Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Looking for a few new players.

    Ally code 112-921-691
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    Who are we:
    We are Echo Base Squadron, a fully Herioc guild
    Our latest statistics can be found in the banner.

    We are an active UK based guild looking for two daily and HSTR ready teamplayers.

    What we are looking for:
    - Level 85 (required to join)
    - Over 2 Mil GP
    - At least one developed HSTR team
    - Follow guildrules
    - Follow teamorders
    - Active participation in all guild events including HSTR raids
    - Collect 600 daily tokens every day

    What do we offer you:
    - Players that will help each other with advice and donations
    - An active Discord server
    - Weekly warning and cleanups on players including:
    - > Players that didn't participate in guild events
    - > Didn't follow guildrules
    - > Don't collect their 600 tokens (we have an minimum average of 500 tokens per week)

    Take a look at our swgoh profile:

    We are invite only. Contact me on Discord if you want to know more about our guild, guildrules or any other question.

    Discord: nabucco#0893
    My allycode is: 693-852-446

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    The Last Days of Sun

    Are you in a guild that's too demanding on your time? Or a formally strong guild that's lost its way? Are you just looking for somewhere competitive that will let you play the game your way?

    The Last Days of Sun are looking for committed players to make us stronger, but we appreciate this is only a game and everyone has other stuff going on in their lives. We don't require specific toons, or have strict targets that have to be met. If you're an active player who wants to be in a strong guild and work towards HSith, then we want you.

    Currently at 100mil+ GP with 48/50 players. Formed last year from a merger of two guilds, so we have a very strong core of 2mil+ GP players, and have recently merged another small guild into our ranks to refresh our membership. Now looking for some extra players to fill our roster and help us push onto the next level.

    What We Offer:
    - HPit & HAAT on farm - 24hr sign up and FFA
    - 6* Sith Raid
    - Regular TW victories (definitely above 50:50 but we don't keep track)
    - Strong performance in TB (~25-30 stars)
    - Discord Server for Communication
    - Core membership is UK based with refresh at 18:00 GMT

    What You Offer:
    - 750k+ GP preferred, but committed players of all levels will be considered
    - Regular participation in Guild events (all of them would be nice, but life gets in the way)
    - Strong ticket generation (600 would be nice, but again, life etc.)
    - Discord is highly recommended as most of our communication is on there

    If you're interested, please get in touch.
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  • The Dread Masters are a fully heroic, organized, and social guild with 135m GP that is focused on Territory Wars and Grand Arena. Currently, we have a 47-15 record in TW, get 41* in Dark Side TB and 40* in Light. Pit is simmed and the other two have join periods then are FFA; HSTR runs at 3pm EST, HAAT at 8p, and hPit at 10. Guild reset is 7:30 EST. We are currently seeking recruits with deep, well developed rosters capable of immediate contribution across all guild activities.

    The Dread Masters try to remain as laid back as possible while remaining ambitious and organized. We have an active discord channel and a tight knit group of long time players who help each other, give advice, and stick to the few rules we have. We are fully independent, and will never be a part of an alliance, and never tell our members which characters to play or grind. We expect everyone to contribute daily, but realize that SWGOH is just a game and that Real Life takes priority. We have no strict ticket requirements, but we track stats across all guild activities to make sure every member is pulling their weight.

    Leave your stagnant guild for greener pastures, or take a step back from that stressful and intense guild while still earning fantastic rewards. Join us by contacting me with your profile via the forums, or on discord at crewmeister#9587.
  • Guild name: Fortuna Imperator Mundi
    GP: 84M with 41/50 members

    Hpit and HAAT 2-3x / week.
    STR 6, currently finishing in ~72 hours

    TB: 25 LS / 28 DS

    We are a pretty relaxed group whose been together for about 3 years. We are currently working toward HSTR. We ask that everyone participate in the guild events by joining TW, deploying every round of TB, and contributing to the sith raid. Would love folks with HSTR-ready squads, but all GP welcomed as long as you contribute frequently! We are very active on the game chat but don't use discord.

