win TW and can clear HSTR in hours.

    We are a mostly North American based guild, but we have several members in Asia and Europe. That means there is almost always someone online!

    Who are we looking for? You! That player at 2.5M GP or higher, active daily and wants to improve and help others to grow! Must have a few good G12 squads for TB/TW

    VIII Critical Info!

    HPit runs 2 to 3 times per week. Weekday starts are 10PM EST; weekend starts 3PM EST. Strict 24-hour zero damage rule in effect! Solo efforts are allowed to post 15 minutes after raid start time.

    HAAT runs 2-3 times per week. Weekday starts are at 9PM EST; weekend starts are at 3PM EST.

    HSTR runs at least twice a week and completes in under 12 hours.

    TW – 35 wins and counting! We rarely lose. We are in the 3 zeta bracket for a win, 2 for a loss. One guild officer coordinates offensive and defensive strategies. Must have ready squads (NS, FO, Sith, Jedi, BH, Empire, Phoenix, Scoundrels, etc.).

    TB – Achieving 40-43+ stars on LS/DS battles. Should hit 44 stars on DS very soon

    Discord is in use and encouraged, but it is not required. Discussions other than SWGoH encouraged!
    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)

    Guild activity reset is at 7:30PM EST.

    We have no requirements for raid tickets; just do what you can. We all have lives to lead!

    Finally, chat first when you join. Otherwise, you get the boot

    Ohh…and HAVE FUN! We are NOT a Guild of Elitist Jerks ;)

    If interested, please either reply here, PM me, or contact myself or another guild member.

    In-game I'm both Dark Helmet (561-425-188) and Upgrayedd (563-833-936).

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Fragments 0f The Empire
    181M gp

    We are part of The Empire Alliance.  We are pushing in both TB and TW. No forced farms, but willing to help meet our goals.

    GMT based with All raids on farm
    Rancor 18:00 GMT (2pm EST)
    HSTR/HAAT 19:00 GMT (3pm EST)
    44 star  light side
    47 star dark side
    Very competitive tw

    3.2M GP required

    Need to be able to complete all morning most TB CMS and have 6+ high end TW teams

    Discord: Dr. Alan Grant#4299
    DM me or reach out on Discord interested
  • G'day we are a fun very active casual guild looking a few more to fill some spots and help us get heroic sith ready and some more stars in territory battles.

    We are a 54 mill GP guild with about 40 members.

    We hit 19 LS and 20 DS stars in Territory battles

    We sit on 30 wins 5 losses in Territory wars

    We do HAAT 2x a week (takes about 4hrs) 11am est

    We do HEROIC RANCOR 3 times a week (takes about 10min) 8pm est

    We do TIER 6 SITH 2x a week (takes about 40hrs) 8am est

    Looking for anyone how wants to grow fast and have fun.


  • image0.png


    1 QUARTER PORTION is looking for 5 members to help our guild for HSTR. Our guild is launching our first HSTR March 1st. We have a friendly and Positive Culture for our guild to grow and to have fun.

    __Player Requirements:__
    •400 Daily Tickets
    (90% of the guild does 600)
    •Joining TW
    •Positive Attitude

    __Guild Stats__
    •2 HAATs and 3 HPITs Weekly
    •Amazing TW Record
    •TB Stars: LS 31 & DS 33
    •Tier 6 Sith and nearing Heroic

    If you are interested please DM me on the forums or on Discord (Ender87#8030), and May the Force be With You!!!

    Kraken’s Revenge
    188 Million GP

    Undefeated in TW since August 2018

    We are a highly focused and competitive group. TW is one of the events we pride ourselves on as a guild. We are looking for people who are as active and dedicated to the game as we are. Come check us out if you want to join a winning guild.

