How many of you actually have enough squads for GA?



  • 3.56M GP
    imperial troopers
    Jedi (Bastilla lead, missed out on reven being F2P)
    CLS with Chewy
    GK/zarriss team with Wampa

    I have plenty of ok teams, could be a lot better but mods are the most important factor with these TW/GA teams and I don’t have enough good ones to go around.

    But none of that matters when you get match up vs someone who has Revan to place on defense.
  • Thanks for the tip on seeing the opponents squad! We are 2.9 mil and need 6 squads on D and O.
    On defense, I went 95k NS 72k Wiggs rebels 62k phoneix in one square
    other square is Bastilla jedi 86k, BH 67k sith 60k

    for offense it left
    JTR squad 112k gear12.5
    Zfinn 87k g12
    CLS w/chewie6* baze 83k
    BH zbosk 74k 3 g12
    Imperial troopers g12 85k
    sith/empire 90k

    I think this will be fun
  • 3.6M GP

    Sith triumvirate
    Zaul sith
    Bastilla jedi
    JTR resistance
    cls rebels
    imperial troopers
    Rogue 1 rebels
    Hodge podge
  • 2.8 mil gp nov 2017 start date

    I have

    Over 90k
    Ep nightmare (maxed)
    Cls with chewie
    Bossk bh
    Bastilla led jedi

    Over 70k

    Murder bears
    Imp troopers/empire

    So 6 good teams and 5 with synergy but needing gear and 1 that I had to cobble together from leftovers. Also in the processof gearing murder bears more for 3PO so they'll reach good team status soon.

    I'm one raid away from traya so when that comes I'll switch to a traya lead sith for one team and a ep lead empire for another to have 12 teams.
  • It looks like they made it so it will be a stretch for everyone to put in however many high quality squads covering both offense and defense.
  • VonZant
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    I think its awesome that we will have g8 squads going against g8 squads. Makes you stretch your mod resources and use whole roster. I'm excited.
  • Rui99 wrote: »
    3.56M GP
    imperial troopers
    Jedi (Bastilla lead, missed out on reven being F2P)
    CLS with Chewy
    GK/zarriss team with Wampa

    I have plenty of ok teams, could be a lot better but mods are the most important factor with these TW/GA teams and I don’t have enough good ones to go around.

    But none of that matters when you get match up vs someone who has Revan to place on defense.

    Not true. Depends on how well modded their revan is. I can beat revan in arena in many cases. Though there are some revan teams with amazing mods at the top of arena. But those are the krackens and likely far out of your gp range and are unlikely to show up.
  • Drageero wrote: »
    My opponent and I are both 1.8 million GP, so I only have 5 teams to set. I didn't have enough good teams to fill all of my spots and still have at least 5 for offense.

    I have a 98k Empire team and a 60k no zeta FO team on the bottom, with a 95k Jedi team, 55k Jedi team, and a 32k scoundrel team on top. I have one rebel squad, a BH squad, and troopers left for offense.

    I'm in the same position, just shy of 1.9m GP. I ended up putting all of my strongest squads on defence just leaving a ragtag JTR team and a couple of other squads for offence. It's tough finding the right balance but I guess that's part of the strategy - I think using up my roster on defence was probably a bad idea and I might end up losing, but you live and learn
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  • Luniz
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    3.1m gp. 6 teams on def, but 2 are weak - phoenix and GO. JTR, CLS, bossk and Bastilla for def, Sith, impy, nightsisters on offense. My roster looks a little weaker than my opponents so I may be in trouble.
  • 4.2 Mil GP

    I went Boba BH (91k), zRevan (111k), phoenix (80k), zkru (86k), q ira scoundrels (96k), droids (80k) and rogue 1 (84k) on defense

    And kept zJTR, zCls/chewie, NS, Troopers, zTreya, zEP, zFinn, zBastila for offense
  • Semi
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    The goal is to balance weaker team/meta team on Defense to be able to do the same as offense.
    Even at 4m gp. (With only 25 g12...I am more a collectionner)
    I don't have enough well built team to have all g11/12 on attack and defense.
  • I have plenty of teams and would have liked to see a bigger cap. 3mil GP player, 6 cap defensively season 0. Easily can field a 8 or even a lil more and still have as like offensive teams. Not the best units but over the 6k power mins for TW.
  • i do. i always lvl everyone back before it was cool. in fact i got kicked out of a guild once for lvling up mob enforcer lol.
    No. Just No.
  • I have enough, although I have to stretch a little. Since TWs started, I’ve been leveling a variety of squads for offense and defense. Most of my squads have at least 2 or 3 characters at G11, with most having a few at G12. I’m at 2.4 mill GP, with (in relative or see of power):