    Ally code: 935-566-472 or PM
  • Die Star Forge Gilden suchen neue Mitstreiter

    Aktuell sucht derzeit Star Forge Endor (PvP-Wing) 2 neue Member mit ca 3,5 Mio GM, die TW orientiert spielen, die dafür nötigen Teams (BH, FO, Traya, CLS, JTR und NS) besitzen und bereit sind, nach Empfehlung zu farmen und zu modden.
    600 Tix/d sollten eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein, Discord und sind Pflicht.

    Star Forge Alderaan sucht einen neuen Mitspieler mit PvE-Fokus, aber auch Interesse am TW ab 3,5 Mio GM. Die nötigen Chars für TB und TW sollten vorhanden sein.
    600 Tix/d Discord und Profil sind Pflicht.

    Ebenfalls sucht unser Nachwuchswing Star Forge Yavin zwei Spieler, die sich mit uns in naher Zukunft am HSR versuchen wollen. Voraussetzung 1,5 Mio GM, Gern auch stärkere Spieler, die etwas stressfreier spielen möchten.
    min 400 Tix/d und Profil und Discord-Pflicht.

    Auch unser Casual-Wing Star Forge Takodana sucht noch Spieler, die entspannt spielen wollen oder gerade erst mit dem Spiel starten.

    Star Forge bietet allen Spielern Unterstützung durch vielfältige Angebote auf unserem Discord-Server.
    Falls du dich für eine Aufnahme in eine unserer 12 Gilden interessierst, besuche uns auf unserem Server oder schreibe mich auf Discord an DonasJade#1304.
  • Amadala Guard

    U.S EST Guild

    - 165mil Guild (was 190mil 2 weeks ago)
    - Looking for 1-5 players
    - One open spot although we wanna replace 3 1mil GP players we had to take in for bodies after a few retirements happened at once
    - LS TB 44/45* (shud be back to 45/45 again after the next one)
    - DS TB 45/48* (shud be back to 47/48 again after the next one)
    - Most players are 3.5+


    •ALLY CODE 519-355-155
  • dc3qci.jpg
    Discord ID @ Vengefulcruelty#9264
  • LRI - Figli Di Dathomir

    Gilda italiana

    -111M GP

    -LS TB 32*

    -DS TB 38*


    Cerchiamo nuovi giocatori per sostituire i nostri inattivi. Vorremo arrivare ad aggiungere 12/13 alle nostre file, se siete interessati messaggiatemi qua o su discord a MincaMinca#9981
    We're looking for new player to replace our inactive. We'd like to add 12/13 to our ranks, if you're interested PM me here or on discord at MincaMinca#9981
  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse Krypton Jedis


    HPIT, HAAT, T6 Sith !!!

    Strong in both LS & DS TB's

    58,000,000 m GP

    Competitive in TW 95% win ratio

    Friendly, Fun, and Enthusiastic Players


    1m + GP (Exceptions possible)


    -JTR & BB8 TEAM

    Must contribute 600 tix daily

    Have a good attitude !!!


    In game chat 665-777-517

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus upon landing)

    NOTE: We are an alliance guild, but each guild grows independently, we don't move people around or treat any of our guilds as feeders.
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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile -

    • ~193m gp
    • HSTR at 8:00 pm EST, Pit & Haat at 9 pm EST
    • 45/47 Stars - Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players and a minimum 3.8m Galactic Power (negotiable).

    1. Play daily - 500+ raid tickets per day. 600 tickets is normal for most of our members. (We do track this) -- we avg 29k to 30k daily tickets.
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (Zero damage counts as participation)
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server -

    Chat with our officers to see if we have room and see if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.

