Where to farm Logray

Has anyone seen where to farm Logray ?


  • Gair
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    I get him in the event store sometimes.
  • Excellent, thanks
  • He’s on rotation in the guild store.
  • just buy him in the main shop with crystals. The guild shop will drive you nuts. Since I gave up on the guild shop I've gone from 45/100 to 77/100 shards in about. Any pack they drop will only be slightly discounted.
  • TVF
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    He was in my guild store on second refresh again today.
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  • I’m farming through faction packs and I’ve had great luck got him in all but one so far and I’ve opened 4. Rip my stash of crystals though :(
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  • I started playing in December 2015 and There’s a motto for this game I have stuck with and has never failed me yet...Farm everything to 7* then gear them up later. Unfortunately for some people you will miss out on events the first time around but if you stick with it you’ll get them stared up eventually.

    Soon as a toon is made available on hardnodes of shipments of any kind.....you should work on 7* them ASAP.

    I’ve had all the Ewoks 7* now for quite some time, when the event goes live I’ll be able to see just how far I need to gear them up since I have been hoarding gear since Revans release.

  • Gifafi
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    TVF wrote: »
    He was in my guild store on second refresh again today.

    ffffuuuuuuu lol. he's still not there.

    ps I love your posts, but this isht is insane. I get rng, but...I mean I can't even....
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