    We are looking for:
    - 3.3M GP or higher (we do make exceptions)
    - Top rankings in both Arenas
    - Active on discord and in all guild events
    - 600 tickets a day is mandatory

    Contact me in discord directly (MikeB#1326) or come check out our server
  • Rebel rebellion arises
    we are looking for members to join our guild. Currently, we are 50m gp running t5/6 HSTR, we also win most of our TWs and average 20-23 stars in TB. we are mostly US and europe based. we expect daily activity, event participation and players building towards HSTR but understand that RL comes first. if interested contact us at our discord link.
  • Ryloth 157th.

    We are currently a 90m GP guild of 32 members. Hpit/Haat on farm. T6 sith goes pretty quick. The guild has over 50 TW wins and we get about 28-30 stars for TB. We have a discord server for out of game communication. It has an absence channel for vacation or real life stuff.

    We are looking for players of 2m GP and up who make a good effort at 600 daily, want to complete HSTR and do well in TB/TW. A few more JTR would help as well as a couple Deathstroke teams.

    Reply in a pm to me here or on discord if you prefer, Onafa#7812
  • The Zefiro may soon have a vacancy!

    161m GP guild, scoring low-to-mid 40s in TB, farming HSTR, based in Eastern US time (raid attacks circa 8:05p).

    Laid back but active, we don't micromanage you but provide all the guidance you could want if you ask for it. All we ask is that you remain active and participate in events...which is why we may have a vacancy (a member is failing to remain active in TB despite multiple nudges).

    Interested members should have at least 2.5m GP, or if less then a very focused roster with key squads powered up.

    Contact us via Discord (DocDoom#3475) or Facebook (ZefiroGuild)!
  • Galaxy of Titans 5 is recruiting 4 active players
    We are a semi-casual guild that knows life comes before the game. However, we are dedicated to pushing heroic STR and progressing through the game. We have a mix of players from all around the world and are looking for more Titans to join us in galactic conquest!
    We are part of an alliance of 6 guilds, 4 of which are currently farming heroic STR. All 6 guilds are in a single discord so that we can benefit from each others knowledge and experience.
    Currently in GoT5, we have the following on farm:
    25 Stars LS TB
    24 Stars DS TB
    Heroic AAT and Rancor
    Tier 5 STR cleared in 2 resets (currently attempting T6 with our new roster of JTR and Revan unlocks)
    Level 85
    1 Million GP or higher
    At least one Heroes Journey character unlocked (Revan, CLS, or JTR) If you have the requirements ready and just waiting for next pass, that is fine.
    Discord is mandatory, you don't have to be active in chat, just be able to read and follow orders, however, if you want to chat we are here.
    Want to know more or join our team, reach out to us on discord:
    Guild page:
  • ttmo8glvajv6.jpg

    Shazbot Patrol
    45-50 members 43+ mil gp
    looking for active guild members

    Join a friendly, fun, and goal oriented family of gamers. Learn the basics and more. Help us grow and watch yourself gain power too. Let's work towards those Traya shards.

    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic AAT
    T5 Sith raid

    -Level 85
    -Active and communicates
    -Discord is a must
    -Hit raids as much as possible
    -Must participate in TW and TB
    -600 Guild Tickets daily

    Lexington 1775 AC:345-935-932
    Concord 1775 AC:631-131-279
    ChaoticKaltro AC:178-969-546

    Any other questions can be answered via in game chat or discord after initial contact. We look forward to having some of you part of Shazbot Patrol.
  • 59hy8occ9kth.jpg
    Los Trumpkinos are recruiting!! Currently 44 Members with 62.6M GP. We have a strong group of active players and as such you can learn and gain a lot from joining in with us! We are friendly and are always chatting, either in the game or discord.

    You can reach us on Discord here -

    We are a mainly UK based guild, therefore we reset at GMT 00:00

    Heroic Rancor twice a week
    Just starting Heroic AAT once every 5 days or so
    Tier V of Sith Raid every Week

    On average between 19-22 stars on TB

    We have just booted a few inactive players and are looking for some peeps to take their place! No overbearing officers or rules.

