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Currently i'm using zBastila, GMY, Ezra, HYoda and Fulcrum for arena. I'm doing better than my old zPalp team I was running.

But my question is should I keep the team as is, or should I plug in Old Ben or GK for Fulcrum? My GK is not quite maxed out yet but i'm working on him. I also don't have zetas on GMY, Ezra, HYoda or Fulcrum. I'd assume GMY and Ezra may be very useful since that is the team i'm using.

Any thoughts? Should I keep the team as is and focus on zeta the rest of the team? Or should I focus on GK in that team then zeta the rest?

I'm current rank 906 in the arena which is my all-time high, so I like this team. I'm not crazy serious about arena, I just play it here and there to try to rank up a little bit. I was around 1200 for quite a while. I'm just trying to perfect my team so I can get in and do work, I don't need to be #1 but as high as I can get with what I have is preferred.


Thanks for any help


  • Definitely throw Old Ben in instead of Fulcrum. You'll protect your entire team right out of the gate. Without him or GK others are able to just pick and choose who to wipe out first.


    GMY - Battle Meditation
    Old Ben - Devoted Protector
    Ezra - Flourish
    Kermit the Recluse - SFFTF

    Don't bother with Yoda's lead for inflating GP. You'll rarely, if ever, use him as lead.
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    Ok great, thanks for that feedback. I'll throw Old Ben back in there.

    I already jumped up to #577 haha
  • If you can, defense mods with secondary speed, protection, health, potency, and a potency cross would make him extremely durable.

    Others might have suggestions to the contrary, but just what I've observed as being the hardest OB's to kill on my shard.
  • I run Bastila, GK, OB, GMY, Ezra and find that I don’t usually drop as far as a few people that are running other Bastila teams. Considering that you’re around rank 900 and not facing Revan or Traya I would highly recommend this team.
  • Thanks for the tips. I will look at modding OB up better and inserting GK instead of Hermit.
  • You need a tank. Old Ben is better than Fulcrum. GMY and Ezra can make huge deals.
  • I run zBastila, zGMY, zHoda, GK, and zEzra and finish top 10 nearly every day. Sometimes I need to sub Thrawn or Nihilus for GK when I’m dealing with Revan, Nest, or Sith Trooper.
  • GK and Hoda are only 6 stars, but g11. The rest are g12.
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