[EUROPE] - PTA SWH - 92M GP - Need 2 players to get closer to HSITH

We are PTA SWH and we're around 91 M GP. We belong to a community (not alliance) of more than 400 players. Here you will always have feedback about the game and other things in life in general. Our objective is to build a solid HSTIH guild in the near future, that's why although we are full we're willing to receive 2 players that are like minded and have a strong community sense.

We have:
- HAAT (2xweek) and HPIT (3x week) on farm and STR tier 6 (2x week)
- Discord to communicate
- 26K raid tickets produced daily
- 2 Spot to fill (needs to be 1M GP+)
- 30 Stars in TB's
- Kenobi Shards, Solo SHards, Rolo Shards and IPD shards
- We always have a minimum of 45 members participating on TW (we won the last 2 TW's agains 116 M gp guilds)

· We need:
- 500 to 600 tickets a day unless real life don’t let it
- Good communication on discord (just be kind to everyone)
- **Paticipation in all guild activities (TB, TW, Raids)**

· Raid info:
Raid at 9 PM GMT / 10 PM CET
Direct message me here or on discord Marqves#1287
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