    We only ask that you join TW every time it starts and that you put as much as possible into earning daily tickets and participate in raids as much as possible.

    Min player level 85.

    Please ignore our name, it started off as a joke and we are having trouble getting it changed!!
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  • PowerfulDarkside is looking for 1-4 players. We are currently at 46/50 right now but are holding out for a few players who can help contribute to HSTR. We are a casual, yet competitive guild with friendly advice and players from 1M to 3M+ GP. We hope you will check out our discord server: and see for yourself. Guild Name: PowerfulDarkside
    Guild GP: 110M+ Players: 47/50
    TB: LS 35 Stars; DS 38 stars
    Sith Raid: Tier VI; We have been doing Heroic Sith almost weekly for the last 5-6 weeks with the help of a couple mercs which has allowed us to grow and practice at the Heroic level. We are expecting to have the HSith on farm in the next few weeks.
    HPit and Haat every 3-4 days U.S. Central Time, 8pm/7pm respectively
    GP: While not strict on GP requirements, the average GP is 2M+. Active well-rounded players looking to grow are more important than GP requirements. We are on track to attack HSTR soon and would love players who can help be part of this goal (i.e. JTR, Raven, and NS teams, etc.)
    Requirements (musts): 1) account, 2) discord, 3) ~2M GP (depending on HSTR readiness), 4) Contribute in TB's (TW/Hpit/Haat are optional but encouraged), 5) Active with 600 dailies (life happens, we don't boot for missing anything as long as there is communication).
    Discord Server: Discord is a requirement because of ease of coordination/communication and as it’s more fun for everyone!
    Come be part of a fun, but serious, group; leaches need not apply.
    For in-game chat, contact:
    • Lars: 985-178-925
    • Scorpion: 781-754-238
    Note: to search in-game for guilds, type PowerfulDarkside (one word).

    Check out PowerfulDarkside Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
    Guild name: The Defiant Order
    183 Million GP
    49/50 One Opening
    Very Good guild with nice people
    Min of 3.5M GP please
    You are more than welcome!
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    First Imperial Republic

    Friendly and supportive guild providing advice and support via discord. Current GP 85mil from 45 members.

    We are a mainly UK based guild and we reset at GMT 00:00

    Heroic rancor (10 min clearance) & Heroic AAT (1 hour clearance) approx every 3 days.

    T6 Sith raid usually 3 day clearance and restart. Growing the guild to eventually move to heroic.

    Looking for active new members 85+ with over 2 mil GP.

    • Guild Search “First Imperial Republic”
    • In game chat: Varth Dader 839-347-181
    • Discord: Varth Dader#6446
    Guild Minimum Requirements:
    • HRancor Raid: Join
    • HAAT Raid: Join
    • Sith Raid (T6): attack daily
    • Raid Tickets: 500 daily
    • Territory Battles: participate & attack daily
    • Territory War: join, participate follow zone requirements
    (50% minimum participation monthly)
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  • Petzis`s Padawans suchen Verstärkung. Wir sind eine englisch und deutschsprachige Gilde, die in erster Linie Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Unsere knapp 51 Mio GP starke Gilde spielt den HRancor und HAAT sowie Tickets dafür vorhanden sind (Startzeit ist 19:00), mehrmals die Woche. Den Sithraid probieren wir derzeit auf Level 6, das dauert aber dann ein paar Tage ;-). Wir gewinnen unsere TW regelmäßig und im TB erzielen wir durchschnittlich 16 Sterne. Es ist jeder willkommen, der das Spiel genauso mag wie wir, ohne es zu ernst zu nehmen (das wahre Leben geht vor ;-).
    Wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, kontaktiert mich hier oder Ingame (157-812-111)
    Ich hoffe man sieht sich.
  • 149M GP guild looking for 1 more active member. We are a very active guild with a large roster of folks who have been with the guild since it's formation over 2 years ago, including the core officers. Though we're proud of the community we've built in-game, we may be most proud of our Discord Happy Hour.
    Guild Reset: 6:30 PM CST
    600 tickets daily (avg 550 over the month - after all, it's a game)
    All heroic raids:
    7 PM CST Pit/Tank
    1 PM CST hSTR (<2 hrs to complete)
    TW focused:
    41 wins - 19 losses
    TB focused:
    42* LS
    44* DS
    Join our current roster of:
    44 Trayas
    35 Revans
    19 Han's MFs
    We are interested focused rosters, even if under 2.5M GP. Rogue 1 would be extremely helpful as it will help propel us to 43* in TB.
    Contact AtticusMD#9965 on Discord
  • 7th Column