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    Heroes With 1000 Faces
    Currently 86.5 million GP

    Check us out online:

    Or contact us in-game
    Hyme 273-481-216

    Recently changed our recruitment guidelines in order to progress. We will consider those under 1.5 mil if they have a strong JTR team. Currently have 2 open spots.
  • sup guys. We're the Thugs in White Armor and we have room for exceptional players to join our ranks!


    We are a bunch of immature old people from all around the world that have been united by our passion for Star Wars and our dark, wicked sense of humor. Some of us have been playing together for years in various games, such as Star Wars Commander, where we dominated the global leader board. We have a diverse group of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and we're LGBT-friendly.

    We have Heroic Rancor, Heroic AAT, and Heroic Sith Triumvirate on routine farm status; our Sith rules ensure everyone has a fair chance for the top 20 gear rewards. Territory Battles is our current focus; we’re 44/45 in Light Side and 46/48 in Dark Side battles with the ultimate goal of accomplishing 100% in both modes. As such, new recruits should be prioritizing appropriate TB teams and inflating their Galactic Power as high as possible (starring, leveling, gearing, and modding one’s entire roster). We’re currently asking new recruits to have a minumum of 3,500,000 GP prior to joining, but exceptions can be made for exceptional players.

    Moreover, we’re also competitive and enjoy defeating guilds in Territory Wars for the three zeta reward and max potential rewards), but we do emphasis PvE over PvP as a primary guild focus.

    As for the social element, we use the free third party communication app called 'Discord' to share strategies and coordinate for Territory Battles, Territory Wars, and raids. Ah well, who am I kidding? Mostly it's for sharing gifs, videos, and venting our frustration over broken mechanics.

    is mandatory to be part of our guild; you can keep notifications off and keep chatting to a minimum, but we need to be able to get a hold of you outside the game. You’ll find that most of the guild is very friendly and helpful.

    We also require everyone to get 600 raid tickets daily. Sometimes this isn't always possible, but consistency is what we look for. Just communicate with us if you have any problems due to real life such as work, injury, vacation, and so forth. More raid tickets = more raids = more rewards!

    So, if you are the social type and share our passion for Star Wars, then you might fit right in.

    We are looking for highly active players who:
    • can follow basic directions
    • are willing to farm and gear necessary characters to promote progression
    • will bring in their 600 tickets daily to ensure we can raid as often as possible
    • are willing to download Discord
    • are willing to learn and improve
    • have a certain long-time commitment to the game and their guild

    We respect that everyone has a real life and this is just a game. Nevertheless, we strive to play at a competitive level and expect our members to do so as well. Not everyone can give 100% every single day (which is totally fine), but if you can't even consistently spare the 30 minutes required to complete your dailies, then you don't need a guild.

    Overall we are a very helpful bunch and don't mind helping new people. But it's a big plus if you know what you're doing and don't need us to hold your hand all the time.

    We generally don't like to moderate our members and we especially don't like drama. That being said, we also don't censor/moderate swearing or profanity. So if the f-word makes you pee your pants, you might not want to join this guild. Also, the only kids in our guild are those who steal their parent's iPads, and we'd like to keep it that way.

    If all of that sounds like it might suit you and you want those juicy Treya shards soon, then hit me up via a PM or leave a message on this thread. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


    • Guild Galactic Power: 165+ million
    • Rancor Raid: heroic on farm status
    • AAT Raid: heroic on farm status
    • Sith Raid: heroic on farm status
    • Territory Battles: Light 44/45, Dark 46/48
    • Territory Wars: Strong strategy with zeta x3 rewards wins and max potential rewards, but PvE prioritization over PvP
    • What we require: daily 600’s, full participation, thick skin, and communication on the free third party chat app ‘Discord’


    Message me wat tambor 435-771-229

    (updated 03-24-19)

    Newly started guild «Executrix Janitor Squad» is looking for members! We are the core from an guild that became unactive and the core wanted to progress further to reach our goals!

