Thank you for the portraits

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Thank you guys so much for this. I’ve always wanted to use the fantastic art this game has for something more than pack covers or events. Plus, I think it gives people a bit more of an incentive to do the prestigious quests.

I personally will start straight away for that Darth Vader portrait. Meanwhile, I’ll make do with imperial crate. That’s one of my favorite running gags of this game.

Overall, a great addition. (PS: what’s up with scout trooper? Is that a hint towards the future perhaps?)


  • I’m indifferent on the new portraits. I’d prefer new toons to new toon portraits. But that’s just me. Always appreciate CG’s continued updates to the game though so not complaining by any means.
  • Hard to create memes in chat with the portraits provided. A few are noteworthy. Hope they will unlock them soon. It’s really a guild toool for fun and can make an otherwise dull situation entertaining
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