Can't play the game anymore

So all morning I am trying to open the game but it says: "There is a new client available".
Yet there is no update for the game in my app-store.

Anyone else with this problem?


  • Have you tried deleting and re-installing the game?
  • Honestly there is absolutely no reason for us not to have the December calendar posted by now. You did an update to unveil the Grand Arena and the teaser on Friday about C3PO coming to the game but nothing on the December calendar. It would be much appreciated if you would just post the calendar seeing as we are now 4 days in to the month.
  • Force the AppStore to update by scrolling down and holding briefly for a few seconds - a revolving wheel appears and it will refresh any missing updates (IOS AppStore).
  • there is a good chance your device no longer supports the minimum requirements for the game if your using an older device.
    happened to me last year and had to upgrade my tablet to get it to work again.
  • If your device is too old for the new client, install the game on a newer one, e.g. on a friend's phone. Then use an app like "apk share" and send the app to your phone and install it.
    no root needed
    I do that with my old tablet ... is not able to install from store but if i transfer the apk, i can install an play it.
    If you hab an apple ... I have no idea what to do
  • Kyno
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    As stated above that sounds like it may be a hardware based issue, it an issue on your end. I would start with an uninstall and reinstall.

    You can also report this to Answers HQ to see if they have a more concrete answer.
  • The game did not show up in my updates folder so I had to search for it manually and update it that way.

    -Galaxy s9, google playstore
  • It updated. Not sure what the problem was. Thank ya'll for your answers.
  • There are major mobile data network outages across the UK - that could well have been the issue.
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