    Palpatine sith (no Traya)
    JTR resistance
    CLS rebels
    Bossk Bounty hunters
    Bastilla Jedi
    Imperial troopers
    Maul sith
    Finn resistance
    Some lower level empire/rebel teams
  • I had enough teams for the first GA. On defense I set Jedi, Sith, FO, Rebels, and an IG-88 lead scoundrel dot team. For offense I had RJT, Nightsisters, leftover Jedi, BH, Phoenix, another Rebel team, and some other leftovers.
  • I went heavier on offense than defense, but near the upper edge of my weight class (3.7, so still only had to set 6 defense teams). I’m a bit more of a collector (probably a half million plus GP in fluff in my character roster), so definitely had the collection to place at least strong synergy squads throughout.
    Neither I nor my opponent had Traya or revan (Although I made a mistake looking my opponent up on and found the wrong guy, so I was expecting a 6* Traya and some bad to the bone imp troopers, so I didn’t put nightsisters on defense, later learned you can inspect their roster in game...) so I set defense of Bastila Jedi (moderately geared), boba BH (just good enough to get 7* chewie), zMaul sith with Nest (badly understrength) in one node.
    the second node got zKRU FO (understrength), Phoenix (moderately geared), and a palp led empire w zSion (moderately geared).

    That let me save my really strong stuff/hard counter teams for offense.
    Rebel Triumvirate, both Resistance lines, sisters, imp troopers, Rex Titans, Wiggs Danger zone. Plus a few offensive cleanup squads, R1, Ewoks, clones.

    We both had a chance to attack before they closed the event,but he set ALL his strong teams on defense.

    At the end he had cleared my FO and BH (with 4 attacks each), and the other 4 squads had all 5 members up with another 19 attacks spread across them.

    I tabled him in 6 attacks, losing 3 toons in the process, because I had a hard or soft counter to every team he had on D (zzBossk, CLS, JTR, Jango hunters, FO, nightmare).

    So (and obviously it won’t always play out that way - and if I had looked closer I could have completely stymied him by setting my sisters on D, because he really didn’t have a counter for them) while inspecting your opponents roster will always tweak your strategy a bit (to see if there is a defense they aren’t equipped to counter) I feel that in general you will mostly want to set the teams that are just strong enough on defense to go for a timeout or one solid defense (two attacks) to reduce their offensive banner count, while leveraging the player vs AI advantage and having the flexibility to apply your best strengths where they will be most effective by predominantly holding your ‘good stuff’ for offense.

    Just one man’s thoughts, but hopefully it helps somebody.

    My roster, if you care to look at any of the teams I was talking about a bit closer
  • What Jedi are you running with Bastillla if GK is with Zarris? I'd put QGJ in lead of that second group

    But i dont know if it was a bug or not but players in our guild were reporting a different number of available slots for defense contingent on GP.

    I had 5 slots but some in my guild only had 3. So i guess CG already accounted for "do you have enough toons?" Or it could have been a bug, idk.
  • LukeDukem8 wrote: »
    They need to increase the number of teams to set on d. I really want to be able to use my entire inventory. It still seems like we are only going to fight the top teams of someine elses inventory.

    At 3.25 million GP, I have 6 battles on each side. That's 12 teams or a minimum of 60 characters total to cover offense and defense. How is that only the top teams?
  • Little over 10 months and 1.475 million GP. I have zkru FO, Zasajj NS,zBastila Jedi, zCLS zzR2 zHan wiggs Rebels, zVeers troopers, Palpatine empire, Phoenix, g12 BoBa BH, zfinn resistance w/ scavenger Poe pilot BB8 & Ackbar lead Leia rebel team that’s not that strong
  • I only set 2 defenses on top and bottom so I feel good about it
  • Feb 2017, 2.4 million GP, with no Traya or JKR (or soon to be C-3PO)

    I can field high average teams of the following:

    Empire (zzEmperor lead, with a G11 TFP)
    Sith (zDN lead, without Vader or Emperor)
    Bounty Hunters (zBossk lead)

    Average teams:

    Nightsisters (zzAsajj lead)
    Resistance (zFinn lead)
    First Order (zKRU lead)
    Rebels (High powered, just not the right characters)

    Below average:

    Phoenix (no Sabine)
    Jedi (Bastila lead)

    Not enough to field a team:

    Imperial Troopers (just starting to work on gear)
    Ewoks (5* mostly, not worth to start just yet)
    Droids (top used up in other teams)
    Jawas (like anyone is really going to use them though)
    Old Republic (not even close)
    Rogue One
    Separatists (shocker)
    Smugglers/Solo toons (kind of working on Nest and Qi'ra to be paired with Young Han and the vets)
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  • TVF
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    JediKingz wrote: »
    I only set 2 defenses on top and bottom so I feel good about it

    You feel good about not fully defending your territories?
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