    Our goals that we are working towards:

    *HSTR on farm.
    *Max stars on both light and darkside in TB.
    *To win every TW battle!
    *A good and healthy social society.
    *Have fun and enjoy the game together.

    Guild stats:

    Members: 35/50
    Guild GP: 58million

    The guild is under a week old and we are lacking the last 18 players to fill our ranks to get maximum out of tw/tb, ticket gains and in the end farm HSTR. But for that to happen we need you!

    Raid times:

    Raids are launched when we get tickets enough to launch them at spesific times (PST):

    *Ranc(18:00, 24hour join period)
    *HAAT(19:00, 24hour join period)
    6* Sith (when we get tickets, no join period)

    *Heroic Rancorn (farm)
    *Heroic HAAT (farm)
    6* Sith(farm, take 3-4days to clear but we are working towards HSTR)

    *TW win ratio is around 60%.
    *TB we have around 20-25 stars on both lightside and darkside.
    But we need more ppl and GP to progress furter!

    Thats why we need YOU!

    What we expect from you is:

    *Be active.
    *Max ticket income everyday.
    *Raid participation.
    *TW/TB participation.
    * required.
    *Lvl 85 and around 1million GP.
    *Discord required.
    *To be able to follow instrctions in TW/TB.
    *Be nice towards your guild mates and have fun playing the game.
    *If you are going to be away and not able to play for some days. Give officers a message.

    My contac info:

    Ingame: 185-288-336
    Discord: Guanabanana#5831

    Our discord:

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!
    Hope you will join our ranks!
  • ‘That Takes Effort’ is recruiting (158m GP 46/50)!

    All heroic raids on farm!! Raids at 9pm EST.

    Must communicate in in-game chat (within 24hrs to avoid an auto kick) at least and strive to achieve your 600 daily coins (nobody's perfect and sometimes real life gets in the way).

    Minimum 2.5mil GP, Prioritizing rosters with JTR and strong synergy teams for HSTR, TW and TBs.

    We have a guild Slack channel where we discuss all things SWGOH. Communication and a desire tuo improve are a must!

    Shoot me an ally invite, private chat request, or request to the guild through guild search
    Vulture - Ally Code: 472-868-918
  • We are looking for new members to merge into our guild. We are a newer guild that broke away from a bigger one because we wanted something a little more serious but also didn't want something like a ticket limit. We just want people who play the game regularly and if you are going to go somewhere and not be on for a while we would ask you to just let us know. Most of us are on American EST time. We use discord and the best way to contact me is in game via my ally code or just joining the guild : )

    Guild: The Terentatek Hunters

    My Ally Code:

    30+ slots

    We can solo all but the HSTR.
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    Who are we:
    We are Echo Base Squadron, a fully Herioc guild.
    49 players, 110+ mil GP

    We are an active UK based guild looking for daily and HSTR ready teamplayer to fill our roster.
    What we are looking for:
    - Level 85 (required to join)
    - Over 2 Mil GP
    - At least one developed HSTR team
    - Follow guildrules
    - Follow teamorders
    - Active participation in all guild events including HSTR raids
    - Collect 600 daily tokens every day

    What do we offer you:
    - HPIT and HAAT start at 21.00 UK time
    - HSTR starts at 20.00 UK time
    - All raids have a 24 hour join period
    - Players that will help each other with advice and donations
    - An active Discord server
    - Weekly warning and cleanups on players including:
    - > Players that didn't participate in guild events
    - > Didn't follow guildrules
    - > Don't collect their 600 tokens (we have an minimum average of 500 tokens per week)

    Take a look at our swgoh profile:
    We are invite only. Contact me on Discord if you want to know more about our guild, guildrules or any other question.
    Discord: nabucco#0893
    My allycode is: 693-852-446

    Revans Elite Knights
    93 mil GP

    We are a proud part of the Thrawn’s Dark Lord Raid Rekkers Alliance.

