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    CG_Carrie wrote:
    Many people went after Darth Malak right away and 882 players got Darth Malak on his first go around who have never spent a single cent in this game. It was, I imagine, significantly more challenging for them than those who had, but as we were told by many players at Star Wars Celebration, they read the tea leaves, anticipated what was coming, and made specific choices about how to invest their resources. That represents a balance in this game that we want to continue to facilitate.

    Can we stop pretending that this meta chase isn't intentional design by CG now and focus with why this is bad for players?

    Or are you people going to continue to argue "Well, you don't HAVE to..." when it's completely irrelevant?
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    You are correct I did ignore the drought between Chimera and Chewie. That was not my point. I actually enjoyed that drought as it gave me time to build my HSR teams, my trooper team, etc.
    My simple point was the last 7 months that we have been pounded with legendaries, we need a balance.

    I also do enjoy my bounty hunters and ewoks they are great teams, and I am also excited for my Carth team once im finished with them.
    But again not my point. In my arena shard after the 2nd time Revan came around my entire top 100 has been JKR and now DR. A typical arena day for me is 4 JKR mirror matches and maybe 1 Traya match if I am lucky. So for all the other people in my shard who chose not to farm for JKR they will now be getting 75 crystals a day if they're lucky.
    Whether you will admit it or not your arena rank will play a very large factor in your advancement in the game. Getting 100+ crystals everyday will allow you to farm more shards for toons, buy gear, refreshes etc.

    Grand Arena. In my experience 9 times out of 10 if someone has JKR, or DR and their opponent does not they WILL win. There are a few exceptions of course. Same thing for HMF, if you place him on defense and your opponent doesnt have him they won't beat it.

    Territory war. Same as GA. If your guild has 10 DR and the enemy team has 5 you can stop them pretty much dead in their tracks. And they will lose.

    Even not just talking about JKR and DR. The next 2 top squad arens teams CLS, Chewie, Han, 3p0, and a 5th. 2 legendary, 1 raid, and 1 journey toon. Or Traya, DN, Sion, BSF, and a 5th. So i can almost guarantee you if you dont have one of those 4 teams you will be lucky to get 60 crystals a day.

    I was in the same boat as you. My Palpatine is still g11 1 zeta and I barely use him. But the problem with all the new legendaries is they are all important. The legendaries from the last 7 months are key components of the strongest teams in the entire game right now. And the strongest fleet team.

    So whether you agree or not is up to you. Im not gonna continue to argue our opinions back and forth.
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    100+ crystals per day?

    Given you get 65 crystals a day from daily challenges plus a supposed 10 on average from the box, another 25 from GW, an average of 10/day from the calendar, another... let's say 10/day from TB, assuming your guild is getting in the 150 crystal bracket for both and they're running two territory battles a month, though you can get up to five times that. Plus crystals from new events and achievements which, while not repeatable, happen often enough to be a relevant source of income, in order to get 100+ crystals a day, you need at least an arena rank of at least...

    10001+. You don't need any from the arena from that.

    To match that income from other sources, and ignoring fleet arena, you need an arena rank in the top 50. For arena to really be the lion's share of your crystals, you're really talking top 20. Which is less than 1% of the player base. And if you think 90% of the player base does not get adequate crystals to progress in the game, your view is at best questionable.

    And factoring fleet, if you can get top 50 in fleet- usually much easier as a lot of folks don't bother with fleet- that makes up the difference between top hundred and top thousand in arena.

    Even if you're only top 2500, you're getting enough crystal income to do three standard energy refreshes per day, and beyond that, you start seeing diminishing returns. The difference between top 100 and top 1000 is 50 crystals a day, or one cantina refresh. Which comes out to 60 cantina energy per day. 2.5 shards a day on an 8 energy node, or 1.25 a day on a 16 energy node. Realistically, a couple characters a year. If I'd had those extra fifty crystals a day for the last couple years I've been playing, perhaps I'd have Anakin, B-2, Barriss, and Aurra farmed already. But probably not geared, because my gear income would be the same and they haven't been the priority. Or perhaps Aurra would be geared at the expense of Jango, for hSith, letting me squeeze out a few more points when I'm already top 10 in my guild most Sith raids, having never been a heavy hitter in the arena. Would it be nice to have those characters? Sure. But I'm fine without it.

    Yes, it's relevant, but it's not hugely influential. And those crystals don't really get you gear faster. 25 carbanti salvage for 700 crystals? That's a month of those extra fifty crystals to get one carb. If you make carbs a priority, you can reasonably get four a week without turning to crystals, through shops and challenges. That's not a huge step up in gearing. Raids, TB, TW, GA, challenges, events, et cetera have a much stronger impact on gearing. And even when you lose TW or GA, the difference in rewards is not crippling.

    The main thing that top fraction of a percent crystal income lets you do is horde in preparation for panic farming the next event to try and get ahead of the next meta... so you can stay on top to horde crystals that will go to panic farming to get ahead of the next meta. Without significantly improving your overall roster long-term.

    When it comes down to it, staying lower on the rankings and not having that bit of crystal income is a nice luxury, not hugely important to participating fully in the game as a whole. While more arena crystals are nice to make your way along a little faster, the conventional wisdom that arena's what gets you there fastest is sketchy at best and definitely outdated with all the other sources of income that have hit the holotable.

    Time and planning go a lot farther than anything else. And losing the odd TW or GA is not some absolute fail state. If you hate losing, you probably shouldn't play PvP games because big picture it's always a 50% loss rate. Just roll with it.
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    100 crystals is 100 crystals. It makes a difference if you're only getting 0 or 100, or if you're having to choose between 700 and 800, or more. Losing access to them slows you down. Period. That's the point that was made.

    And it honestly sounds to me like you knew that and started your post with a bad faith argument anyway.
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    It's not 100 crystals. The idfference between top 100 and top 200/500/1000 is 25/40/50. Half or less of that 100.

    I find when the argument is, "Look at all these crystals I'm not getting," I consider, "Yeah, but look at all the crystals you are getting," to be a perfectly valid counterpoint.

    No, the difference between 75 and 100 crystals is not the same as the difference between 775 and 800 crystals. That's because you get diminishing returns on crystals. That first 150 is far more impactful than the next 150, and the options once energy refreshes become prohibitive- gear, shard shipments- are highly inefficient.

    As CG adds more and more vectors for gaining resources- TB, TW, GA, more events, updated calendar, two new types of energy, a new raid- the percentage of your total zots that come from your arena rankings shrinks.

    Are you advancing slower without those extra 25 crystals? Yes. Is it to a significant degree, or a degree that prevents you from participating fully in the game? Absolutely not. This thread's entire argument hinges on being "forced" to go after these event characters when the impact is really not that significant.
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    Didn't update this right away for the new TB as I'd been away. But there you go. One character is now available in a shop, but you're not really going to be spending those credits on the character when there's both the new capital ship and the high end gear at that new currency. So the Probe Droid is getting left in the cold. Meanwhile, GP requirements are becoming a thing, so no coasting allowed. Gotta gear up the mission specific characters. Oh, what, you need to spend the time gearing your arena team? Too bad, guess you're going to miss out.
  • They can play the way they want. Don't want something don't farm it. You can't mad because you're still burning coals while Everyone else is running central heat and air.
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