New ewoking quest - Stormtroopers

Instead of reading multiple posts of players complaining on how great it is to add Jango to HT node, please help us to find which node has the most Stormtroopers to kill to work towards completion of the quest where we need to kill 10 ST with Ewoks. I really don't want to waste more of that precious energy trying to find out which node has the most...

Is the suggest node the best? I've done the 3 phases twice and it only rewarded 1 kill towards quest completion...

Note the the recon ST, commander ST and so on doesn't count as a ST kill. Must absolutely be a ST standard issue!


  • I have tried both 1-D and 1-F.

    They both reward 1 or less kill.

    (I used an ewok for the ally slot as well)
  • HK666
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    I did it in 2 matches. I wanna say 3-D normal, but I could be wrong. There's like four nodes where it says normal stormies are the only possible enemies
  • Gair
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    Light 6J has everything you need.
  • Don’t do it I can’t load my quests screen now after doing it
  • I did some normal battle on Endor around table 4, I think, and it had 5 stormtroopers in the last stage. Did it twice, done.

    A little later you need to beat Darth Vader with ewoks, he's in a normal node two tables later (I think his level is 65, so hopefully that helps you find him) and then it's done.
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  • JaggedJ
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    Lightside level 3 is on Endor clearing Stormtroopers. Best place to start.
  • Mod battles 9a. You can kill Darth Vader aswell for part 2/3 and it counts as long as one ewok is in the team.
  • 3-H... one time and you are done and they are weak.
  • 3-H for Stormtroopers and 6-J for Vader
  • Ls 6e hard is a good one too. 5 stormtroppers and vader on the last stage.
  • For people who can't do tougher battles because their Ewoks are currently as effective as a fart in a hurricane (like mine!) I found that LS 1-F gave me 2 Stormtrooper kills per run, and I got my Vader kill through a Galactic War battle (not sure if that was easier or harder than some of the Vader nodes being mentioned though)
  • Confirmed you do not need to damage Vader with an ewok (for those who have them all at 3 stars like me), mine were all gone by stage 2 and CLS took out Vader and his squad on his own and it counted.
  • The new node that the IG-2000 is on (IG-88's ship) was able to cover the remaining tiers for me because it has stormtroopers AND you face Darth Vader. Plus, if you're lucky, you get shards for IG-2000.
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