Quests Loading Screen Stuck

I tried to put this in the EA answers area as a bug report... but the site is terrible and the Submit button isn't working; tried on a computer and my phone with the same issue.

Anyways, I was on my Alt account in the achievement area and was scrolling up to daily activities when I accidentally selected one of the quests, so then I get the spinning disc... and it just keeps spinning. So I force quit and try again, did that three times and now whenever I select the quests button I just get stuck in an infinite loading screen with that spinning disc.

Tried my main account and didn't have a problem. I have seen some others say that when they selected the ewok quest this happened to them. Is there any plan to fix this? Has anyone else found a work around so I can at least collect my daily activity rewards?
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    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

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