    Fully heroic Guild looking to fill our ranks. If you have HSR squads ready, can provide 500+ tickets per day, and are very active in all Guild events....We want you!

    Our mission here is to be able to pay it forward. We will grow strong enough to be able to help other Guilds conquer raids that they may not be able to conquer. And provide support if they need it.

    We require:
    ~ Participation in ALL Guild events
    ~ Communication - it is vital
    ~ Discord is HIGHLY recommended
    ~ Communication - oh wait...yeah I did mean to say that twice.
    ~ A account
    ~ At least 500 tickets a day generates for raiding as much as possible

    We will launch raids as we generate enough tickets.

    TW and TB participation is expected.
    Winning record for TW.
    ~ 30 stars in TB

    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself or our recruiter.
    Ally code:
    Ilinso: 624-542-756
    rockwrench69: 523-832-131

    Thanks for your consideration.


    After much discussion, we have decided to offer up two guild spaces to relative beginners.

    Your only requirements are to maximise your daily raid tickets, join our Discord server for strategy and chat, turn up for TB and TW. And that's it. You would do well to hit all the raids to maximise the benefit of being in the guild, but that's up to you; you won't get hassle if you miss raids. You WILL get hassle if you miss TB and TW, even if you can't contribute much. It's the effort that counts, not the result. We want you to be part of the group and grow with us so, when it comes time for me to retire, you'll be there to take over.

    From us, you will get guaranteed heroic raid completion with the associated shards and gear; 40+ stars in both TBs; a competitive but fun atmosphere for TW; and as much gear and advice as you can handle.

    We are UK based, but our members are international. From California to Mauritius, from Norway to Australia, we're everywhere. HSTR launches at 12pm UK time, the older raids launch between 7pm and 11pm. Pit and HAAT are over in minutes, so be quick if you want to contribute. HSTR takes around 11 to 12 hours still, so plenty of time to get on the scoreboard. The are no restrictions on hitting any of the raids after the join period ends. Go nuts. Guild resets are 6:30pm GMT.

    If that's of interest, contact me on Discord: RabbieBurns#4045.

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    Guild Name : Supten Waverly
    112+ mil GP, currently 45 members, Open to join
    We’re looking for good, solid, active players, level 85, minimum 1.8 mil GP or above.
    We are extremely active and participate in all Guild events.(TB,TW participation is very important)
    We run hPit, hAAT & T6 Sith looking towards Heroic Sith in April. (all in EST)
    We have several spots available as long as you can fulfill the following
    Guild requirements:
    1. Active participation in all Guild events.
    2. Active daily to help generate raid tickets, any amount is fine.
    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself or the Guild Officers
    Garazeb (Leader)
    Ally code : 858-147-729
    Mike Mauler (Officer)
    Varth Dader (Officer)
    Thanks and Supten Waverly welcomes you!
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  • It is not my fault is an EST guild looking for a group of about 20 to join us. Mix of levels is ok. Individuals welcome.

    63million galactic power
    We run HPIT, HAAT, Sith T5/6.
    We usually hold our own in Territory War. Pictured below was done with only 25 players.
    We only require activity within 3 days and run an inactive list for breaks. (Life happens)

    Message me in game or on [email protected] Mal Ti#5709
  • Legends of Old is a very social, totally independent, and growing guild that takes progression very seriously. We are currently looking for dedicated players with developed rosters capable of contributing to territory battles, and all heroic raids. We have in our guild several over 2m GP.

    Here at Legends of Old we seek to find the balance between casual and serious gaming. We expect all of our members to play daily in all guild activities, but realize that SWGOH is just a game and that Real Life takes priority. We have no strict ticket requirements, will never tell our members which characters to grind or play(although we do give recommendations to brand new players), we give gear very freely and are free from any alliances. We are currently not in Territory Wars, however, with more people we can be sure to do some damage. Our last Dark Side Territory Battle we achieved 12*, and 12* on Light. We run SRT, AAT and Heroic Rancor raids all starting at 10:00 PM Central time. We do not have a discord chat and don't require it, we do have a active in game chat. We track player contributions to make sure all our members are pulling their weight and advancing in power as the guild grows.

