166M GP, 44*/46* LSTB/DSTB, 42 TW wins, HSR, EU raid times, independent and active

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We are looking for new members to join our independent guild 372O to 1. The guild is very organized and if I do say so myself successful in guild events.

About us:
- 166M GP
- 44* LSTB and 46* DSTB
- TW: 42-10-1 (Win-Loss-Tie)
- HPit/HAAT/HSR at 18:20/19:00/20:00 UTC

What do we like to have:
- 2.8M+ GP, we can be flexible but you should be reasonable
- Be active: 600 daily, participation in guild events
- Preferable an arena average of 50 or better
- Discord, as we use it to communicate but you don’t have to be active in the server

As I said before we use discord to communicate, but that is not its only purpose. We use it to help other guild members when they have questions about the game, have an unavailability channel for when you are busy and cannot do certain things on time and just to have fun but you have to decide if you find us funny or that we only think that. There are also challenges to help everyone in the guild and make the guild stronger as a whole, but they are not mandatory and there to help you.

This is our swgoh.gg page :https://swgoh.gg/g/4884/372o-to-1/.

If you wanna join or have more questions feel free to contact me (Assassin9818#2137) or Grand_Admiral_Revan202#4535 and we will respond asap.

Hope to hear from you soon and see you in the guild/discord server.
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