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Now I ran in arena zBastila, Ezra, zOld Ben, zGMYoda, CLS. They are cool, but I think to change CLS for full Jedi party to better stay on defense. Here is my acc on swgoh.gg: https://swgoh.gg/p/369394226/
Arena shard is more than 1y old, on the 200-500 places lots of 100k+ gm parties of sith and ns.

Whom I should take? Jolee, Ahsoka Tano, GK?
Hermit Yoda right now is not an option.

Thanks :)
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  • Jolee, work on him so you have him ready for revan
    https://swgoh.gg/u/fahrius/ - Discord - Fahrius#1194
  • GK. The cleanse, taunt, and mass assist are very helpful.
  • The debate is gk vs old Ben, and that 5th spot of Jolee, hermit Yoda, double tank (gk and old Ben).
    aayla and Jedi Anakin are options.

    Revan can replace bast,and then bast also goes into that 5th slot question (revan,gmy,a tank are given,with gk probably better than old Ben under revan, probably Ezra, and then a 5th with Jolee most common now)
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