Hey guys, New update!

Wow, Grand Arena, profile pictures, and 3po confirmed! Three birds with one stone! Booyah devs! Keep it coming!

Now, to talk about, Grand Arena, I thinks it's going to be great. People from across the galaxy are going to battle for top place. Which you can assume are people with traya and gear 12s which I am most certainly not one of those. But hopefully I can get some good rewards anyways. 😁 I can't wait for the first battle though!

Also Thrawn is coming, which ill be able to 7 star some time this week. As well as get the chimera too! Hopefully, (can someone tell me if a 7950 power home one will work? I really want to get it this time) as for c3po, I won't be able to get him this time, but next time I sure will.

Comment below!
Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales


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