    Leave your current stagnant guild for greener pastures, or take a step down from your stressful and intense Elite guild while still earning fantastic rewards. Contact me with your profile via the forms or drop me a message here.

    Thank you and may the force be with all of you.
  • End Game - Recruiting now

    We are group full of dedicated players who are willing to do what it takes to dominate New Content quickly and efficiently. We all share and work together to accomplish our goals and grow faster, and we work as one big guild so no one is left behind.

    - Must have a account and be active daily on Discord
    - 3+ mil GP - Fully geared squads and High level of dedication are a priority.
    - 600 Daily Raid Tickets
    - Full participation in TB and TW

    What you get:
    - All heroic raids
    - No guilds getting less than 43 stars in TB  
    - No slackers, everyone carries their weight.
    - Experienced, veteran players who have your back.

    We’re looking for serious players who want more out of the game, and who are willing to step up and take on whatever CG throws at us this year!!! Stop by our Discord server at and fulfill your destiny!!!!!
  • Maverick's Squad
    HSTR on farm as we speak!
    Contact me on Discord ; TheSaint#4909

    We are a 120m gp guild looking for some more HSTR ready members.

    We are a fun group of active players that play because we enjoy the game, and don't feel the need to require hard activity. We understand life comes first, and as long as you're communicating on discord and respectful of others, you won't get kicked for a missed day or a vacation/ holiday.

    We have HSTR on farm and are now looking to increase our numbers.

    We are a global guild, so HPit and HAAT raid times rotate 6 hours each time.

    Contact me on Discord ; TheSaint#4909


    After much discussion, we gave decided to make two spaces available to newer players.

    We are a fully heroic 144m GP guild, getting 40+ stars on both TBs, and competitive in GW. We're have a couple of spaces available after removing some players who were not contributing, and I'd like to offer them to players looking for a leg up in the game.

    I'm after players at level 80 or above, who will give 600 tickets daily, sign up to our Discord server, and will turn up for TB and TW. For TB and TW, it doesn't matter how much you can contribute, making the effort is what counts.

    In return, I can offer all-heroic raids, a low drama but committed guild, and as much advice and guidance as you need to grow your roster. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we know how to play the game.

    We're are UK based, but our members are worldwide, so you'll always find someone online to talk to. Guild resets are 6:30pm GMT.

    Raids are free-for-all after the join period ends; the older raids launch between 7pm and 11pm GMT (on rotation), HSTR launches at noon. Pit and HAAT are over in minutes, HSTR is available for approximately 11 hours (getting shorter each time).

    Add me on Discord for a chat if you want to join: RabbieBurns#4045.

  • Just Sithed Myself - needs 2 new members!

    We are 91 million gp, dedicated casual (Somewhere between active and casual), no ticket requirements, TB participation expected (it lasts 6 days people) 30/31* LS/DS, TW we are 27 out of 28 victories!

    We are planning our second attempt at hSTR, so someone who is working on P1/P2 teams are appreciated. We focus on enjoyment and firmly believe life comes first! Time away is allowed with notice, but the dedication of our group may be addictive.

    We use discord for organizing and socializing. PM me for invite or look us up in game.

    7:30 pm CST raid start times, 24 hr join period, live for 30 minutes before solos post in hPit/hAAT.

    Come one, come all, and bring a fresh change of pants!

    -WhoVille Sheriff (Leader)
    WhoVille Sheriff - Ally Code: 244-425-158 -
    Discord: WhoVille Sheriff#3439

    Guild Collaboration Founder: Just Sithed Myself
  • Welcome to A KYO Menance. We're looking to fill 10-12 spots in our guild. We left our old HSTR farm guild and recently merged with another new guild. We've got a 100% winning TW record (1 - 0). 37 people 71 mm GP. We’re looking for daily active players with at least one HSTR squad ready to contribute.

