Active guild of 32 looking to merge 85 mil HPIT/HAAT/STR T6

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Solid gold dancers is looking to fill our open slots since losing near half our guild to heroic sith guilds a couple months back. we are currently at 32/50 we’re very active and looking to do heroic sith in the foreseeable future. We have been a guild since the start and most of us have been in it for most if not all of its existance. We have a very active discord and a great core of very active players. While there are 1 or 2 that have been on managements radar currently we are looking to keep our crew fully intact so any requests to cherry pick members will be ignored. We are looking for players with a min of 2 mil GP that are sith raid ready but would be willing to take in a couple exceptions if they are deadicated, daily raid tickets are also a must and we operate in EST. If your guild is open to the idea of joining ours please PM me and we can discuss with management of our guilds about details
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