Post your grand arena match ups... [MERGE]

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Sure am glad they worked on that algorithm!

My opponent:


Yes, I realize matches are based on record, which is 0-0 for both. But getting “randomly” slotted against someone with over twice my GP on the first round, out of all the players globally for this game?

Something smells rotten here...

Edit: Thanks to the others here for giving direction on truly viewing your opponent through the rewards screen. My matchup is pretty even. Had no idea “Ceth Senpai” was one of the default game names. Have seen countless Mol’s and Brill’s, but never a Ceth until now.
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  • Just checked my opponent roster and... I'm pretty much a bye for him. Almost a million GP difference, not even worth trying. Hope it will not be always so.

    My roster:

    Opponent roster:
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    I made a mistake :)
  • I hope this is just a test and they will adjust it in the very near future. On discord chats a lot of people are reporting very unfair pairings.
  • I got a mol eliza.... i cant tell if its a good match up or not lol
  • this is not fair match up!!!!

    my opp

    No. Just No.
  • Fives5555 wrote: »
    My opponent is 400k gp better than me. Didn’t the devs say something along the lines of they’ll match us with someone close in gp?

    There's always more that goes into these formulas than just GP. GP is not an accurate measure by itself to compare the strength of 2 rosters....particularly the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the roster.
  • On the game you can click on them. click on view rewards. And under the current event click on your opponent. That leads you to their roster
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    My opponent has pretty much the same GP as me, except he has Traya and I don't. Oh well, I'm used to taking on Trayas with my Chewie in arena...
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
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    Accidental double post
  • They said something like that, and the fact that we believed them says something about us... I feel for you, I have an opponent that has more than twice the number of characters I have at g12+ and zeta'd, there's not even a snow balls chance in hell that it'll be a fair fight.

    The only successful thing it's done, make me not even want to play the mode. I'm sure i'll get something for last place
  • for all the talk of smart matchmaking it appears to be 100% based on galactic power.
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    I have the very same GP as my opponent, and you could say fine, good matchmaking!
    I will play the game, to test, but I got no hope to win, I have 8 G9, my opponent has 32.
    I am a collector, he is a PvPer... (his stats and arena/fleet ranks are looking that way)

    My only hope is not Obi-Wan Kenobi, it is that the guy can't connect to the game for 2 days....
  • Found it thank you
  • flippin whale team lol
    No. Just No.
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    Nice, my opponent is 4.6mil GP, I'm 3.0mil.....
  • Not even surprised by that. It’s tw all over again
  • more like its Tournaments all over. im getting punished for leveling my toons.
    No. Just No.
  • I've been paired with a 1.99mil gp (I'm 2.1mil gp). He has 16 g12's and 27 zetas!
    I have 6 g12 and 11 zeta's.
    Great matchmaking again CG
  • Nope, matching system doesn't work in the least it seems. While I have similar GP's to my opponent, my opponent is more focused and geared towards arena play. In terms of geared characters has nearly triple the gear 12 characters and finely tuned teams that I have. So my fun collection of characters won't account for anything other than making our GP seem similar..

    So will this be fun, not even a tiny bit. At this point, I'm resigned to just sit this mode out and hope they remove it for an original idea rather than simply repackaging a guild event to be individual to save on the cost of design.
  • My opponent is over 700k GP higher than me, one of my guild mates has been given a "match" that is 900k higher than him!!
    Pretty sure that if they thought they'd fixed the matchmaking they, umm, haven't!
    Oh well, hopefully just a 1st time issue of some sort.
  • Also remember that this is only round one. So maybe next round will be better match. Maybe
  • How did you find your opponent's collection?
  • YKMisfit wrote: »
    How did you find your opponent's collection?

    Two ways. Go in game, look at the rewards for grand arena. On the right there should be you and the other player. Click on the other player and their profile comes up.

    The other way is google their .gg.

    I like the second way better.
  • YKMisfit wrote: »
    How did you find your opponent's collection?

    In game, tap ‘event rewards’ and then tap your opponent’s name. Their profile and roster will show up.
  • I got a fair matchup 4M each. But I have 20 more G12 than him lol (without counting the differential in G12 gear)
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