187mil - 2 spots! Competitive guild!

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RogueThree is part the large family of Guilds. Excellent communication and knowledge sharing community. Strong leaders, fun, active, and competitive in all areas of the game.

- 600 daily raid tickets
- Line and Discord app for comms
- TW and TB focused teams
- Contribute to all aspects of the game and communicate well. We understand life and take pride in building our team.

About us:
- 187mil GP and growing fast
- 46 star DSTB - 45 star LSTB
- Herioc Sith Raid 1pm EST / 1800 UK
- HAAT 3pm EST / 2000 UK
- HRancor 4pm EST / 2100 UK

Contact me directly at:
DISCORD: Ludoviko#1156
Ally Code: 429-676-614

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