    Why choose us?
    We’re an adult guild committed to helping each other out. We’ve got some long time players that can offer as much advice and guidance as you want to grow your roster. We get that life happens so just communicate and it’ll all work out. Guidelines are below. Let me know if you're interested.

    - 600 tickets
    - Raid times are 1-3 MST
    - participation in all guild events (score > 0)
    - follow directions in TB/TW
    - one HSTR squad ready to contribute
    - required
    - discord required
    - 5 day inactivity* = kick
    * unless you notify/post in vacation

    My ally code: 318-667-362 or msg me on the forums. Happy hunting.
  • Poester_Mar19.png?width=167&height=240

    Hot Damnerons

    115M+ GP


    The Hot Damnerons are social, team-players who help each other improve. Our strong organization means we punch above our weight in TB and TW. We also have a busy Discord server with channels for help and tips, strategy, theorycrafting, and (of course) memes and general nonsense.

    We have HSTR on farm. Ideally, we want players with strong p3 and/or p4 teams (e.g. Nightsisters)

    If you're keen to progress (and for Traya) but aren't ready for an ultra-demanding guild, drop me a DM.

    We have:

    - All Heroics on farm (24 hr join)

    - A strong bot-assisted planning system for TBs and TW. (Plus ROLO/IPD shards.)

    - Very knowledgeable players always willing to help (or debate!)

    - Our independence! We are not part of an alliance, and instead work together as a cohesive unit.

    We are looking for players who:

    - Are active and get 600 tix wherever possible

    - Have at least 1.8M GP but allowances can be made for HSTR ready squad(s)

    - Have at least 1 HSTR ready team

    - Contribute fully to guild activities in game (or let us know when you can't)

    - Are on/willing to join (for our bots)

    - Communicative on Discord for coordination

    Feel free to pm me or contact me on discord xiaosufei#0513 for more info
  • vups93r6h2k6.jpg

    TGY CLAN (The GraveYard Clan) is a 173+M GP UK/Euro- friendly guild on regular HSTR farm , and looking to fill 1 spot.
    TGY Clan Recruitment server:

    - working on full Stars for TB (almost there)
    - Good winning record in TW.
    - Weekly: 2 HSTR/ 2-3 HAAT/ auto HPits
    - All raids have 24hrs join period and open damage at guild refresh time: 6:30pm GMT.

    Drama Free Guild; we treat our players like adults who are dedicated and passionate about the game, participate regularly in all guild events, yet have lives outside swgoh.

    Ideally we are looking for an active player from the UK/Europe zone, or around. Though we have several players from the US, so if our guild timings are convenient for you, then you are welcome to join.
    Applicants must be > 3.5 M+ GP minimun (exceptions can be made for lower GP on individual basis and depending on roster quality) and willing to work with us in our new guild focus of building tougher TW squads.
    Overall Quality of mods is a top priority to be eligible for recruitment.

    Discord is highly recommended especially for new joiners to get up to speed with guild focuses and requirements. Our discord has a lively community, Experts in all fields of the game ready to share advice with others, handy bots to make life easier, and lots of friendly banter.

    If TGY CLAN is what you are looking for, then please send me a direct message here, with your swgoh profile link and discord name.
    Or you can add me to discord for direct communication at: Darth-Myself#4554
    And you are free to join our recruitment server : to talk to our recruitment officers and get more info.
  • **Gaming Geeks** is a looking for 5 more active members to join us, or merge with our clan.

    We recently merged with another guild, and have 5 slots still open.

    We regularly do Heroic Pit, and 5th tier Sith and Heroic Tank.

    Looking for active, casual players to have fun. We are not like the other aggressive clans. We just ask that you join us in the fun!

    Add me if you have any questions!

    Ally Code: 921-626-719
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