    We are 7th Column, a US based guild who is looking for players to prepare us for the Heroic Sith Raid. We don't have the high standards of the top end guilds, but if you are an active and dedicated player to the game, then you will fit right in perfectly.

    GP - 99M



    HRancor, HAAT, STR VI - close to Heroic

    -HRancor every Monday and Friday at 3:00 PM GMT w/ a 24 hr join period
    -HAAT usually every Wednesday at 3:00 PM GMT w/ a 24 hr join period
    -STR whenever we finish the last one, probably change once we start doing Heroic

    Territory Battles:

    -Light Side ~30 Stars
    -Dark Side ~30 Stars

    Win Most Territory Wars

    Discord Details Provided On Join


    -2.2 million GP
    -At Least 6 Territory Wars-Ready Teams
    -Daily Activity
    -Participates in Chat and Becomes Part of the Family

    PREFERRED (Really helps your chances)

    -JTR, Jedi (Revan or Bastila), Nightsisters, or any other good STR teams
    -10+ G12's and many zetas
    -SWGoH.GG Account

    -TheDuke117: 814-155-498

    **Force Users Anonymous (FUA)** is an independent, active guild that shares the Dark Council Mortis server with 5 other independent guilds - a cooperative community that helps and advises each other on all aspects of the game. We have ~75 million GP and are down to a core of 33 active members after slowly cutting slackers.

    We have the T6 Sith Raid on farm, and are getting ready for the Heroic Sith. To that end we have used our open spots to bring in mercs occasionally to help us run Heroic Sith but we would rather fill those slots with full-time members.

    However, we're not just a raid focused guild and are looking to improve in Territory Battles and Territory Wars as well.


    Heroic Rancor - 24-hour join period. Auto-starts at 7pm Pacific. 20 minute damage submission delay if you can solo 1 or more phases.
    HAAT - 24-hour join period. Auto-starts at 6pm Pacific
    Sith - T6 with no join period. Auto-starts at 5pm Pacific. Occasional Heroic with merc help.


    1) Discord account and at least a semi-active user (we do all planning and coordination via Discord)
    2) An profile
    3) Participate fully in all core guild activities (TB, TW, Sith Raid)
    4) Have at least one Heroic Sith raid team ready or nearly ready (JTR, Bastila, Chex Mix, Nightsisters)
    5) Willing to work on other Sith raid squads as requested

    Come chat with us on the Dark Council Mortis server.
  • Looking for a new guild? Active and productive but still want a casual feel?

    THE SENATE is a family of guilds that supports players at all levels of play. We are a community of resourceful, experienced players who strive to grow and develop ourselves and our peers to achieve great things! Whether you are a new player looking to get guidance on how to develop a solid roster of Heroes, or an experienced player hoping to reach a higher tier of play with like minded individuals, we support guilds at all stages of the game. As a community oriented alliance, The Senate strives to be a welcome environment where players can feel free to dive into deep roster strategy, or just kick back and joke around with fellow Senate members. The Senate is a place where you can feel like part of a thriving group, and a place to call home.

    We are currently looking for players anywhere from brand new to the game to 4M+ GP, for different guilds with different goals! Our top guild is completing HSTR, with tight entry restrictions. All guilds have HAAT/HPIT on farm.

    The following requirements apply to all guilds:
    * Have a Discord account and be active
    * Have a profile
    * Participate in guild activities - TB, TW and Raids
    * Earn your guild tickets daily, 600 required for some guilds, others have no strict ticket requirements at all
    * A fun and friendly attitude!

    If you want to be part of an ever-progressing, friendly guild that competes hard and whose members help each other improve as best they can, THE SENATE is the place for you. You will also receive updates and information on all the new content and best strategies in the community. If you want to come and join us to reap the rewards of being in a strong and vibrant, successful guild, come join THE SENATE!

    Come say hello in our Discord server and see what we can offer!

    See you on the Senate floor!
  • xgfdh2e89g2y.jpg
    We are an independent active UK based guild looking for daily and active teamplayers.
    Our guildname: Echo Base Squadron

    Currently we have 49 players and almost 98mil GP but due to not participating in guildevents and not being real teamplayers spots will open up soon.

    What we are looking for:
    - Level 85 (minimum required to join)
    - Over 1 Mil GP (this is open to discussion)
    - Have JTR, CLS or Revan. If you don't have any of them, willing to collect them.
    - Take part in all guild events and raids every day
    - Get your 600 daily tokens collected every day
    - Follow teamorders
    - Real teamplayers
    - Have an profile (mandatory)
    - Have Discord (mandatory)
    - If you won't be able to play for a couple of days, tell the officers.

    We offer:
    - Regular HPIT and HAAT Raids with a 24 hour join period, starting at 21.00 UK time
    - Regular Sith at tier 6
    - Players that will help each other with advice and donations
    - Two advisers (independent from the guild) who not only help plot out guild strategy but also advise players on team and mod setups
    - An active Discord server including guild rules and channels for team- and modsetups
    - Weekly cleanups on inactive players including:
    - > Cleanups of players that don't participate in guild events
    - > Warning/cleanup system for players who can do the daily 600 tokens, but won't (we have an minimum of 400 tokens each day)
    - Joining our Discord server is mandatory ( )

    Take a look at our swgoh profile:

    We are invite only, so drop me a line on Discord if you want to know more about our guild, guildrules or simply want to join.
    Discord: nabucco#0893
    My allycode is: 693-852-446

    UnlImited Power
    177m GP
    Does your ideal guild leader blast members who act like "being in the hospital" or "working 22 hour shifts" are an excuse to not post their daily 600 tickets? Are you counting the hours until user JarJarIsLife gets booted because he has a lower overall TB score than DarthFluffy even though he has a whole 20,000 more GP? Is your ideal guildmate someone who can post 10 G12+ teams on defense and still take down 4 Revan teams with their right thumb tied behind their back? Well, prepare to be disappointed if you join us!
    We try our best to straddle the line between casual and competitive; what this means for members is that we do have some expectations for participation, but instead of making hardline rules our officers will reach out to people that seem to be falling behind. These expectations basically boil down to:
    - Let us know if you won't be participating in guild-wide game modes or getting 600 tickets in for more than a day at a time(we have a vacation channel just for this!)
    - Joining TW is NOT mandatory, but it is encouraged and if you do join, we expect active participation. We will notice if you're just in it for the free zetas!
    - Not gameplay related: our guild consists primarily of adults, and while things mostly stay civil we have a meme channel that can get pretty perverted. It is a truly wretched hive of scum and villainy, and I strongly recommend muting it if you dislike adult humor.
    We are looking to fill 1 spot on the roster; 3m GP is preferred, but a lower GP with strong teams is acceptable. We run all Heroic raids (Rancor/Tank @ 6 PST, Sith @ 5 PST), and score 43/45 stars in LS/DS Territory Battles respectively. Send a pm to me if interested.
  • u9brg7d0k3tl.jpeg
    Discord: Sorak#1398
    Ally Code: 371-348-276
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